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  1. Slight update (excuse the sock). Got myself a Hypergravity so now the MS-60B is just LPF/Tuner (and as a 'just in case' I suddenly decide I need octave or something...).
  2. Bought the case from another BC member to mount my amp and FX on a single tray. Was happy with it for a while but have since moved to a separate pedal board and amp setup so moving it on/making space. Have a set of screws/clips for the rack case which I will throw in. Note that this is a 'deep' case, can post dimensions on request. Also note that the case lids have some cable ties stuck to them (easily removable) and the tray has holes drilled and velcro attached. Collection from Basingstoke (just off M3 junction 7 preffered) but will look into either drop off or postage at buyers expense if interested. Thanks for your interest!
  3. Pretty happy with this now - should take care of business for the foreseeable. MS-60B is there for compression, a bit of low cut, and tuning. LS-2 is there so I can switch between wireless input and a cable with minimal faffing. Wireless and power supply underneath. LED strips as well because I'm a tart.
  4. Mike sold me his EHX Bass Battalion, arrived super quick, incredibly well packed, in basically pristine condition. Lovely helpful chap to deal with. Thoroughly recommended.
  5. ZenX

    NBD - SUB Ray5

    First Stingray. This is my other 5. And my Jazz is BEAD strung. Mainly the Stingray sound I was after.
  6. ZenX

    NBD - SUB Ray5

    Picked this up last night from a chap in Andover, had my eye on it via Farcebook Marketplace and when the price dropped I felt it would be rude not to! I wanted a 5 that would cut a bit more than my BTB (it's a lovely bass, but a bit polite in character and this is a metal.band - although I'm fully prepared to admit the action might be too high). This thing clangs like Optimus Prime in a tin bath. Nice tight string spacing, low B behaves itself, electronics are quiet and gutsy and it's got a maple board (gone right off rosewood). As a bonus I got to try out the sellers Elite series Jazz (very tasty). Honeymoon period obviously but this might become my main instrument.
  7. I've got myself a weekend ticket, going to try and drag a bunch of bass playing mates along. Will probably imbibe a completely reasonable amount of beverages on the Saturday evening too. I'm sure I can try out basses with a hangover.
  8. Bought a SKB rack case off Steve, very responsive and friendly, had a nice chat about TC combos and pedals. Would recommend. Cheers!
  9. How light is it? I assume being a 2x12 not very? Would just be embarrassing if I ended up buying another cab off you 😂
  10. Simple, but effective. Drive comes from the MojoMojo, the LS-2 lets me switch between that and the Zoom, which I have set up with compression and chorus for quieter/spacey parts (and for tuning). Everything sits in the loop of the noise suppressor, which is fed from the wireless receiver on the right. One cable to the front of the amp (or DI) - sorted. Under the board is a T-Rex Chameleon, and some orange LEDs, because I am a gaudy tart.
  11. First gig with the current band tonight. We've had nearly a year rehearsing some of these songs while we went through three different singers 🙄🙄 Anyway pretty unanimous conclusion amongst ourselves was that we smashed it, both from each other and the people watching. Got into the embarrassing situation where people want an encore but you've played literally all your material. Sold 5 t shirts and got loads of good feedback. Onwards and upwards. VID-20181110-WA0006.mp4
  12. I play with fingers live, but on our last recording, I recorded fingerstyle with a fairly clean sound, then over dubbed with a pick and some drive. In a dense mix with heavy guitars it helped everything 'sit' in its place and still be distinct. I'd do it again, but will stick to fingerstyle live. I also slap the low B string to accent notes in one chorus.
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