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  1. Ah good point! Black with maple board...
  2. I’m out of the country until this evening so will look to add some tomorrow for sure!
  3. I’m selling my 5 string Sire in the for sales if you want to discuss? Fab basses, I’m just terrible at playing 5 strings!!
  4. So, my bi-annual thought that a move to a 5 string would be a good idea has, as is tradition, proved flawed. After 3 separate attempts, I simply cannot get comfortable with the extra string, and end up actually playing about 2 notes on it per set! With that in mind, I need to reluctantly move on this best of an instrument. This is a wonderful 5 string and particularly for the price, so much bang for your buck and a quick google search will confirm as much. Having purchased from new, I’ve rehearsed with the bass twice and gigged with it twice, so the condition is as good as new; here’s a chance to save some pennies from one that comes in a sealed box! I have the original box so I’m willing to discuss postage options, though collection as always is preferable. I’ll add some pictures tonight, but if you enter the above description to google you’ll see what you’re essentially getting. Any questions, ask away! Many thanks, Rick
  5. This is an absolute steal. Fantastic basses - I have the same in a less stealthy version and love it.
  6. Hi - what do you use to clamp the lights to your speaker stands? Thanks Rick
  7. Any ideas how easily they would attach to a Sire V7 five string (obviously I’d need to buy one more...)?
  8. We use a soundcraft ui16 and have been looking at a ui24 for the extra channels, as the mixer itself has been excellent, particularly with an external router. Any views on how it compares to the Behringer? The number of channels in the XR18 makes that an option, and like you say, a cheaper one given recent reductions...
  9. Sorry I should have said, it’s the bigger venues where we lack a bit of headroom on the vocals, generally the 712 have done admirably. I play bass through the PA and without an amp, but the guitarist has an amp onstage (not loud at all) and we have a live drummer. He has loud cymbals and snare but we’re looking at options to lower those volumes (different cymbals, and holding back on the snare). Thanks very much for the response, very useful. Did you notice much of an upgrade moving from 12 inch cones to the 15s?
  10. Hi all, Looking for some guidance from those in the know - I play in a 4 piece covers band with female lead vocals, and getting said vocals to the front of the mic is achievable but not the easiest. We do all the usual tricks (EQ, lowering volume of other instruments etc.) and use appropriate mics etc, so we’re now onto considering a louder speaker. There are many a rave review on the RCF 735’s, but they currently push towards £1,800 for a pair, so I’m trying to determine how much extra they will actually add. Of course, I know that alternatives exist so if anybody has other recommendations on the active tops front please let me know - we’ve had great results with the 712a’s which is why I’ve looked to RCF again as a starting point. For reference, we use 2 x 905AS subs as well, which I’m not looking to change. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Rick
  11. Agreed, I’ll certainly look into that! Thanks again for the help.
  12. Thanks very much for the reply. My band currently use a Soundcraft UI16, which has been great in truth, however there are concerns with the reliance on wireless mixing only, which was why we were looking at the physical fader option again. I must say, the rack version of the X32 looks a great price! Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, looking for some general guidance... I have an opportunity to buy one of the above second hand, but I’m struggling to decide which to go for. Is there anything beyond the scribble strip that makes the Compact more appealing? I must say that this feature looks terrific, however the footprint and rack-mount-ability of the producer, and indeed lower price makes it a tough choice... I’d welcome the views of anyone with any experience / knowledge of these mixers please! Thanks in advance. Rick
  14. £100 Excellent condition Shure SH55 mic. Selling due to the project taking a different direction. Will post at cost. Thanks Rick
  15. £160 Excellent condition, Soundcraft UI12 for sale. A fantastic entry into the digital mixing world. Served my band for over a year with faultless performance. Will post at cost. Thanks, Rick
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Bought a Soundcraft desk from Dunc - top bloke, top comms, top sale all round! Pleasure doing business.
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