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  1. Not a big fan of raw wood finishes, but wow that's a gorgeous example of one done right. Congrats!
  2. I have D'Addario XLs on both my 4- and 5-string basses and want to change them both out. The best bass player I've ever known personally swears by GHS Boomers which I've actually never had (always been a D'Addario fan) but I did get a set of Dean Markley Blue Steels a few years back I just loved. For playing metal, where I want less jangle and more boom, which would you recommend?
  3. I got a set of Shure SRH840s for Christmas this past year and they're amazing. You can hear the bass clearly and feel it in the sides of your skull as well. And, not fake bass like Beats, but true bass. They were recommended to me by one of the best sound engineers I've met over the last 30 years as the most accurate cans he's found under $500.
  4. Sounds like a perfect bandmate, if you ask me.
  5. My first band the drummer and I were the least experienced/talented, and me more so than him. Fast forward 5 years and I was the most successful, then 5 years later the drummer was. As said upstream, I've been the least and most experienced in bands and I'd take the least any day of the week. I'd suggest you should be very thankful, and make sure the other bands members know it.
  6. I always remember him just glued to that pinball machine in the Whisky. Got to the point where if I went in there and he wasn't right there it seemed odd.
  7. Got 'em installed and set them at the same height the stock ones were set, then quickly realized they needed to be lowered quite a bit. Not quite sure I have them set at the perfect height just yet, but they are far more articulate than the stock Yamaha pups. There's also a bit of harshness to them I'm not sure I like, but that could be just further height adjustment/a little tone fiddling with my Amp Sim in my Fractal. So far, definitely happy with them. Any suggestions on perfect pickup height?
  8. Entwistle's showed up late yesterday. Hopefully will have them installed later today! Picture added for those who haven't yet seen the monster poles on the P: Time to shake the ground!
  9. Oooo... that's a sexy curve. I just got my Entwistle PBXN/JBXN set for my TRBX174, so if I really love them, I might try a set of those for the Ibby if the wiring doesn't get me where I want to go. If not, I do love me some Dimarzio. Thx! And, fun fact (for no one but me), Killed By Death is the song that turned me into a lifelong Motorhead fan. So much so that when I lived in H'wood and almost ran Lemmy over with my car when he was J-walking, I listened to it on hard repeat for weeks after.
  10. Iron1

    Fractal Axe FX?

    I have the same one. Tons of fun to mess around with. Do you use the front interface or Axe Edit?
  11. The EMG Selects are actually passives, so no worries on that front. Any particular ones that have a nice, thick tone you'd recommend checking into?
  12. So, essentially I should just rewire the EMG Selects and try that? Sounds an awful lot cheaper and easier than buying more pickups.
  13. So, is there a J style pickup you think has a tone in the same ballpark?
  14. I believe it. Loved the sound I got with them.
  15. Thanks for the education. GREAT screen name, BTW. This is what I mean by humbucker:
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