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    DR Strings

    I've only tried Pure Blues guitar strings. Nice sounding, very bright, but the tension on them was like nothing I've ever experienced on a set of guitar strings, to the point where I had to take them off after a couple weeks because it was interfering with both my freting and picking hands. If the bass strings are the same (and they might not be as the guitar strings are pure nickel whereas the bass strings are apparently 'quantum nickel' - whatever that is) it might be worth going for a narrower gauge than usual to compensate.
  2. I have no need or real use for a shortscale bass. But I'd still take one of these in seafoam green.
  3. Weirdly the only thing that really upsets me on there are the gold screws with a silver bridge and white scratch plate. It makes it look like the bass has had an outbreak of expensive measels.
  4. Funnily enough I've been listening to this over the last couple of days. The whole thing, 116 tracks of it, is on Amazon Music if anybody fancies giving it a go. Obviously there's the odd dodgy track on a compilation covering a decades worth of recordings, but most of it is very good indeed. The more I listen, the more I can't work out why they're not rated amongst the all time soul and funk greats.
  5. I've got a first generatuon Sire V7 fretless 4 string and the dots are where they would be for a fretted. I'm almost certain it's because Sire use the same necks for fretless and fretted.
  6. I keep my fretless as my 'noodling bass' in a corner of the living room. Most of the time if I get the urge to pick up a bass and work something out or just have a noodle I reach for the fretless just because it's the closest. Mostly I'm not even using it for particularly fretlessy stuff, I'm just playing 'normal' lines on it, but everything you play is good intonation practice. In terms of difficulty it's theoretically just a slight shift in left hand technique, my biggest problem is that if I don't really concentrate my left hand tends to creep up the fretboard so that everything gets gradually sharper as I'm playing.
  7. It looks like they couldn't decide between single or double cut, so went for the worst of both worlds. Overall the body looks like a child's drawing of a Status 2000, done with the aid of a wonky ruler.
  8. A few years ago I was helping with the clear up while my mates shop had automatic doors fitted. As we picked up the old glass door to put it in the skip the glass just instantly shattered inside the metal frame. Fortunately it stayed in the frame, but it looked more like a fine mosaic than a window. The guy fitting the new door reckoned it happens all the time, any kind of torsion forces on the glass when you pick it up and it just goes. Reading this makes me wonder if we had a narrow escape. Wishing the the OP a full and swift recovery from what sounds and looks like a very nasty accident.
  9. Cato

    Sire P7 2nd Gen

    I think in this case the difference in the woods is more about aesthetics than tone. Ash has a more vivid grain than alder so tends to look better in transparent finishes, which is probably why Sire have used it for the sunburst and natural finishes. Alder is quite a plain wood which is probably why they chose it for solid paint jobs that hide the wood. Any tonal difference beteen the two is going to negligible. Someone with a truly exceptional ear might be able to say which was which in a blind test but most people would struggle to hear a difference.
  10. I'm four weeks along with my plague beard and it still itches like anything. The only thing stopping me shaving it off right now is that I've caught the sun a bit since I started growing it and I don't want to end up with a stark white 'ghost beard' tan line on my face.
  11. The first Editor's album - The Back Room I can't believe it's nearly 15 years old. Although being mostly inspired by 80s synth pop it either hasn't aged at all or sounds another 20 years older...
  12. A couple of people on here have bought the sixer version and posted very positive reviews.
  13. I've got two teles, a Thinline from c2000 and a 2017 Baja. There are other guitars I want, but realistically, unless I get a sudden urge to be the next Steve Vai or start a death metal band the two teles cover everything I'll ever need to do on a guitar.
  14. I got some pickups from them a couple of years ago with no issues.
  15. Cato

    Hi All

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, you've only just started. Your fretting fingers will probably get stretchier over time. I'd also guess that like nearly all beginners your'e not using your little finger much because you've not built up the required strength in it yet. With a bit of practice that finger will be as strong and dexterous as the others and it will add a fair bit to your usable fretting hand span.
  16. I've got VM modified 70s Jazz from 2015ish. As above Standard Jazz pickup sizes, neck slightly shorter than bridge. The Aguliar Jazz set that I replaced the originals with in fitted absolutely perfectly.
  17. I've started growing a plague beard. It's like a normal beard, but grown during times of plague, as a surprise for those friends and family who aren't going to see me for the next however many months.
  18. I had hair down over my shoulders throughout my 20s and early 30s, but these days after a decade or so of keeping it cropped short I actually start to find it physically uncomfortable if I wait more than 4 or 5 weeks between cuts. I'm with you on the shaving though, I can skip a day or two, but three days of stubble is unbearable.
  19. I did mine on Thursday when the clippers arrived from Amazon. I'd been planning to go to the barbers on Tuesday, which, as fate would have it, was the day that everything shut down and I couldn't face the prospect of potentially months of unruly hair. Easier than I though it would be. I did briefly go for a Travis Bickle mohican, just to try it out, before settling on a full skinhead. Quick warning for anyone thinking of going the same route, when I was looking online Tuesday afternoon there did appear to be a bit of a clipper shortage with many models out of stock everywhere or being sold for twice normal retail value and not much choice left.
  20. Any contact or social interaction is a risk right now. Some social activities, for example going for a walk outside with a friend are fairly low risk, anything indoors in a confined space is going to be higher risk. We're all going to have to make personal decisions about whether we feel that the element of risk in any non essential social interaction is worth the possible repercussions.
  21. I like it. I've liked versions they've done with plainer wood more, but it's still a thing of beauty.
  22. Might be worth considering an Ibanez ATK. There have been various versions and models down the years, available second hand from around £300 upwards depending on which model. Tends to be aesthetically quite divisive, especially the huge bridge/pickup plate but generally regarded as one of the better stingray inspired basses out there.
  23. I had an email from Ents 24 earlier today. The first part was apologising for the current disruption and explaining the refunds process. The second part was advertising events for Mother's Day, including a couple of spring tours that can only be days away from cancellation.
  24. Mind you, you can get 72 for £15 from here. https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/gibson-72-standard-style-guitar-pick-heavy/ No tin though.
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