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  1. It definitely sounds like an active Jazz and a passive Precision, and as a matter of fact, I prefer the Precision! I think, at least for now, you just prefer the sound of a Jazz bass. But, like chris_b said, there are many variations on the Precision, and you could certainly find one that's closer to your ideal tone.
  2. The active/passive terminology can be a bit confusing as a bass can have active pickups but a usual passive tone circuit, which is what it seems Aidan has, or active pickups with an active pre-amp/tone circuit, or passive pickups with an active pre-amp/tone circuit. EMG's active pickups all have a built in pre-amp that doesn't offer any tone-shaping, but is simply there to boost the signal to a usable level. Passive pickups work on the principle that with more windings, the output is increased, the mid-range is boosted and the highs and (I think) lows are tamed. Because an active pickup uses a fewer number of windings and instead uses their own preamps to boost the signal, the output is high while being significantly more detailed in the far reaches of the audio spectrum. This, as far as I know, all happens within the pickup itself. Then the signal can be fed either to a normal passive tone stack (EDIT) tone/volume combo, directly to the output, or to an active EQ system. Some of the basses we call active, though, don't actually have active pickups, but rather traditional pickups fed into an active EQ. I'm hoping I didn't just add to the confusion here!
  3. Without having heard them, I'm going to guess that what you're hearing is really just the tonal difference between a Jazz bass with (presumably) active pickups and a passive Precision. Ballsy and punchy means different things to different people, but a Jazz bass normally has a sharper attack than a Precision, and with EMG's that difference should be even clearer. It makes sense that your Jazz seems a bit deeper, too. Do you usually play with both pickups turned up? This scoops a lot of the mids out of the sound, leaving more room, so to speak, for the lows. With the bridge pickup solo'd, you're getting mostly a lot of (very) high mids. As a contrast, the Precision is quite heavy on the low mids. To me, a Precision is punchier than a Jazz, but that's because I define punchy as having a beefy, prominent midrange.
  4. I'll have to list a few, for different reasons. Elvis Costello because My Aim Is True is my first musical memory, and my first musical enchantment. The cover got so worn out you could take the record out from all sides. That's where it all started for me. In fact, some of my earliest memories altogether are of listening to Elvis Costello. Devo because they got me through my later childhood and early teenage years. I took to the whole concept, and they gave me the strength and motivation I needed to Be Stiff and not bend over. Jethro Tull because I started listening to them just as I had become decent enough at guitar to give songwriting a try, and because they opened up a new world of music to me. No one has had as big of an influence on my songwriting and acoustic guitar playing as Ian Anderson. Playing Tull songs is also how I first started singing - as it turns out, my range is very similar to that of Mr. Anderson, although I can't reach quite as low as an A1! My favourite band, still.
  5. Have you tried a B neck? Found on most 70's Precisions, as Bridgehouse pointed out, and most modern non-reissue Precisions have at least a similar width. I used to think that I was only really comfortable with Jazz necks until I tried several new Precisions and realised I hardly noticed a difference. They don't feel nearly as enormous as a 50's C neck. Then, of course, you also have to consider the profile and thickness front to back, which can vary considerably even among necks of the same width.
  6. Don't really see the problem to be honest. It's just a sample library, no?
  7. Does it turn me into Glenn Cornick?
  8. Great find! Nice stock, and fairly priced, too. A wunkay for €wunkay and an early Spector for €1250 - both sold, though.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Again, my preferred basses are all bolt-ons, so I've nothing against the construction at all. That being said, it is the cheapest way to attach a neck to a body (that's why Leo Fender did it). I don't think any bass should cost £4K, but if it does I'd expect, apart from top level craftsmanship (which I'm sure Mike Lull provides), expensive tonewoods and an elaborate construction. Something like the neck joint on a Warwick Thumb NT, which is the most gorgeous joint I've seen on a bass. Neck-thru but without the neck being visible from the top, yet without veneers, and with a fretboard that seems to be growing out of the body itself. Great initiative from Fodera, and good samples, too. In the first few clips they definitely go from brighter to darker to darkest (perhaps more like deepest). Once they started fiddling in the upper register I couldn't really hear a difference though. I couldn't really tell the slap clips apart either.
  11. That's good to know. What can I list as his location?
  12. Unusually for me, I actually have money to spend, but now I can't find what I want. It's almost as frustrating as finding something and not being able to buy it. 

    1. ZilchWoolham


      Waiting game indeed! I have alerts set up on eBay, Gumtree and Reverb. And yes, holding on to the money is the tricky part. Luckily, everything else I've had GAS for recently is nowhere to be seen, either! 
      Do you know how long it's customary to wait before relisting a wanted ad?

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Hmmm, no I don't know how long that should be....
      Perhaps it might be best to delete your original ad first?
      It's probably in the rules somewhere.... or maybe a Moderator / member of the admin team will know....

    3. ZilchWoolham


      I just noticed there's no delete feature! Probably best to ask a mod, then. 

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  13. Agreed! I like ash, and flame maple (not on everything though), but that's about as far as I'll go in terms of wood figuring. There's this certain wood you'll find on fancy basses that looks like marble, which I find incredibly off-putting. I like transparent, but coloured and somewhat glossy finishes, so I want enough grain for the wood to be recognisable as such, but nothing that looks too much like a Rorschach test.
  14. They do have a repair shop, but I can't find an exact adress. Might be possible to pop in and have a look if you make an appointment?
  15. It seems so. I think it's all run by one chap, who's also responsible for the Limelight basses favoured by a lot of folk on this forum. Do we have anyone local to the area who can confirm whether they are still operating? While some are in general a bit steeper than others, I think it's safe to say that none of the establishments listed here will ever sell their basses for BC prices. But that's shops for you!
  16. Just barely, but yes! Maybe I should make some kind of distinction in the original post between those who stock mostly vintage and those who stock mostly new. Any input on sorting and categorisation is welcomed!
  17. Added! Did you buy your lovely Precision(s) from him?
  18. I'm not quite sure of what you mean, but if you mean what I think I mean, then absolutely, that's my intention.
  19. Great suggestions! I noticed Wunjo's have a nice U.S. L-2000 in at the moment.
  20. As it happens, my old Randall does have a distortion circuit (and actually a very nice one at that), so with the gain on full whack it's all a bit too face-melting for ordinary purposes.
  21. Well, I feel like browsing, so I thought it would be nice to compile a list of the various online shops selling vintage and used basses in the UK, or indeed the EU. I'll add your suggestions to the original post. Here's the list so far, in alphabetical order: The British Isles: Absolute Music (Bournemouth) Andy Baxter (London) AngelDust (Multi-location?) Bass Direct (Warwick/Leamington Spa) The Bass Gallery (London) Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience (Hampton Wick) Classic and Cool David J Pym (Hungerford) Guitar Classics (London) Guitar Village (Farnham) Jimi's Music Store (Dublin) Live Music (Edinburgh) London Vintage Guitar/Hanks (London) Lucky Fret (London) Mansons (Exeter) Mudpie Music (Brighton) The Music Locker (Ripley, Derbyshire - by appointment only) Nicks Guitars (Wetherby) New Kings Road Guitars (London) No.Tom (London) Oasis [Musical Instruments Ltd] (Ringwood) Promenade Music (Morecambe) Really Great Guitars (Ombersley) Rich Tone Music (Sheffield) Some Neck Guitars (Dublin) Strung Out Guitars (Glasgow) Tommy Twang's Guitars (Glasgow) Vintage and Modern Guitars (Thame) Vintage 'n' Rare (Bath) West End Music (Ipswich) Wunjo Guitars (London) Continental Europe: Bass Classics (Somewhere in the Netherlands) Bass Club Paris (Paris, France - can you believe it?) Bass N Guitar (Somewhere in France) Guitare Collection (Paris, France) Le Guitarium (Paris, France) Guitar Point (Maintal, Germany) Guitar Select (Lyon, France) Hendrix Guitars (Lavagna, Italy) (Truly ungodly prices) Kitarapaja (Helsinki, Finland) Paul's Bass Matters (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Scolopendra (Bologna, Italy) Tip Top (Stockholm, Sweden) Vintage Guitar (Oldenburg, Germany) Vintage Guitars (Rennes, France) Woodstock Guitars (Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark)
  22. Is there a way to scale the GUI of the new site? I'm using a 32" TV as my monitor and I'd like to make things a little less enormous, if possible. Also, is there a way to increase the number of threads shown per page? 

    1. ZilchWoolham


      I should add that I'm finding great new features all the time and I didn't mean to sound a bit miserable. I can only commend the effort put into the migration and having the site feel so familiar despite the new software. 

    2. ped


      Thanks, nice of you to say. @charic did all the work :)

    3. geoffbyrne


      You can always try [CTRL -] and [CTRL +] to make the font smaller & bigger to taste.


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  23. Now there's a bass that could give you tinnitus without being plugged in. Or played.
  24. Oh Christ, I really hate this one. I still don't really understand what they're trying to do. Scare people away? That's what it always does it me. I assume, though, they might be trying to give the instrument an air of exclusivity, most likely to justify the massively inflated price.
  25. It is! Don't get me wrong, my favourite basses are all bolt-on, but I'd expect a £4k copy of a neck-through bass to have a neck-through construction.
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