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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hi does this include the appropriate power supply? Thanks Rick
  3. We use one for our function band, but I will be selling it soon to get the ui16 instead, purely for the extra channels. I can't recommend it enough though, so much contained in the tiny box and very easy to operate for a complete novice (me!).
  4. Haha that's novel, no way I'll be able to convince the drummer to try that though... we actually had the mic just at the port edge so inside my maybe 1cm-2cm. Not considered the Shure mic, I'll take a look, thanks!
  5. Well, last night we had the best drum sound we've ever had, and I'd like to say it's entirely down to the HPF and eq tips shared above... however the drummer has "misplaced" his cheapo drum mics, and we had to borrow another cheapo set, but managed to get hold of an AKG D112 for the night, so it's impossible to know if it's just because of the better mic! In truth I suspect it's a mixture of the two, however, in the absence of being able to quite afford the Audix D6, how much worse is the D112, as they seem to go for around £70 second hand...? Thanks!
  6. I LOVE THIS FORUM! Thanks all for the tips, plenty to have a play about with here. I've been looking at an audix d6 for a while as it happens, but want to give the mic we have a shot before discarding it too hastily because of my lack of knowledge. That said though, it's one of those all in one cheapy drum mic sets, and tha gets what tha pays for more often than not! Thanks again. Rick
  7. Might as well give the full tail here and see if you guys have anymore quick fixes! So, 4 piece function band (singer, guitar, bass (me) and drums, and me and the guitarist also do backing vocals). We play about a 50/50 split of weddings / parties and pub gigs, and play everything from Bruno mars to Kinks to rage against the machine (by request!), the idea being we offer something for everyone. We've been going for 2 years and slowly funded our PA and other gear "organically", so started with some really quite awful old desk, amps and passive peavey cabs. There was never any complaints about the sound but it always felt like something could break at a moments notice, and the system itself was on the cusp of maxing on many occasions, so we splashed some money on the gear referenced in my earlier posts (Soundcraft desk and rcf speakers), and are in the main absolutely delighted. The issue we have really is that I do the sound... and I'm not a sound man! Thankfully there are many built in presets to the mixer so I can largely set those and button mash (not quite) to get a sound we like, however I do feel we could get a punchier drum sound and a more rounded bass tone (which was primarily why we introduced the 905 sub). The HPF technique sounds a life saver so I'm looking forward to giving this a go, but are there any "basic" tips and tricks to look at / avoid? I've had a scan over the readily available YouTube videos but they all tend to get into detail that would only really be understood by a sound techie! Just to clarify, I'm generally really pleased with what the new equipment has done for our sound, and that I am now amp free makes me smile, but just looking to tap into the basschat wealth of knowledge for anything I can look to incorporate, or indeed research further. Many thanks Rick
  8. Bought a gruv gear fretwrap. PM to receipt of product took 2 days, great service with great comms, deal in confidence. Thanks Rick
  9. That's very helpful both thank you. Good to know there isn't anything drastically wrong with the volume settings! It's interesting as I've recently done away with my bass amp live (using in ears following a lot of studying of your posts ebs, thanks!), and even without my amp there is still low end by the bucket load. HPF seems to be the order of the day, I'll see how it goes! Thanks again. Rick
  10. That's really helpful, many thanks. It's a Soundcraft ui12 "desk", so has the option for HPF, but I'll need to play about with it... Thanks again, will give it a go. Rick
  11. Sadly I have found this thread too late, and purchased some myself last week. Not having used elixers before I didn't know what to expect, but these clearly aren't the genuine product; the build quality is dreadful. What is the best way to progress this with the seller please? Thanks Rick
  12. Hi - if you decide you can courier this I'll take it off your hands. Thanks Rick
  13. I reckon this is the 1st second hand one of these on here... Whoever buys will not be disappointed - absolutely love mine! GLWTS, but I reckon this will be gone in no time. Rick
  14. Hi - don't suppose you're interested in trading to a smaller combo (Markbass)? Thanks Rick
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Hi all, looking for suggestions... We've just finished the upgrade to our PA (for now) to using 2 X RCF 712a tops and a 905as sub. We run the left and right channels into the sub, and deploy the built in crossover to send the signal to the tops. My question is, with only a 80 or 120hz choice for the crossover point, which is likely to be most suitable and why...? We did the first gig with it set at 120, and it was ok if a tad muddy (even with sub set on 10% volume and tops on about 70%)... But I suspect with more tweaking the lows could be tightened, though I've no idea where to start. For reference we use a soundcraft ui12 desk. All help appreciated! Thanks Rick
  17. Sold a zoom ms60-B to Pete recently (sure I'll regret moving the pedal on...), perfect transaction and a pleasure to deal with, trade in confidence with this top gent.
  18. Are either of the nano boards still available please..? Cheers
  19. Yes to both! That particular section is so flexible, I wish they had a couple of slots for it as I'd set one as a clean octaver and one as a fuzzy filter, and not have to change the settings live. The tracking on the octaver is terrific. Cheers Rick
  20. I'd echo that Iain, really pleased with the build quality and size. Not quite fathomed the sansamp settings yet but such a vast array of tones. Chorus is nice and subtle, and the tuner is bob on. Pricey, but has meant I can sell the rest of my board :-)
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