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  1. Pretty sure that Scott Ian has a half-fretted guitar, but that was more a statement about him being the rhythm guitarist and not needing to venture above the 12th fret
  2. The live version on the Twin Peaks live album is over 31 mins - almost twice the length and still brilliant
  3. Fantastic musician/band i saw Mountain a few times, and chatted to them at a gig at either the Borderline or the LA 2 (it was definitely a downstairs venue, they wandered in after me, and looking lost, asked if I knew where the dressing rooms were) and had only recently re-bought Twin Peaks on CD Their half hour live version of Nantucket Sleighride is one of very, very few tracks that go in for so long without a dull moment
  4. As others have said, this all depends on whether the items have been sent by land and sea or air. The Amazon item I ordered from France on Monday is out for delivery and will be with me this afternoon, because Amazon use air freight as standard There might be quicker results if you select the express delivery options which do go by air, but these tend to be pretty expensive in comparison, so if it's not needed urgently you might prefer to save money
  5. Legislation around hate speech and incitement from hate has nothing to do with wishing ill on a convicted conman, and certainly nothing to do with spreading word of his criminal activities From the Met Police website: A hate crime is defined as 'Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person's race or perceived race; religion or perceived religion; sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation; disability or perceived disability and any crime motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender.' Which one of these protected characteristics does Mick think we are inciting hate towards him because of? Once again, he appears to have absolutely no idea that he has no protection from the legal-sounding nonsense that he is spouting Carry on chaps
  6. I had a general e-mail from a UK shop the other day telling everybody that while they have sent out all of their orders, if you're on the continent then it's probably stuck with the courier and unable to leave the UK. basically keep calm and wait for it all to get sorted out However, I hear from a relative who orders blu rays from around the world that he is already getting told by some sellers in Australia and elsewhere that they will simply not accept/send any orders to the UK after 1st January because of the anticipated changes to the customs arrangements. I suspect small sellers where the volume of orders from the UK isn't worth the hassle of whatever new paperwork is required
  7. I'm a big fan of Warwick basses @LeftyJ is right - sounds like a $$ (double buck), but I'm not aware of any walnut ones, although they did do an awful transparent black finish which came out a muddy brown, and they do have a history of limited runs and custom orders - the tobacco finish on an ash body looks very walnut-y. You might want to do a bit of googling to make sure that it's genuine if the type of wood is important to you - Warwick should be able to confirm it from the serial number They had $$ options for both Streamer and Corvette, but of the standard range, the Corvette's included a Neck Thru (NT) option, which had a really slim, fast neck. Just gorgeous to play, and easily the best of the lot. There are variations here - broadnecks are obviously wider, and there have been a number of different options for shape and depth over the years. Some of the older models can be quite chunky so I'd suggest always trying before you buy for a second hand one if possible (possibly not at the moment). If you prefer a chunkier neck and don't venture above the 15th fret then a bolt on may be fine for you, but in general the NTs are always slimmer. Back in 2001 you could basically order whatever neck profile and hardware you wanted and Warwick would put it on the bass without charging the earth and calling it a custom order, so there are a lot of possibilities For the electrics, the MEC (Warwick own brand) pickups will be passive, but with active eq. I really like the sound and flexibility of the $$'s (and had them put on to my custom Stage I Streamer) but they are a bit under-powered, and if I'm using other basses then the Warwick will need an external boost to get the levels up, even against a passive bass. It's worth checking which eq set up is on there - I've had a straight forward one pot for each of the three band eq, a two pots which claims to be a three band eq by insisting that you adjust the bass and treble levels against a flat mid level, and a three band with two controls, one being a stacked bass and treble plus a separate mid. In fairness they've all worked just as well, but I know which I prefer. As I recall the Corvette $$s had the two knobs pretending to be three bands version, but that may just have been the one I had The German made second hand ones are, IMHO, massively undervalued. I've played some of the non-German ones that mates have and they are fine - there's a bit of snob value, and personally I'd always go for a German one, but I know of one bass player in a name band (small name - medium sized fish in a small genre pond) who plays a non-German one, bought for him by a band member who was in another band with me and loved the sound of my actually German Corvette. You'd never know his isn't a German one. If I recall correctly, in 2001 only German ones were called Warwick, with the other being marketed under the RockBass brand and with the RB logo on the headstock. They still notionally use the brand for the non-German models (and there's a long history of where they have been manufactured outside of Germany) but have changed the logo on the head to say Warwick. If it is from 2001 then I'm pretty sure that if the headstock says Warwick then it will be German made
  8. This would be thrown out of a small claims court - they don’t deal with personal injury, etc, purely money owed for stuff like contract disputes and faulty goods.
  9. Also worth flagging, as any Google of Carter Ruck will demonstrate, that even getting a letter from a firm of solicitors threatening to sue does not hold any weight - there is nothing to prevent him from paying solicitors to write you a nasty letter and they will do so even if he has no case, but it means nothing until he has a court date and to get to court he needs to find a firm of solicitors who believe that he will be able to pay their fees
  10. this is utter BS - he has no case, and very clearly doesn't have the money to launch one either. Shouting "I'll sue" isn't the same as actually doing it, or understanding the law, it's very frequently an attempt to intimidate you. If he did actually take you to court he would need to prove not just that you were lying (which does not seem to be the case) but demonstrate the damage that these "lies" have done to him...pretty difficult to show the damage to a convicted fraudster's reputation by asking a forum whether what he'd done seemed like fraud? the fact that he kept promising to send the items, and then to refund you, and then only did so after the forum kept telling you to report him to the police would not look good for him either Is this "intermediary" another sock puppet?
  11. that would be Luke (although...Matthew looks like he has a dreadful syrup) At school Luke was a really nice guy...and didn't always get on that well with Matthew (they were put into my class when they transferred, and were very disappointed that they were going to be stuck together in the same class, just because they were twins). I've now seen the film, and one point that rings true is that Luke always felt like the lesser twin - Matthew was always "the better looking one" that the girls fancied more, even though Luke was a nicer bloke
  12. Only just spotted this. I think I can help - PM sent
  13. Not technically a lockdown puchase given that I ordered it in 2018, but the final payment and delivery of my lovely, lovely Wal happened during the first lockdown...gratuitous picture: Then a couple of pedals bought during the first lockdown - an MXR ten band eq (which covers more range at both ends than it's predecessor, a Boss bass eq), and a Dunlop 535q Wah in the limited edition silver finish - apologies that it's for a guitar, but it really is a fantastic pedal, mainly due to the boost function so you don't get any loss of volume when you switch it on, and can use it to overdrive your sound Then another guitar purchase - a Bigsby for one of my Les Pauls: Including a Vibramate, which meant it took less time to install than it did to put on new strings afterwards. Loving it so far and really solid for the tuning. Actually bought from the US - even after shipping and import fees it was still a lot cheaper than I could have got it for in the UK, and arrived within a few days of ordering - big shout out to STRATosphere: fantastic service. Basically, all of the above are from the first lockdown because that's when I got my bonus. Also arriving were a big pile of picks for both guitar and bass Finally, a strap that I ordered in April ahead of the Wal arriving was finally delivered a couple of weeks ago - ordered during the first lockdown and delivered during the second. The only thing actually affected by lockdown - the shop selling it advertised it as available within a few days from the manufacturer...but the manufacturer effectively closed down during lockdown. Nobody's fault, and no desperate need for it, so I was happy enough to wait the seven months it took to arrive
  14. I doubt that any bands have the resources to challenge this,and those that do wouldn't care, but I wonder if the contract would hold up in court. Contract law requires "consideration" - a payment in exchange for good and services, and if they don't pay you they can't stand behind a contract saying you gave it to them for free (though I suspect this would be murky because they would own the recordings themselves) It would be nice for a court to rule on whether Exposure is in fact a legal form of payment
  15. No, and not just musicians...oh the irony of this being on the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40728480
  16. yeah, depends on the band, the venue and the crowd - most importantly whether it's originals or covers. For originals I'm less worried - let the DJ/venue pick some music that keeps people entertained and is in the right genre to get them in the mood. Last originals band I depped/gigged with have a few songs that use samples from TV and film as their intros, and they always pick one of those as the first song, so that the fans knew exactly what we were about to play and that the show had started while we were walking on and plugging stuff in, etc For covers it's a much bigger issue - having played the pub circuit for years with a punk covers band, we quickly learned that if left to their own devices the landlords will stick on a Best Of Punk CD which has 80% of our set - on one occasion the last song played as we were about to go on stage was the first song in our set, with the landlord turning down our request not to play the CD because "they like punk, right, so they won't mind if they hear the songs a couple of times, and anyway I've bought the CD specially" So we made a couple of CDs of pop songs covered by punk and metal bands - got the crowd in the right mood without airing any of our set. We had about an hour to play before we kicked off, and another 30 minutes to play between sets, although we weren't always clever enough to get the timing right so sometimes we'd have to miss the last couple of songs as we were due on stage. We also learned pretty quickly to bring our own CD player and to put it through the PA, because it was the only way to make sure it actually got played As I recall, the ideal last run of songs was: Wuthering Heights - China Drum Boys Of Summer - The Ataris Build Me Up Buttercup - The Goops Get It Right Back - Hanson Brothers In fact the last one made it into our set for a Christmas show one year Honourable mention to Snuff who have any number of well known pop and TV tunes on their B-Sides: it's like they knew that there was a need for covers of the themes from Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads and Match Of The Day for exactly this purpose
  17. You mean you haven’t kept yours in the original packaging? You fool! They’ll be worth nothing now, whereas mine will continue to grow in value
  18. Mine just arrived - they look great thanks @ped
  19. Haven’t sprung for this one...yet...but I probably will the main bonus from the recent Bomber and Overkill reissues were the live albums - I could take or leave the remasters of the actual albums, but the live recordings are excellent. Ace of Spades comes with two live recordings, and I’m looking forward to hearing those if you have no interest in that, fine. Nobody’s forcing you to buy the new set. Not sure why there’s any need for hostility towards those of us that do want to spend our own money on things we want that have nothing to do with anybody else
  20. I have to use a tapered B on my Warwick, because the slots on the tailpiece aren't wide enough to allow an untapered B through. Fortunately, my set of choice (D'Addario Pro Steels) has one Never notice an issue with the intonation or overtones, but in fairness I rarely play the B or E above the 12th fret so I can't give them a full endorsement for the OP But I do miss the old tapered Rotosound PSDs - fantastically bright. clean tone. And for the points raised by @ikay they were sold in packs for specific basses because they understood the principal around only having just enough taper to run over the bridge (and equally having enough of the taper to get over the bridge). Presumably too niche to maintain the volume of sales required to keep them in production ☹️
  21. Not my brother (who I have very limited time for, and fortunately for me shows no musical talent whatsoever) but I have played in a couple of bands with my cousin, who is reasonably well known lead guitarist in the world of extreme metal He's one of my closest mates, and having known him for 50 years it was very interesting seeing him in a band situation. He can be quite, ahem, abrasive, and likes to go toe to toe and make everybody fight their corner, although I tend to find that funny It worked very well for the bands I've been in with him - everybody is free to say what they think about the music, but it's only about the music and arguments were all for the right reason (even if they tended to the insulting side of criticising somebody's playing, mine included, and he took it as well as he gave it out) so it never spilled over, and once we left the studio there was no resentment for anything that had been said. And it never happened at gigs. Although, I can now understand why he's been sacked from a couple of bands...a week in a tour bus would be a lot to put up with
  22. I've got the cover of Gimme Shelter that she recorded with them for charity. It's not great. I think that was the Rock version of the single for the charity release. I've got the Indie one too, with Tom Jones doing the same song with New Model Army and it is one of my all time favourite recordings She wasn't there when I went to the all nighter at Brixton, but my confusion at the time was the female lead singer that they did have - it was the Palace Springs era and, not having paid any attention, I couldn't work out why they had a female doing lead vocals...I know that Hawkwind have a tradition of having female band members on stage, but usually they are dancing and naked. Maybe Sam Fox was some sort of compromise...
  23. God yeah - something similar when I saw him at V99 I wasn't complaining about the length of the set, if anything he could have shaved a good hour off if he just skipped all the bits he didn't actually sing, and we could all have caught some of the main stage headliners (the Manics if I recall correctly). The best that could be said was that he was playing near the Bacardi bar
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