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  1. These form a tiny part of the "flight deck" (in-joke). Russ is a top fella and these are great pedals.
  2. + another with the envelope filter and an octaver. Maybe a touch of flanger into the mix but not sure at the moment.
  3. ....I find a GoPro strapped to your head works for me .... [url="https://youtu.be/ekWkB8T_LUk"]https://youtu.be/ekWkB8T_LUk[/url]
  4. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1473598188' post='3131489'] The Zooms work for me, especially for the audio. The field of view tends to be very narrow, so I try and use other cameras if I can. [/quote] I've found this with mine. Audio is usually really good but just can't get it far enough away because of the camera. Keep meaning to look up some of those after market phone lenses that come with tele, wide and macro adapters and see if I can mount it onto the front. Dunno if it'll work but worth a shot.
  5. Just had a google as I use an M9. The reliability of the switches seems to be a common issue with the M series pedals. However there's bucket loads of tutorials and YouTube vids on changing the switches. There's also lots of guidance on modifying the pedals to use better quality switches.
  6. If I was only a S, not approaching XL! ;-)
  7. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1472113061' post='3118544'] The Flea pickups are the American Pure Vintage 64 set. The standard Road Worn pickups are Mexican Standard Vintage Alnico pickups. Both sound great. I assume the Mexican pickups are different to the average Mexican Jazz bass. The 64 set are really really powerful IMO....exactly what I wanted a Jazz to sound like. Clear, aggressive when required, fat and warm when required. Which makes me wonder, despite the new price of £949, they are still a lot cheaper than a normal Road Worn Jazz. Makes no sense! [/quote] Sorry, only just back from holibobs in Florida so have been catching up on BC posting I've missed since I've been away. Coincidently, went to Bass Central in Orlando and got to play both back to back. The Flea absolutely knocked me out. The Flea with the 64s is definitely louder and more aggressive. That "angry" tone. Loved it. The RW was a little more old skool and reserved. Guess it comes down to what rings your bell. Personally, I really liked the Flea, just felt better, played better and was more upfront.
  8. Morning/afternoon/evening all! So, on holiday to Florida in a couple of weeks and as part of my "sacrifice" to walk miles round themeparks in the debilitating near tropical heat, I've been "allowed" time off during which time I'll pencil in a visit to Bass Central in Orlando. The question is this. What happens if the inevitable happens and I "accidently" purchase something containing strings and pickups? Or should I say, WHEN the inevitable happens. Any advice on bringing back holiday purchases (from the practicalities of travelling to getting it through customs)?
  9. Unloaded by 10.30am?! Soundchecked by midday?! Ok, now I understood the sound limiter and PA point they were making which was fair enough but I'm sorry, a 10.30am load in would be an absolute deal breaker for us, especially with day jobs and families etc. Added to this, I presume that they're guaranteeing the thousands of quid of equipment will be secure in the 8 or 9 hours between the soundcheck and ACTUALLY taking the stage to perform? Or are they expecting the band to hang around? Sorry. The venue is being absolutely ridiculous. None of the hundreds of weddings we've done over the years don't function like that. 6pm setups are the standard for entertainment, sometimes a little earlier but not THAT early. Depends on the contract you've already signed depends on how you handle it. If it's between you and the agency/couple and you've agreed in writing on a 6pm setup, I'd be pushing it back to them to argue the toss with the venue.
  10. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1468929585' post='3094374'] I slipped off to Bass Central for an afternoon last time we were in Orlando, there's also Guitar Centers around the place - think the US PMT. Yup, Tech21 (that new Bass Fly Rig is a bargain over there compared to here), DR Strings, and pedals (you'll need another DC adaptor for the UK, but they're not much) all worth picking up for suitcase-stuffers. I'm still kicking myself I didn't buy the Tonehammer 500 I found on sale at a GC, it was a complete bargain. [/quote] Oooooooo. Better take some allen keys with me and leave some space in a suitcase coming back
  11. ^^^^ SNAP! Me too at the end of next month! We're staying in Haines City, south of Orlando. Twas my first trip to Florida last Easter and had planned to do some shopping round but didn't get chance. This time will be an easier holiday with less theme parks so I've planned a trip out to Bass Central. Follow them on FB, have brought from them before and they're a great store.
  12. [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1468871494' post='3093973'] Get in get paid and get out. Anyone watching that moans should be directed toward whoever made the stipulations about sound and take it up with them. [/quote] ^^^^ This We've been reasonably lucky that every wedding we do has been with our own PA. As we use IEMs, I never take a bass amp so using a DI wouldn't bother me. TBH, I'd not worry too much about not being able to hear yourself. I've never had an issue with popping the IEMs out my ears and not hearing enough from FOH to monitor myself. There are gigs where things ain't going to be as controlled as you want them to be as a band. Yeah, you can be all precious about "your tone" but the harsh reality is that the day is about the bride/groom and the venue, not about the band. The venue will have installed the PA/limiter almost certainly because of licencing restrictions/complaints. The bride/groom/wedding party will have no awareness (or frankly care) about sound limiters and very often the first anyone finds out about it is when it trips. Ultimately, that's down to you as the band to work round it. Those are the rules. Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, as professionals, you just have to get on with it. We've all had those ridiculous gigs where the crowd cheering will set off the limiter. These are the gigs where ironically the venue find themselves exposed the most. If a bride/groom can see the thing kicking off because someone happens to shout a bit too loudly, they see that as being unreasonable and not controllable. If it goes off when the band are playing, it's down to the band. I've digressed, others have probably put it more eloquently than I have . Personally, I'd not worry too much. It'll be fine, take a good DI, be prepared to compromise, enjoy the night and if all else fails, take the money and run.
  13. Thanks to Happy Jack for great help from his contacts in Northern Italy. Anyone else care to chip in in the meantime?
  14. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1467728161' post='3085670'] Hmmmm. Sounds like Volterra or San Gimignano. I know an English sound engineer (and bassist!) who spends chunks of the year at his second home in Umbria, so he'd be about 100km away. Probably too far, but I'll ask him if he knows anyone who can help. [/quote] That'd be brilliant, thanks Happy Jack. Feel free to drop me a PM if there's anything you need to know.
  15. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1467726085' post='3085647'] Big place, Tuscany. Roughly whereabouts will the wedding be? Yes, I have a reason for asking! I may know the right person to help. Makes quite a difference whether it's north of Pisa as opposed to south of Arezzo. A bit like north of Lincoln as opposed to south of Watford. [/quote] Sorry. Was a bit vague. The potential location seems to be about 50 to 60 km SE of Pisa.
  16. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1467722793' post='3085623'] I didn't hire the P.A/backline or have anything to do with the stage so no use there, but I think you have to determine what the budget is, first and foremost and there is no cheap way to do this. If you travel down in a hired van with own gear, I'd be thinking... off the top of my head, no change from anywhere near £1k. If you hire in and get flights, I'd guess £1k is not going to go far either [/quote] True. Having done some initial "back of the fag packet" calculations, the costs on the two options ain't that far apart from each other. It's just which suits us and the client better. Doing a road trip would be fun but the practicalities of balancing the days away from wives, families and jobs may well factor quite highly. lol
  17. [quote name='Machines' timestamp='1467722671' post='3085621'] I think the most reliable thing you can do is drive there in a van. It would be a massive risk assuming someone else can supply equipment and so many things can go wrong. If it's paying well then it could be an exciting road trip ! If not, i'd be inclined to wonder if it was worth the hassle. [/quote] Taking the "driving in a van" route is an option but it's a long way with a load of gear to keep safe and secure on the overnights as well as making sure we arrived in a state to actually play after 2-3 days on the road. Plus the complexity of hiring a van that's big enough for the six of us PLUS gear, getting foreign insurance cover and permission from the hire company to take it across the channel. In terms of hire, we'd obviously make sure whoever we used were professional, reliable and had decent gear. We ain't planning on using someone's karoke rig. lol
  18. Morning all, We've had a request from the best man of a wedding we did last year to do his up and coming nuptuals which next September in Tuscany. He really wants us to be there so we're looking at the practicalities of how we'll all get there and do the gig. Several options available. Firstly, hire a large van, drive across there. Upside? Our own gear. Downsides? It's a bloody long way (1200 odd miles from Sweet Home Wolverhampton), we'll be knackered when we get there and with all the travel costs and accommodation, it's not exactly the cheapest anyway. The other option we're looking at is flights out there and then hiring PA/backline locally. Upside? No worries about setups/break downs and less time away from home on the "roadtrip". Downsides? Potential grief travelling with instruments and less time away from home on the "roadtrip". So. Here's the question. Has anyone hired PA/backline in Northern Italy, Tuscany in particular? Any pointers/recommendations? Cheers Tony
  19. BUMP to the top with PRICE DROP. Now £110 delivered.
  20. [attachment=220088:board.jpg] Here's my board. Signal as follows: Yamaha digital wireless into the EBS Microbass preamp which goes directly into our newish XR18 digital mixer. I don't use an amp nowadays so I get monitoring of the bass through my IEMs, a fabulous pair of 1964 Ears V8s. I use the effects loop from the Microbass to run the "sprinkles". First in line is the TC Spectracomp (turned onto this by Dood). Then that goes into the Line 6 M9. I use the M9 mostly for a tuner, EQs and (very) occasional modulations. From the M9, I go into the Future Impact to the MXR octaver to the MXR envelope to the Soundblox envelope. I do like my envelopes. lol The MXR and Soundblox are surprisingly different. The MXR I feel is more hi-fi and aggressive where the Soundblox is more old skool, more "70's fonk". I've not really had time or inclination to scratch the surface with it but should do at some point. Got a hot hand thing but don't see the need for it if I'm being honest. Just loving the Future Impact. Astonishing piece of kit. Again, not really had chance to dive into it. Just found a handful of amazing presets and thought "right, that'll do nicely" and left it at that. lol Oh, forgot the TC Helicon. Really useful vocal processing for verbs and correction but with the new XR18 desk, don't really make much use of that now.
  21. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1463958449' post='3055393'] The options are buy two stereo transmitters but run them in mono... or buy one stereo transmitter and use in focus mode so you can either hand pan to the left or hard pan to the right and get a summed mono mix at the receiver end. Remember, like your standard radio system, with the receivers, more than one person can pick up the same mix, you just have to tune into the same frequency. From going what you said in your post, I suspect this is what you've missed! [/quote] ^^^^^^ Exactly what the knowledgeable Mr EBS_Freak said. We run ours in focus mode out our Behringer XR18. We've got 3 MEI1000s giving 6 mono mixes. For each MEI1000, one mono mix goes left, the other right. At the receiver end, we pan left or right in focus mode. Works a treat.
  22. [quote name='colleya' timestamp='1463948536' post='3055281'] Secondly, the MEI has a rear antenna, is being inside the case going to affect range/reception? [/quote] The MEI should come with a 19" rack mounting kit. Ours did. This should then allow you to mount the antenna on the front of the rack.
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