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  1. ZenX

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Simple, but effective. Drive comes from the MojoMojo, the LS-2 lets me switch between that and the Zoom, which I have set up with compression and chorus for quieter/spacey parts (and for tuning). Everything sits in the loop of the noise suppressor, which is fed from the wireless receiver on the right. One cable to the front of the amp (or DI) - sorted. Under the board is a T-Rex Chameleon, and some orange LEDs, because I am a gaudy tart.
  2. ZenX

    How was your gig last night?

    First gig with the current band tonight. We've had nearly a year rehearsing some of these songs while we went through three different singers 🙄🙄 Anyway pretty unanimous conclusion amongst ourselves was that we smashed it, both from each other and the people watching. Got into the embarrassing situation where people want an encore but you've played literally all your material. Sold 5 t shirts and got loads of good feedback. Onwards and upwards. VID-20181110-WA0006.mp4
  3. I play with fingers live, but on our last recording, I recorded fingerstyle with a fairly clean sound, then over dubbed with a pick and some drive. In a dense mix with heavy guitars it helped everything 'sit' in its place and still be distinct. I'd do it again, but will stick to fingerstyle live. I also slap the low B string to accent notes in one chorus.
  4. ZenX

    Washburn XB126 cheap 6 string bass £50!!!

    Where are you based?
  5. ZenX

    Feedback for Al Krow

    Bought Bas' Zoom MS-60B and have to say he was incredibly helpful, polite and informative. Asked me if I wanted him to leave his patches on there and recommended me the ToneLib software for patch editing. Pedal arrived so well packed I thought he'd sent me a Faberge egg and the item was exactly as described. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again.
  6. For sale is my Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff pedal. Personally I think this works better on Guitar than Bass, and I don't have any real use for it anymore. Full working order, a few scuffs from live use. Heavy duty velcro on the back and the rubber feet have been removed (see photos). Looking for £40 plus postage within the UK.
  7. ZenX

    What Trolley do you use

    I got one of these for £20 from Bunnings Warehouse a few months ago. Could have probably made my own for cheaper, but can I be arsed? No. No I cannot. My cab sits on it in a cupboard and get's wheeled out when the family is out.
  8. ZenX

    Feedback for dmc79

    Bought a TC Mojomojo overdrive from Dave. Helpful and responsive to messages, very well packaged item. Top seller.
  9. ZenX


    I have the MiniMax version, and at practice last night it sounded superb. Just the right amount of grind and didn't need to take the volume past 9 o'clock. Happy NAD.
  10. ZenX

    Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    Thanks all, appreciate the advice. Saving for a new bass it is.
  11. ZenX

    Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    I agree, I've had this since the world was new, seems like. Also tempted by the Sterling Music Man Sub Ray series. Or I could just get another Jazz... Other suggestions are welcome of course...
  12. ZenX

    Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    Should clarify, reason for GAS-ing over the Ibanez SR series is that my guitarist let me use one at a rehearsal and I was impressed by the weight and playability, but didn't have time to get to grips with the EQ.
  13. Hi all, Attached is a picture of my current bass; it's an Aria 'Legend' series jazz copy that I've had since school (so quite a while now... ) and it's OK. I upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncans, and I'm quite happy with the amplified sound, but it's been dinged to hell (not visible, chunks taken out of the underside, my plan is to smooth them over with some black Sugru). I am in a band where I'm tuned CFA#D# using the bottom strings of a 5-string set, and I have widened the nut slots accordingly. I've made my best attempt at getting the intonation and action right but there's still some buzz around the higher frets and I'm sure the low string could be a bit snappier. So now I'm getting back into playing in a band after a long time away, and I'd like people's opinions on whether I should: A: Tart my current bass up a bit (thinking black scratchplate and new black bridge hardware) and get a professional set-up done on it... OR B: Get myself a new or second-hand Ibanez SR series 5-string (got some money coming in from selling a guitar, and have a valve guitar head to sell). Essentially, will I get better value for money from sticking with what I've got, or from buying a new (to me) bass? Thanks for your help.