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  1. You're better off out of it. If it hadn't been the old guy wanting back in there would probably have been some other daft drama shortly down the line. Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. @rseholes gotta @rse.
  2. I'd like to get to a point with the fretless where my left hand doesn't start creeping up the neck of it's own accord if I'm not constantly watching it.
  3. I've had on/off GAS for a Ripper a Grabber or a G3 for years, probably since seeing Mike Dirnt with a G3 back in the Basketcase video in around '93. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the stars have never aligned so that I've seen one for sale and had the funds at the same time.
  4. '....But apart from forgetting to put a truss rod in the Esquire and the intrinsic tuning stability problems caused by the Strat's trem system design, and taking into account the fundamental redesign of the pickup and significant changes to the body shape of the Precision between '51 and '57..... Leo got it right first time'
  5. The UK press isn't know for it's accuracy. I'd guess the meat of the story about the divorce and the settlement are broadly true, but the details like '8 albums' and '3 piece band' could well be wrong or cut and pasted from an old biography the reporter found online, so trying to guess who it is based on that information could be a futile exercise.
  6. I've been keeping an half an eye for an NBD thread since you mentioned waiting for a delivery in the 'Help, under attack' thread. I wasn't expecting anything quite this special though.
  7. My dad is a huge Lonnie Donnegan fan so I grew up listening to a lot of his stuff in the car. I don't think the OP's 'punk energy' description is too far off. Although there was a level of technical proficiency not found in most punk groups in Donegan's bands, a lot of the music definitely has that same raw, exuberant feel to it.
  8. BC is easily my most visited website. In some ways it's like a support/recovery group. But one where the members actively encourage each other to do more of the thing that they're addicted to. So actually pretty much the opposite of a support/recovery group. Anyway seems like a good time of year to say a big thank you to Ped and the team for setting BC up and making it the fantastic place that it is.
  9. It wasn't a totally terrible album, it just didn't really sound that much like the Chilis. Edit: Mind you, I had the misfortune of seeing them on that tour, so that's probably coloured my judgement a bit.
  10. Here's hoping we don't get Stadium Arcadium 2 instead.
  11. I'd say it was Basschat famous before the truss rod failed for being one of the prettiest instruments we've ever seen on here.
  12. I can swap between my most of my basses without really noticing The one that trips me up is my Washburn Status, and then only if I try to slap. For reasons I've never understood the string tension is much higher than on my other basses and it really throws me out.
  13. Everyday People - Sly and the Family Stone
  14. It's not that there's nothing I want. It's more that if I don't spend that money on getting the bathroom sorted I may very well find myself spending a lot more time with my guitars than I had anticipated next year.
  15. I can't imagine my old school allowing 'pop music' at the Christmas concert back in the 80s/90s, far too low brow. Nice to hear things have moved on.
  16. I had something delivered today while I was out. They left the package with someone 12 doors down the road which is a new record. Still, at least I got it today and it's always nice to meet new people.
  17. At some point as he tours the globe he's probably going to find out that there's a drummer in the US already using the name 'Rikki Styxx' and she's already won the 'who comes up first (and only) in a Google search' competition.
  18. Not an album, but a couple of more obscure Christmas tracks.
  19. Maybe start a thread in the Build Diaries section? There's a few expert builders in there that you don't really see much round other parts of the forum.
  20. I see a lot of aesthetically pleasing basses on here on a pretty much daily basis, but that really is a stand out.
  21. I can't remember who said it first but I'm fairly sure the Forum motto is 'Whoever dies with the most toys wins'.
  22. Is it too soon for this to be considered a 'timeless' classic one hit wonder?
  23. Guilty. (The suggesting that left handers learn to play right handed bit, not the encouraging gay conversation therapy part). I promise I won't do it again.
  24. It's just quite nice and friendly round here. I don't know what the the magic ingredient is that stops a lot of the crap that happens on other forums, but a lot of it has to be down to the people that use it regularly and the laid back but highly effective approach of the moderation team.
  25. I got some pickups from them a few years back. It wasn't overnight delivery but I don't remember waiting too long for them to arrive. No problems or issues, they're a legit retailer. Of course you never really know how good a retailer is until something goes wrong and you find out how good they are at dealing with problems, but I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if they had the best price on something I wanted.
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