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  1. Think I saw Darkglass posting a pic of your board on Instagram today mate - great work; awesome setup! GLWTS
  2. Hi mate - the ad says 715’s but the pics are 712’s? I use exactly the same rig but with an extra sub (not needed, guitarist has horrendous OCD) and I couldn’t be happier, GLWTS! Rick
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi - interested in the maple neck, if I can get it to fit a Harley Benton jazz bass...! Can you confirm what's the width measurement at the body end please, and are the tuners fender? Thanks Rick
  5. For sale an as new condition sonic port with both 30 pin and lightning cables, in original packaging. Struggling to upload pics but I can happily email you with them as appropriate. Price of £45 includes postage to mainland UK. Happy to entertain trade offers but would prefer a sale. Based on West Yorkshire if you'd rather collect with cup of tea thrown in for free! Any q's ask away! Thanks Rick
  6. Sold an EHX switchblade to Ben, great comms and pleasure to deal with - top bloke! Rick
  7. Sub'n'Up now sold, thanks. Bump for the other two. Rick
  8. Hi - please could I get some pics of the combo, and any idea on weight? Thanks Rick
  9. We've got the 712's, and they're excellent for the money. We put full band through the PA and use the RCF subs crossovers, so you get some of the high end bass and kick drum through the tops. So, if you're after hearing the bass and kick, then it will work, but don't expect low end rumbles etc if you're just using the tops. Managed to pick an RCF 905 AS II up second hand for £500 recently with a cover, so would suggest saving for one of those if you can - light enough, and plenty powerful.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Just resurrecting this one again! Managed to avoid the "farting" by dropping the sub volume and increasing my amp volume. Had a thought though, and I've had a scour online for info, but is it possible I'm putting too much gain on the bass before it hits the sub? I'm running the sub on volume as 1 of 10 (8 o'clock), and anything above that presents issue. As you'll have gathered from this thread, I'm a real FOH sound novice, so never really considered I could be driving the sub too hard at source. That said, on the mixer (iPad) the sound isn't clipping. Could the volume nobs on the soundcraft itself influence things? I run those on full... Thanks again, Rick
  12. Thanks mate. I'm using an EBS patch lead from smooth hound to flyrig, and as far as I know a generic (but good quality) mic xlr cable from flyrig to desk. I'll try the different channel approach and perhaps a different xlr. Thanks again. Rick
  13. Thanks a lot both for the replies! I use a Sterling Ray 34, which has an active 3 band EQ. Battery v recently changed. Signal path is bass into a smooth hound wireless (or cable when I tested that) into a tech 21 bass fly rig (or a standard Di box when I was eating to ensure that wasn't the cause) and into the soundcraft desk. The gain isn't close to peaking so shouldn't be a problem with the desk hopefully. I took a look at the driver and there's no obvious rips or similar, but could always be something non visible I guess? I tried my bass through a bass amp and no issues there, but I will try another bass through the sub to see if that returns the same issue. Cheers Rick
  14. So, a quick update... all the tricks and tips above have been used in some form - the HPF and gate proving the best tips. I've since bought an audix d6 which is as great as everyone suggested. I am however experiencing issues with the sub (RCF 905 AS) farting when the bass guitar is played at volume. EQ is pretty much flat, I've used different DI boxes, and the bass sounds fine through a bass amp. The kick sounds great, as does recorded music, so wondering what it could be from the bass that's causing this? As always hints and suggestions welcomed, my initial thought was there is something wrong with the sub (amp or driver) at higher volumes (even then only at 3 or 4 out of 10 on the subs amp). Thanks in advance, Rick
  15. Ordered me one of these today, looking forward to A/B'ing against a g30!
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