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  1. NAD

    I have the MiniMax version, and at practice last night it sounded superb. Just the right amount of grind and didn't need to take the volume past 9 o'clock. Happy NAD.
  2. Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    Thanks all, appreciate the advice. Saving for a new bass it is.
  3. Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    I agree, I've had this since the world was new, seems like. Also tempted by the Sterling Music Man Sub Ray series. Or I could just get another Jazz... Other suggestions are welcome of course...
  4. Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    Should clarify, reason for GAS-ing over the Ibanez SR series is that my guitarist let me use one at a rehearsal and I was impressed by the weight and playability, but didn't have time to get to grips with the EQ.
  5. Hi all, Attached is a picture of my current bass; it's an Aria 'Legend' series jazz copy that I've had since school (so quite a while now... ) and it's OK. I upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncans, and I'm quite happy with the amplified sound, but it's been dinged to hell (not visible, chunks taken out of the underside, my plan is to smooth them over with some black Sugru). I am in a band where I'm tuned CFA#D# using the bottom strings of a 5-string set, and I have widened the nut slots accordingly. I've made my best attempt at getting the intonation and action right but there's still some buzz around the higher frets and I'm sure the low string could be a bit snappier. So now I'm getting back into playing in a band after a long time away, and I'd like people's opinions on whether I should: A: Tart my current bass up a bit (thinking black scratchplate and new black bridge hardware) and get a professional set-up done on it... OR B: Get myself a new or second-hand Ibanez SR series 5-string (got some money coming in from selling a guitar, and have a valve guitar head to sell). Essentially, will I get better value for money from sticking with what I've got, or from buying a new (to me) bass? Thanks for your help.
  6. Advice appreciated - choosing an amp

    The mini max is a 500 watt head. https://www.andertons.co.uk/peavey-mini-max-500w-bass-head-pvmmax. Thanks for the feedback on the TC.
  7. I have the shell and speaker from an old Fender Deluxe 90 DSP combo that I used to run pedals through (no amp guts, just the cabinet with the speaker mounted). I connected a jack socket onto the speaker wire to use as a rough and ready open backed cab but it's just taking up space. Missing a screw from the top handle, which is attached (contrary to pictures). I'd rather it get used for someone's project or something rather than the tip, but it can't hang around for ever. Speaker was working last time I tried it.
  8. Advice appreciated - choosing an amp

    Yes, tried it out at the seller's place using an Orange OB-500. I don't tend to scoop my mids . Never have, when playing guitar or bass. Thanks for mentioning. Had a quick look at your for-sale post and I'm afraid it's a bit too rich for my blood. Since everyone keeps mentioning the HA 3500, I am definitely considering it. I'd certainly feel more comfortable running the cab within it's rated capacity (I know, I know, it won't hurt it if I don't crank it and I only spent £50 on the cab, but I'm just a big baby when it comes to risking gear), which puts me off the LH-500. I'm still determined to try the TC BG250-208 when it's back in stock at Andertons, and I'll probably compare it to a Peavey MiniMax, to see how much I feel the extra 200 watts (at trying-out-in-a-shop volume, possibly not). I just have a good feeling about having a small combo that I can poke into a cab and get decent low end out of, but isn't as much of a pain to cart as the old Ashdown combo I used to have. Budget at the moment is around £300. Really appreciate everyone's feedback.
  9. Advice appreciated - choosing an amp

    @chris_b this is the one. Cheap and cheerful.
  10. Advice appreciated - choosing an amp

    Thanks for the replies, how advisable is it to run the LH500 into a cab with 250 watt power handling? I know it'll technically be fine if I don't push it too hard but I am paranoid about user error. Is the general consensus that more speakers beats more watts in terms of volume? That seems to be the advice I've found in a number of other places. I fully intend to try out what I can, but part of me is very drawn to the TC combo as a lightweight practice amp that I can extend with a cab for gigs. Cheers for the feedback so far.
  11. Hi All, I recently bought a second-hand 15" cab with 250 watts power handling at 8 ohms. Now considering an amp to go with it. I play in a metal/hard rock band that is just getting going, and have been using pedals to get some grit in my tone. We have one guitarist and a drummer who I would say plays 'reasonably loud'. For rehearsals I am using a Peavey Firebass head and 4x10 cab and that keeps up quite nicely, but I have limited space at home and in my car so something of that stature is probably out of the question. I have no expectations of playing big outdoor stages with a 15" cab, I am mainly looking for good tone and stage volume. At the moment I have three possibilities in my head (no pun intended): Markbass Blackline Little Mark 250 TC Electronic BG250-208 - (I thought having a an extra pair of speakers in a compact package would help with volume more than extra watts) Hartke HA3500 - (Should give me maximum power out of 8 ohms (rated at 240 Watts) but I know watts aren't everything) The advantage of the TC and Markbass is that they are stocked at Andertons so I can try them without too much trouble (well, the TC is back in stock at the end of the month). I am wondering if any of you fine folks had any experiences (good or bad) with these amps? Previous bass amp experience was an Ashdown MAG 250 combo, which was fine, but I didn't exactly gig it a lot back then. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  12. Feedback for bigjimmyc

    Just bought a 15" Marshall cab off of @bigjimmyc. Very pleasant guy to deal with, very responsive to messages, and was happy to let me try out the item for sale. He even helped me carry it to my car! 5/5, would get confused trying to find his house again.
  13. Hi, is the Hartke head still available? Potentially interested if I can get the £££ together. Assuming you would sell seperately of course...