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Al Krow

[SOLD] Synth Keys - Roland JD-XI (vgc)
East London

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Bought this off my guitarist a few months back for £300, when he was moving house, and I've not got round to touching it since then and I can't see that realistically changing in the next 6 months.

It's under a year old and was (and still is!) in very good condition (includes vocoder mic). Best price I can find on line is around £365, so I'm going to knock £100 off that and do it for £265 (plus P&P)

  • Compact, polyphonic synthesiser with 256 preset tones for the digital synths.
  • 37 keys.
  • Superb sounding drums.
  • Well implemented effects.
  • Sequencer offers three classic recording methods.

Serviceable gig bag included in the price (small rip - shown)

Roland PSU and vocoder mic supplied.



Roland JD-Xi I.jpg

Roland JD-Xi II.jpg

Roland JD-Xi III.jpg

Roland JD-Xi IV.jpg

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1 hour ago, Rik (ESA) said:

Hi there, any trade options at all? 



Always open to suggestions Rick - please PM me with what you have in mind.

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