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  1. I'm interested so I'll pm you now.

  2. I've had mine for years and it seems OK, better against a wall, although I've little to compare it with. Where does the wadding go and what does it achieve? Happy New Year all and thanks BCers for any responses.
  3. I've just got this mini amp from Thomann but it's nearly unusable because of a loud to very loud hum/buzz at around full volume and gain. Perhaps my basses need screening because the same effect, although so quiet as to not notice before, is there with my other amps. The noise gets much quieter (but still intrusive with the Joyo) when I touch the strings/bridge/pegs. It's loud with the CIJ Mustang and less loud with the MIJ Jazz. The Jazz has no screening but I haven't looked inside the Mustang yet. Any help/comments gratefully received, thanks BCers.
  4. I'm interested with a couple of questions and Halesowen is good, so you have pm.
  5. Is the Simandl book this one, or v similar? New Method for the Double Bass/Book 1 Paperback – 1 Jun. 1984 Japanese edition by FRANZ SIMANDL
  6. Approx 30ft 1/4" jack-to-jack cable, good condition, bought as instrument cable from fellow Basschatter BUT I think this is unshielded, for speakers. It does work as an instrument cable but there's too much hum. Price includes 2nd class post.
  7. Have you still got any Hotwires? My Mustang through-the-body is 33" (84 cm) ball end to nut, so if they are at least that long to the silk, I'll have a set. Thanks.
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