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  1. www.solar-guitars.com check 'em out! It sounds great. At first I wasn't keen on the pickups, but after some adjustments and tone fiddling I love them. For manufacturer pickups, I don't see how you can go wrong. I don't like them quite as much as I like the Ibanez Powerspans, but they get the job done for sure.
  2. So, I just bought the TRBX174, then put Entwistle Neodymium pickups in it (which rock, BTW) and a buddy popped up needing to sell stuff to cover unexpected bills. He made me a deal I couldn't say no to on this monster and now I have a TRBX w/Entwistle pickups for sale. It's nice & light while still feeling very substantial. Has a very fast neck that's smooth as silk. The tuning keys are a great added bonus, as the ergonomic shape makes them easier to turn (for me at least). Took me a bit of tone fiddling to dial in a fat tone, but I started with one I'd dialed in for the TRBX and ended with a tone I like even more than those Entwistles. Overall, I'm very in love with this one. I held onto the TRBX until this arrived as I wasn't sure which one I'd keep, but now that I have them both, it's a no brainer.
  3. Iron1

    Solar bass?

    Well, I'm very metal, so that works for me. Haha. And, I was a huge Ibanez guy for years too (not endorsed, but very brand loyal that is) so that tidbit helps a lot. Thx! Interesting that you cite bad customer service, I've heard tons of stories of the opposite. I'm in a Solar FB group and it's almost nothing but people saying "I love this guitar" sort of stuff. Funny how two of us can gain opposite perspectives based on the good 'ole internet.
  4. Iron1

    Solar bass?

    Anyone have a bass from Solar Guitars? A buddy is making me an offer I might not be able to refuse, but figured I'd see if anyone here has one and their thoughts on 'em before I pull the trigger. TIA!
  5. I don't know about the UK, but Kreator used to be huge in the US, in the metal world at least. They were one of my faves in the late 80s/early 90s. Saw them 2 nights in a row with Coroner and wow did they put on a great show!
  6. Wow, that's gorgeous! Checked out the tracks - great bass tone. The few I listened to were a little sleepy for me, but overall very cool stuff. Bummer it was yet another promising band killed by ego. I'm sort of in the same place but further down the road. Did albums and tours and what not back in the 90s, and now I just do the one man band thing with lots of cull/gear churn to rekindle novelty.
  7. I definitely have a weakness for T-Birds. Some day I'll get one. Glad you love yours. Not sure how true this is, but I've always heard the only difference in a lot of Epi/Gibs is the hardware. So, with QC all over the map these days, it's easy to believe you found an Episode that's better than the Gibson equivalent. The lightness and neck feel were definitely appealing with the Spectra I checked out. I played 5 or 6 basses that day from different brands and lines and it played the best. Glad you like yours!
  8. Slightly unusual is awesome. I've been in metal bands since the 80s and it seems these days 90% of the new stuff all sounds the same. Unusual is original. And, tell me more about the other two in this pic. Can't tell if that's a Gibson or an Epi, but it look gorgeous. And, is the other one an SR of some sort? Gorgeous Hamer! How do you like the Jackson? I almost bought one before getting my Yamaha, but the store clerk was a tool, so I went elsewhere and landed the TRBX instead. Speaking of, after some great recommendations on here, I put some Entwistle Neo pups in it and they sound massive. Still tone fiddling a bit, but here's where I am right now with it:
  9. I looked around and didn't find a thread like this, so figured I'd start one. If you play bass in any form of metal, here's a place to chat about it. Share pix of your bass, gear, etc. Share info on what you play and what you play it through. General chat related to bass players who lay the foundation for metal of any sort. Here's my bottom end toys: 1994 Ibanez EXB445 & 2020 Yamaha TRBX164 I run them through an Axe FXII XL+ using a mixture of Mesa and Soldano amps
  10. As a kid, Gene Simmons. As music taste matured, Cliff Burton. Today, Cliff and Jo Bench.
  11. Not a big fan of raw wood finishes, but wow that's a gorgeous example of one done right. Congrats!
  12. I have D'Addario XLs on both my 4- and 5-string basses and want to change them both out. The best bass player I've ever known personally swears by GHS Boomers which I've actually never had (always been a D'Addario fan) but I did get a set of Dean Markley Blue Steels a few years back I just loved. For playing metal, where I want less jangle and more boom, which would you recommend?
  13. I got a set of Shure SRH840s for Christmas this past year and they're amazing. You can hear the bass clearly and feel it in the sides of your skull as well. And, not fake bass like Beats, but true bass. They were recommended to me by one of the best sound engineers I've met over the last 30 years as the most accurate cans he's found under $500.
  14. Sounds like a perfect bandmate, if you ask me.
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