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  1. I've had three Wals - one from the early '90's that was given to the guy I bought it from by Ian Waller, one from the turn of the century that I got direct from Pete Stevens, just after they switched to custom builds only (and was actually someone else's custom build, I just happened to make contact when the customer had said there would be enough of a delay before he could collect it for Wal to build him another one), and the latest from Paul Herman that I got last year. All Mk II five strings, in an array of different woods The first two have gone (one partly to finance the latest), and they both had fairly chunky necks. The current one is much slimmer and quicker and a pleasure to play. I'd also say that the finish is better - feels less plastic-y than the older models, although they were still well made and looked stunning. What hasn't changed is the sound
  2. This sort of thing makes me laugh - one company tells you how long a build is and what the cost will be, and someone will always pipe up about how a completely different company with a completely different business model will make a completely different product quicker and cheaper so there's no excuse for the cost or the build time
  3. I depped for a name band a couple of years ago while they were between bass players - big fish in a small genre pond, not entirely my sort of thing but within the Venn diagram of what I like, and I know all the band members pretty well, and play/have played in other bands with most of them I had a ball playing shows at Rebellion in Manchester and the Underworld in London, in front of very enthusiastic fans, who seemed keener for me to sign autographs knowing that I was only doing a couple of shows than if I'd been a permanent member. In fairness, being their bass player is like being Spinal Tap's drummer, so those posters must be ultra rare collectors items They played in London a few months later at the Garage (with their new, permanent bass player) and I met their lead guitarist over the road for a couple of pre gig drinks. The pub was packed with their fans, and a few came up to the guitarist to say hello, and one at the next table couldn't believe that he was meeting his hero and turned his chair round so that he could start chatting. He tells the guitarist that he's such a huge fan, loves the last album, has been to all their London shows in the last couple of years. "Oh, you'll recognise him then" says the guitarist, pointing at me "er...yeah, I'm sure I know you...are you in *insert name of band I've never heard of here*?" Fame is so fleeting...
  4. Excellent - thanks @Eldon Tyrell The Between Dog and Wolf (The New Model Army Story) documentary (essentially their 35th anniversary film) is also well worth watching
  5. hmmm... This is an interesting point - JC Carroll is still with the band, and played on everything they've released, but technically wasn't their first guitarist, and Chris Payne can make a very similar argument as their bass player. Are we counting this from the first day that everybody sat down together and said "let's form a band" or from the point where the band first came to prominence, or first released a recording?
  6. I seem to remember that Dusty Hill of ZZ Top played with a non-original version of the Zombies, but as I recall that was some fake band put together by an american promoter, something like they had a tour booked and split up, so the promoter formed a band and called them the Zombies to fulfil the bookings
  7. Tank Although, it's complicated...They had no original members left (and none from their first two albums, easily their best) when Algy Ward left, but he then formed a new band, also called Tank, of which he is the sole member. They seem to get along without the need for any lawsuits, I suspect because there's no enough money to be worth suing each other for
  8. for clarification - the Jazzman only has one of the MusicMan style humbuckers in the bridge, with a Fender Jazz style single coil in the neck position (Jazz+Man, geddit?). They are more common as Streamers, but they are available as Corvettes: @DiMarco had a $$, not a Jazzman My first Warwick, also my first five string, was a Streamer Jazzman - Great sounding basses
  9. Another veteran of the Grey Horse here! 25 years ago or more... It's a shame that you haven't got anything out of the lessons, and I can understand how they may have put you off. Not exactly the same thing, but an ex of mine didn't read a book for ten years after doing English Literature at A Level because for her it squeezed all the enjoyment out of reading. We all learn in different ways, and have different levels of ability, and it's all about finding what works for you Maybe the course wasn't for you, and hopefully you'll get more enjoyment out of playing the guitar. But like a lot of the others, I question that it needs to be a "one or the other" decision - I have more guitars than basses at the moment, have played guitar in bands in the past, but would always consider myself a bass player. I used the extra time at home from lockdown to concentrate on playing 7 string guitar, just getting more used to how to get around the neck with an extra string. And while I play an instrument most days, more often than not it's a guitar rather than a bass - my motivation is often "what haven't I played for a while?" so with more guitars than basses it's usually six strings that win. Add to that the fact that I think I'm a much better bass player than I am a guitarist, so I will spend more time practicing technique on the guitar to try and improve. But I'm still a bass player, always will be. Just sometimes I'm a bass player who is playing the guitar All playing is good, whether it's improving your technique, just playing for fun, learning a specific song (and learning other people's songs is much underrated - learning how to play a favourite song and understanding the structure is a really valuable exercise) or playing with a band. I personally get the most from playing with a band, but just noodling away in front of the TV also helps, and there's certainly been more noodling than playing in a band over the last year Playing the guitar has definitely made me a better bass player, and vice versa, although I haven't always realised it at the time...which brings me to my last point. You may not feel the benefit of the lessons right now, but you might in due course. All our experience contribute to how well we can play, and I can definitely see the benefit of stuff that I learned on the bass when I'm playing the guitar, and stuff I'm playing on the bass that is informed by knowing guitar chords and progressions. I'm a much better musician now than I was 25 years ago when I was playing the Grey Horse, a product of all the experience I've had in the meantime, whether that's playing different instruments, in different bands playing different styles of music, whatever So while I understand you wanting to concentrate on guitar, I'd say that you should leave the door to the bass open, hang on to your gear, certainly keep your favourite bass, and see if you feel the urge to play coming back in a while
  10. I haven't played one of those - I assume that it's OK, although it's difficult to track down the exact specs One difference I do notice is that the fingerboard is rosewood rather than Wenge, which is the German made standard, and allegedly part of the Warwick growl. I also note that they are passive electrics, so no active eq. Quite a nice demo at the end of the video - doesn't sound much like I do on my $$, but that's mainly due to the playing style. You get the growl when you dig in
  11. can you post a link? It depends on whether the model is NT (neck thru) or not - the NTs have very slim necks, the bolt ons slightly less so, but not hugely noticeable until you get past the 15th fret
  12. Agreed, although the "we asked and the EU said no" is the line being spun on this over the weekend One apparently well informed piece that I was reading over the weekend made the point (actually to do with fishing rights, but it applies across the deal) that there is little to be gained from complaining about the deal because the EU are unlikely to come back to it within the next five years - they work in five year cycles, and after all the stress and posturing from both sides over this deal, they are not going to start picking away at it in the meantime.
  13. I quite like the Warwick headstocks- functional and a little understated, rather than “look at me, look at me” like a lot of them on this thread
  14. I never liked the four string headstock from Wal, but one of my absolute favourites is the five string version: My outright favourite though is the Rickenbacker - very not a Fender, but a classic. With an honourable mention for the Thunderbird
  15. Without trying to steer this into a political debate, as I understand it, all the restrictions come from the EU side, and they dug their heels in during the trade negotiations. Parliament can debate it for as long as it wants but it's not in their power to change this
  16. I feel your pain. I also had the rosewood question (or, rather, can I confirm which type of wood the guitar is made from, perhaps to see if I slip up by declaring something forbidden under CITIES) when getting sent something from the US last year. The fact that I was actually getting a Bigsby didn't stop them, and when I pointed out that it wasn't a guitar, it was an aluminium part for a guitar, they then went back to the seller to get confirmation...why they did't ask the seller in the first place is beyond me, in fact, why isn't this covered on the standard forms that the seller completes in the first place? Have to say though, my seller used UPS who dealt with it through their depot on this side of the pond, as well as the payment of all the duites due, and it wasn't too painful
  17. Glad it's sorted I also wonder if sellers who send significant volumes to the UK - Thomann perhaps, who have a UK website - will take the approach that Amazon do when sending stuff from the USA, to take payment of the VAT so that it can be declared and paid at their end to speed things up, and so you receive your order with no nasty surprises
  18. I wonder if there's some advice circulating in Germany advising shops to wait for further guidance on shipping to the UK, particularly given how the trade deal has only just been approved It might be worth dropping one of the sellers a line to ask how long they anticipate it taking before they are accepting orders again. Very annoying about Warwick, and no help that my next place to recommend for their spares is Thomann Might be worth contacting a UK Warwick stockist to see if they have a better route to getting hold of stuff - Andertons for example
  19. Annoyingly I just tracked down an LP that I have been after at a reasonable price, and the German retailer who has it for half the price it can be bought for over here has put a temporary ban on any sales to the UK. Amazon.de also has it...but for twice the price I suspect it's get sorted once everybody adjusts to the new arrangements
  20. see - cats are great for the economy 🤣 I'm probably laughing harder than I should at something that was quite upsetting for you at the time - sorry
  21. Never had a problem from any of my cats when playing vinyl However, prior to flogging most of them (vinyl, not cats), my old cat did sharpen his claws on the bottom row of all my albums. Little sod My current cats show no inclination to do the same thing...but I do now put them (vinyl, not cats) all in PVC sleeves Worst they've ever done to my CDs is scatter them around the room when chasing a mouse
  22. If you have downstairs neighbours then they may not like you for getting a sub woofer for the .1 part of the set up but while they still aren’t common, a lot of the 5.1 mixes are genuinely stunning - I guess like quadraphonic would have felt back in the day Rush’s recent re-releases, as well as Jethro Tull’s, are probably the highlights of the stuff I have, although there’s a 5.1 mix of Ace of Spades in the latest Motorhead box set that is well worth listening to (added bonus, the DVD also has their appearance on Tiswas) not all are as good - the 5.1 mix of Doolittle by the Pixies didn’t do anything for me
  23. so you haven't yet got into the 5.1 mixes on DVD and blu ray? Life changing...
  24. I'm pretty relaxed about changing stuff on instruments, even if they are worth decent money and drills will be involved. It maybe depends on whether you can foresee ever selling it in the future, and whether there would be a premium for having it in its original condition. If it's a definite keeper then I have no issue with making changes that would be difficult to put back However...I'd want to be pretty sure that the suggested mod is going to work, and that there isn't a better solution. F'rinstance, if you want more punch, is there nothing you could add externally, through an eq pedal, a boost, or something like a Darkglass pedal? Or could you just swap the existing pickup to do the job - maybe something like a MM humbucker (if you can find one to fit the shape of the existing routing) to add punch without needing an extra p/u? What do the proposed two soapbars give you that you couldn't also get from a single new pickup? So I'm not saying don't do it, I'm simply saying be very sure before you start cutting into the bass
  25. We had a similar thread on this not that long ago...so I may be repeating myself here My mates in signed bands tell me that they are selling huge amounts of vinyl at gigs (well, they were when gigs were still a thing) because people want the artefact - vinyl is much nicer to have and hold than a CD, and feels more collectable than CDs I've slightly fallen for the hipster side of it - having the album being the main motivation, rather than playing the music (although I do listen to vinyl regularly). I sold off most of my enormous vinyl collection some years ago, once I'd replaced most of it with CDs (with vinyl having previously replaced the cassette versions that I had as a teenager), I'm now buying vinyl of the same albums. It is simply much nicer to have an album, to look at the artwork, etc. And there are some tracks which only appear on vinyl - for instance some of the live albums in the Metallica box sets are only on vinyl, as is one of the two live albums and the disc of alternate takes, etc in the recent Ace Of Spades box set. And Nine Inch Nails has done specific mixes of their old albums for vinyl, which sound stunning, and deliberately different to some of the mixes on CD I have to say, the quality of a good modern remastered repressing is way ahead in quality than some of the old vinyl that I held on to, albeit that it now costs more than a CD, whereas back in the day CDs cost loads more than vinyl. 180g is being used as a proxy for good sounding vinyl, but it's the mastering that is key, not the weight In terms of quality, and having checked both on a pretty decent system, CDs probably have the edge, and some vinyl can sound noticeably different, whether deliberately or not, but for a good pressing of newly mastered vinyl you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference. For one of my favourite albums, on CD one track goes straight into a drum fill that starts the next track - a brilliant transition between songs. On vinyl this is completely lost as the two tracks are on different sides of the disc. But more tellingly, the vinyl mix sounds different, and I prefer the CD for this particular album (but annoyingly the vinyl has two extra songs) Working from home has made a difference to me - I typically buy CDs and then put them on to my iTunes, and until lockdown did most of my music listening on the way to and from work. I now do most of it while on my daily walks, but I can now sit in the front room and work with vinyl on the stereo I note from recent media coverage that the top ten vinyl sales for the year are mainly old "classic" albums - Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, etc, whereas CDs (which still sell much more than vinyl) are current and re-releases, and cassettes are largely new releases. There's an article on the BBC website which includes an interview with a record label that releases everything on cassette (I'm not sure if they were saying they only release on tape, or if all their releases are available on tape as well as other mediums) which stressed that the quality of cassettes is higher than in the old days, but admitted that "hipster" explains most of the sales, with people wanting to post pictures of their cassettes on Instagram more than they actually want to play the cassette itself. I guess that anything which increases sales of music and thus payments to musicians is a good thing, regardless of why people are buying it or whether they are playing them I will be buying my first tape in about 35 years in the New Year - part of a bulk package for the new Gang of Four album, which works out cheaper than buying all the other items without the cassette. AC/DC had a pretty strong push on cassette sales for their latest album too, and seem to recognise that people weren't necessarily buying them to play, as you could get sets of four in different colours Having seen the price of vinyl that I sold off a couple of decades ago increase to amazing levels (seriously - stuff I sold for a couple of quid would now fetch a couple of hundred quid) I'm hoping that the cassette revival will increase the box full of tapes in my loft from zero to, well, anything more than zero would be an improvement...can't see it though...
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