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  1. Perfectly smooth transaction on a Smooth Hound wireless sold to Dan. Deal with in confidence. Thanks Dan!
  2. Here's my Alpher Cobia v2 in its most stealth form; I also have white pearl and black pearl pickguards which were bought in an effort to keep the GAS at bay!
  3. I use the markbass 151 and it has some serious welly for its size - done a number of gigs without pa support to c150 people (loud band, too) with no trouble at all. Would imagine the 121 is very similar, good luck!
  4. Afternoon friends, Seemingly the crossover in our RCF 905AS is jiggered - sub works fine but the sound it sends from the 2 outputs to 2 tops is horrendously crackly, oddly a slightly differing crackle for each channel! Have troubleshooted all options but certainly points to the crossover as the issue - the sound still comes through but the crackle is always audible. Any suggestions to repair, or are we to run it through an aux and remove the crossover from the equation...? Help much appreciated! Thanks, Rick
  5. Hi all, For sale is a very good condition Smooth Hound wireless unit, and it's been absolutely terrific. I think the form factor is the biggest draw, I've photo'd next to an iPhone se (old type, not included!) for scale, it really is tiny on the pedal board. Lots of nifty features and included is a jack adaptor that enable you to fold the transmitter over the strap, rather than plugging directly into the guitar jack socket. It doesn't have the sucker pads but I never got on with them anyway, and either used a little electrical tape or the jack adaptor. Comes with original box and postage to the UK included. Collection also very welcome. Any questions or additional photos needed just give me a shout. Many thanks, Rick
  6. I bought a line 6 g75 from Warren, which was a seamless transaction and posted with a lifetime supply of bubble wrap! Deal with the utmost confidence. Thanks Warren!
  7. I use the UE6s mate, you'll be over the moon I assure you! Enjoy 😁
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Or Metallica! Black gloss for me, but had I had an extra £100 to burn they would have been black sparkle to go with the bass!
  10. Sorry, sure you were dreading this question but if you decide to split, can you let me know please? Would be very interested in either the G3 or G4, just what I've been after. Totally understand if that's not the route you want to go though! Many thanks, Rick
  11. Just purchased the same, and echo that feedback!
  12. Great price, this will be gone before the football kicks off I reckon! Love mine, someone is in for a treat!
  13. I don't have any myself, but I'll ask my friendly neighbours and let you know! Edit - Me plus bass equals 14 stone and 0.5 pounds, me without bass equals 13 stone and 4.25 pounds. 14 pounds in a stone (right?) means it's 10.25 pounds, if my calculations are correct?
  14. Thanks - certainly not an exact science on my part so might be closer to that, but doesn't feel it, and I have a naff back!
  15. Having had a look back at the original order, I can confirm it is indeed the vintage type (not that I was aware there was an alternative!)
  16. Thanks! Afraid I have no means to accurately weigh it - not the lightest by any means but definitely manageable, I'd guess under 10 lbs comparing it to my other basses... Sorry that's not hugely helpful!
  17. Hi all, For sale is a Sire V7 bought new from Anderton's in 2018. It's a lovely bass especially for the price, you've probably seen all the reviews online if you're reading this anyway. Selling as I've recently purchased an Alpher bass. I've priced this at c£100 less than others, as the mid range controls on the active 3 band are permanently "flat", and won't boost or cut (or adjust the frequency). The bass and treble, tone and blend work perfectly well, so it is in effect a 2 band eq which is plenty for many, and was never an issue for me as I used it in passive mode anyway! The only other point to call out is that there is little buckle rash on the rear of the bass, and some other little marks here and there. These are nearly invisible when playing as the pictures should show - the close ups look far worse than the reality. Rest of the bass is in great condition. Happy to arrange collection / meet up / courier (if absolutely essential, though I'd sooner avoid), and any questions / additional photos please let me know. Comes with original box, for what it's worth! Only trades I'm looking for are a wireless iem system, but a higher end one (I.e. Sennheiser / Shure) with cash adjustment if required. Thanks, Rick
  18. Star as ever Russ, and thanks for the message which I'll check out! Much appreciated.
  19. So a slightly belated NBD post - I recently picked up my Alpher bass which is one of the more recent basses that Alpher have worked with Tdog Customs on for the finish. I had been looking for a black sparkle finish for some considerable time, weighing up getting a bass resprayed along the way, but ultimately "took the plunge" to go custom with Alpher. It's not a plunge at all, and as ever with hindsight, something I should have done a long time ago; I couldn't be any happier with this bass and the whole process working with the gents at Alpher. I've followed Chris and Al's work for years and have always been blown away by pictures and videos, but when you physically play one... It's another level. Every aspect of the bass is better than I imagined; the craftsmanship is far and away the best I've seen, as is the tone. "Little" details like the inclusion of a branded hard case, and even a proper mini tool are also excellent. Chris kindly knocked up 3 scratch plates to keep it fresh periodically, and I'll add those photos on here as I change them for anyone interested. I could quite literally spend hours raving about Alpher as a company and the bass itself, but most of you probably know it all already, and are just here for the pics, so here's a few to get going!
  20. Hi Russ (and all!), still loving the UE6s, albeit mainly being used for working from home listening at the moment! Our singer has left our band and I used to use one side of her sennheiser G3 wireless iem, which was brilliant and by far the closest thing I've had to a wired sound. Trouble is, I've used a wired signal in the past to get a stereo feed, and I'm hooked... But equally hooked to being wireless (ironically). I've been watching ebay and the marketplace here for a second hand Sennheiser or Shure unit, to no avail - a G3 went on ebay for about £550 in the end yesterday which is probably more than A) I expected or B) would be looking to spend. So, my question, what are the next best options for wireless, or is it simply one that anything below the Shure and Sennheiser lines are noticeably poorer? Wired is livable until funds allow, but I infinitely prefer the freedom of wireless. Any tips appreciated! Thanks.
  21. Relisted with a price drop due to a time waster unfortunately! Hi all, For sale is 1 excellent condition Keith McMillen 12 step, with lightning adaptor to iPad included. I've been running this at home only since buying on here, using the Korg iM1 ipad app (free app), but I have left the band I was going to use it for. The number 3 pedal for some reason has never seemed to illuminate since I've had it - no functionality issue beyond that and when the board is lit, there's absolutely no mistaking where the pedals are! Couple of pictures below but message me if you'd like any more. Happy to post at cost, can't see it being more than £10 insured. Collection also welcome. Many thanks, Rick
  22. Hi there, are there any trade options at all? I have a few items listed at the moment but give me a shout if you'd like to discuss! Many thanks, Rick
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