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  1. Do love the ES-8, it's an absolute monster switcher. More than anything, like with the scribble strips on the Helix full-fat opposed to the LT, aside from all the brilliant functionality, I love the fact that it's got a display to label patches. Bad timing (for me) that you mention selling it though, I've just brought @bassfan's FLX Pro!! 😄
  2. Have just dropped him a message. The HB/JOYO's are well reviewed. Looks to be a good option. Thanks for the heads up 🙂
  3. I'm looking at making some changes to my pedalboard to improve both the "programmability" and the efficiency of the wiring/power. The board has the following: Line6 M9 Future Impact Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Pro MXR Octave MXR Envelope Filter Yamaha wireless EBS Microbass II DI/Pre TC Electronic Spectracomp One of the things I'm thinking of investing in is a loop switch, particularly one with MIDI switching for the M9, Source Audio and Future Impact. TBH, the Boss ES-8 looks awesome but I'm a little hesitant to spend THAT amount of cash on it. The ES-5 looks better but I'm worried about the amount of loops I'd need. Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, there's the JOYO PXL Live. In the middle somewhere is the mobile app controlled Hotone Cybery which looks great but with only 4 loops, I'd need a couple of them chained to give me enough loops. Anyone using one or can recommend one?
  4. tonyf

    Show us your rig!

  5. tonyf

    Show us your rig!

    Just had a look at their stuff. They look really great products and perfect in the fact that they will make you what you ask for. The only showstopper for me is the absence of midi switching as I need to be able to change patches on my Future Impact and the Line6 M9.
  6. Just watched that and can't help but think how marginalised Neil Finn is. Maybe I'm biased. Never been into FM that much but have been SUCH a fan of Neil Finn over the years. He's been such an amazing songwriter and musician, has a wealth of real quality work down the decades. Feel like he was really struggling to sing the male part there and just think his talent is wasted being a relatively bit part player.
  7. tonyf

    Show us your rig!

    Looks great. If you don't mind me asking, what's the switcher on your board?
  8. The thing I've always wondered about trying various bits of ear candy is how much of an impression you get based on the universal fit of the demo pairs against a properly sealed fitted pair? Does that make sense?
  9. Dunno. Probably something white or pearloid. You know I likes me bit of pearloid.
  10. Been searching for a replacement scratchplate for my MM Stingray 5. Seem to be a bit rocking horse doo-doo. Any ideas where I'd get one here in the UK? Seem to be a number of places in the States but these seem expensive and will take forever to get here.
  11. They look really great. Where did you get them from again? Who does Graham work for?
  12. Crikey, you're really not having a lot of luck recently with the old ear candy are you? Hope you get sorted ASAP.
  13. Great work homie. Glad you've found your new ear candy. Welcome to the 64 family 😉
  14. So the UE900s it is then. @intime-nick, are you definitely going to get your UE900s reshelled by LUGS?
  15. They'd be the subs bench pair so TBH, don't think I'd go with the full on corporate branding 😉 I am wondering about giving these a go but in two minds as to which pair to get reshelled. The UE900s or the KZ10s. If it's the latter, seems a lot of money to invest in a pair of 40 quid phones but I don't find them that bad. Mind you, my ears ain't as cultured as yours.
  16. Ahhhh, didn't see that, brain fade. Thanks for pointing it out.
  17. Ooooo, good spot. I've just followed him. I've got a spare pair of UE900s which could be contenders for a reshell. Do you mind me asking what is the ballpark figure for the work and the turn round? Has he given any indication of the process involved? Do you need to be NI based for the impressions to be made?
  18. The Laylas and the A18ts look absolutely awesome. Nice quandary to have 😉
  19. I'm only taking the small one out nowadays following all the criticism
  20. I've just been looking at getting one of these as a spare in case the wireless goes down. However, noticed there's the P1 too. https://www.musictri.be/Categories/Behringer/Signal-Processors/In-Ear-Monitoring/P1/p/P0AZM What's the difference? We'd only be using a mono mix so probably the P2 in mono looks to be a neater and smaller solution.
  21. Have just ordered some of those for my KZ10s. Got a pair of UE900s as well as the 1964 V8s. Obviously the V8s boss them both but would be interested in custom shelling options for either the KZs or the UEs. @EBS_freak, anyone out there doing this now?
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