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  1. Hey man, A brilliant offer but, ideally I am looking for something a little cheaper. I have had the bigger and flashier rigs and, in honesty, I am more after something I will be less precious about. Let me rest on it and get back to you though. G
  2. You sure could. Or string it up EADGC....? Had a few offers so far but they are a little too low. G
  3. In great condition. Recent re-fret by RIM basses and upgraded to EMG pups and tone controls. A fantastic bass with narrow string spacing (why I am selling ultimately) and comes with a hardcase. Open to offers and can deliver within a sensible drive from Edinburgh. Will take a Trace Elliot GP7 combo (or similar) in part exchange. Garry
  4. [u][b]Shure PG58 Microphone. [/b][/u] Very similar to the SM58 in build quality and sound. Pretty standard, reliable and cheap mic. £35 [u][b]Electrix Filter Queen FX Unit[/b][/u] GONE [u][b]Pre Sonus Tube Pre[/b][/u] Lived in rack all its days so in good condition. Has one scratchy DRIVE pot but this is mechanical and does not seem to effect the pot itself. Comes with power and box. £70. Open to offers.
  5. Up Looking for a trace gp7 combo or as close to £160
  6. Up Would part exchance for a small decent combo.
  7. [url="http://www.breed-media.co.uk/"]http://www.breed-media.co.uk/[/url] whilst not the cheapest they can be competitive and their work is always to a really high standard. G
  8. I have two - a 4 Stringray and a 4 Jazz and I seem to play one for 6 months solid, then switch to the other and then, 6 months later switch back. Been doing that for 2 years and not really lusted after another bass. The Jazz is currently strung BEAD and has been for 3 months. Its my standard tuning these days. Can you go wrong with a Ray and Jazz? Not yet.
  9. Been following this on the otherside. Go on, get the rest up.
  10. Parcel2 go are w***ers. Their criteria for a claim basically mean that the instant you realize it damaged you need to claim (by post) with a bunch of paperwork they don't give out unless you request it. Open a dispute at the very least and keep communicating with the seller.
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