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  1. Wal custom MK1

    ...........but then i just found this info and a pic of paul turner, so looks like maybe another dead end (is it me or is that jazz bass yellow as well?): Sunshine
  2. Wal custom MK1

    ok, further to trevor's brilliant initial detective work i've just done a search for "gareth gates.......musicians, backing band, who played on...." etc etc and unfortunately so far nothing coming up? why is is that backing musicians don't get the credit they deserve sometimes? i guess if it was just a paid session then ok but they still should get a credit somewhere. anyway, i've even just emailed a guy selling a dvd of the 2003 concerts on eBay to see if the personal are listed! be great to find out who the guy is in the clips and see if he's still playing the same bass elsewhere (if he even is a bass player as trev suspected as well?). anyone with a gareth gates cd that lists the personal get back to me (anonymously if you prefer, haha).
  3. Wal custom MK1

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! that must be it but i'll contact paul and see if he knows of any other yellow ones as unlikely as that seems? so anyone know who this guy is and did he hire it or own it? you'd think from the many appearances that it may have been his own but then again maybe it belonged to the production company (you know their budgets back then) and that's why it's in limbo so to speak, company goes bust, no-one to actually claim it, office clearance guys come around and toss it in the back of the van?! further research needed i think. so what year was this and pardon my ignorance but what's the gallery (i'm assuming a shop somewhere down denmark street but it doesn't ring a bell)? nice one trevor for dragging up that memory from gawd knows where!!!? the mystery continues!
  4. Wal custom MK1

    Great, thanks for the advice on the sticky pot, i'll give that a try. I have a can of servisol switch cleaner which I'm guessing is similar to Deoxit?
  5. Wal custom MK1

    Aha, now that is what I needed to know, thanks for the info. I've tried playing around with the controls and discovered some amazing tones but it's all been purely random chance. Now maybe I can see what really happens. One thing though, the top neck end control isn't a push pull on my bass or else it's seized (which is perhaps more likely).
  6. Wal custom MK1

    Ah, just a plain mahogany body, no facings mentioned on the back of the plate and originally yellow from the workshop according to Paul at electric wood. I love it and i've got it pretty well set up now. It is a truly remarkable bass and I'm so happy to be a citizen of planet wal, I just wish my playing was up to the quality of the instrument . Thanks for the heads up about the capacitors, i'll have a check of the circuit.
  7. Wal custom MK1

    according to the plate and the records Paul has at electric wood it's all original. Weird huh? I really like it and I think with the black hardware it really goes in a strange way. Not your usual Wal for sure!
  8. Wal custom MK1

    yeah, it's a mahogany body. It weighs a ton but still comfortable to play on the strap. Absolutely fantastic instrument but what the heck do all these controls do?
  9. Wal custom MK1

    Happy New Year to all Basschat members. Ok, so I’ve been dipping in and out of the site for the past month or so to see what’s what (and to read some very interesting / funny threads) but there's nothing new been added to the thread about the Wal and with no news from anywhere else I think it’s time I can actually call it my own. So, as promised (if anyone is still interested) here are some pics. As soon as you see them you may understand why I didn’t want to just post pics etc but rather wanted someone to come forward and say “is it serial number $%^$&* and is it such and such a finish?”. Being such a distinctive bass nobody could have guessed the details i don’t think so it would have been pretty apparent that they actually knew the instrument! I can’t imagine there are many like it out there?!!! as I haven’t heard a thing from anyone about it or even a hint of a mention of it anywhere I’m really hoping that I’ll be it’s new custodian from now on but if these pics throw up any new leads i’ll follow them up for sure. A little bit about the instrument. It was virtually unplayable when I found it; action was through the roof and the neck was so loose in the pocket it would move from side to side with little effort. I appreciate some people may have liked and played a set up like that (apart from the loose neck perhaps) but I got the feeling it hadn't been played for a while. It all just needed a little tweaking though and now it plays wonderfully, though it does still have some electrical problems. a quick once over by electric wood at some point will sort that I’m sure. Ok, so over to the pictures to tell the rest of the story. Not a beautifully exotic wood faced instrument and perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of banana milk?) but…it’s….a….wonderful…..WAL (and definitely not something you ever expect to find at a bootsale so keep your eyes peeled!).
  10. Wal custom MK1

    hi guys, sorry not been on here for a while, had a week in bed and not for good reasons, haha! anyway, yeah, patience is the word. if i haven't had any definite claims from anyone by new year i'll accept ownership and plaster the site with pics! i promise you it's not a fake (well not according to paul at electric wood and he should know) and no matter how many of you make offers it's NOT for sale, sorry ! in the meantime, hope you all have a great xmas and new year. btw as i said initially i am mainly a guitarist (and a drummer, though no longer actively playing ) and a terrible gear hound and hoard all kinds of instruments inc basses so thought maybe you'd like to see one that i bought maybe 25 years ago? it's a guild M-85 from the mid 70s i think and has a distinctly "woody" tone! not something you see every day and it may keep your curiosity sated for a while, at least until i reveal the mystery wal anon!
  11. Wal custom MK1

    yeah I already contacted Paul at Wal but no reports there. I put the word out to a few specialist shops also but likewise, nothing reported. It is a mystery for sure!
  12. Wal custom MK1

    wow, that is cool, good for him. from all accounts he was a great bloke. i had a chat with paul at wal about this but he had no records of it being nicked or missing so this old wal will have to do for me i guess!
  13. Wal custom MK1

    Yeah, you're right, might help though I can't imagine anyone who actually played this bass would've got rid of it knowing what it was! As I've said before I think it was passed down to someone who had no idea, maybe a relative / landlord etc. Funnily enough, I was just in a charity shop earlier chatting to one of the staff about records etc and she told me she'd just given away a couple of banjos that belonged to her late husband that had been stuck under the bed for years. Didn't know what make, could've been anything, Gibson, Vega who knows?! Anyway, 4 string, fretted, rosewood board, South of England, made pre-2000. cheers.
  14. Wal custom MK1

    ah, i think i've just figured out how this reply thing works now, you have to hit the quote option yeah? yeah, i get you i just thought it's not like anyone would hold back for any reason in telling me the details straight away (though not a peep yet) but the clincher is ONLY they would be able to ID it. i gave paul at wal the serial number to check out but i asked that he please not divulge any build details for the very same reason but if anyone at all can throw some light on this then maybe he can at least tell me the original owner and see if they can add anything (or if recently deceased, though morbid perhaps, at least that would be a clue). i'm getting new ideas to try everyday so i'll pursue it further and i may be wrong in my approach here but i'm just going by what i feel is best at the moment.
  15. Wal custom MK1

    thanks kev, i appreciate that. it's never happened to me before either by the way and like you i never thought i'd get this lucky but i'm sure you'd do the same. i just thought i needed to do something just in case it was the "unaware relative" scenario as i have been there myself as i said. actually now you've got me thinking, maybe someone has been trying to track me down on some art forum somewhere? you know i never even thought to look!!!?