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  1. I think we have to accept You Tube is like another TV channel now. I watch YouTube through my TV and can watch pretty much any live performance by any band when I want. Can't remember the last time my kids watched 'normal ' TV as it's always Youtube or Netflix which also has lots of music programmes on.
  2. Was listening to an interview with David Baddiel the other day and as he quite rightly says the reason 3 lions is so popular is because it's written from a negative point of view which us English connect with, as we love a good moan. Other footie songs tend to be more up beat. Ant and Decs 'On the ball' has to be one of the worst!
  3. I hope not. I bought a brand new MIM standard P bass from PMT three weeks ago and paid full price. I'd be gutted if they dropped the price now.
  4. I had been considering joining for a while and this thread renewed my interest so I joined up last week. I'm finding it very helpful so far and have already watched a number of lessons. Very well laid out web site and the tutors including Scott are very likeable and easy to follow. Downloaded some of the podcasts too to listen to in my car. Like has been said above you need to put the time in to get your moneys worth and I'm fortunate now that my wife is out most evenings so once the kids are in bed I can have an hour on my bass every night.
  5. Thanks. That's an interesting point and I did read into this previously. As we play relatively low volume and I only have a trickle of output in my ear I didn't think it would be an issue. I did try putting both buds in and could still hear everything else so will try that next gig
  6. I recently tried IEMs for our small 3 piece and although we only put vocals and a bit of guitar through PA it's worked wonders for me. I just have one ear bud in and as me and guitarist harmonise on most songs it's really improved my vocals. I'm using an LD systems wireless. However he doesn't want to try IEMs so he now has the single monitor we have at the front pointing soley at him. The problem is wiring it all up. We only have one monitor output on our Mackie DFx12 desk so am running that to the active monitor (Alto TS212) and then out of that back to the mono input on the back of the IEM unit. This is a pain as the unit is racked in with the mixer so have a lead going one way to monitor then another coming back same way. The other option would be to go from mixer to IEM then out of the IEM headphone socket to monitor but this would need to be a jack lead? Or I could just use the monitor output on desk to the monitor. Then use the headphone out on the mixer to go to the IEM. However doing it through the mixer headphone output means I can't turn the guitar level down. Not sure if there is a better way of doing it like using a splitter cable to send two signals out of the monitor output of the mixer? Thanks in advance
  7. Just received my strings from Iain. Very simple transaction and are exactly as described. Thanks
  8. Thanks. Yes very happy with quality of pickguard. Bought it off eBay here and arrived in 24hrs https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F191149735203
  9. I bought a MIM P bass last week and have really connected with it. Gigged with it last Saturday and am also pleased with the tone. However it is brown sunburst with a white pickgurad and despite some advice from people including bandmates that I should leave it as it was I decided to try a black pickguard (3 ply BWB) . Arrived promptly yesterday and I put it on last night. My great bass just got a whole lot nicer and I personally don't think this colour combination can be bettered.
  10. 2U Shallow Flight Case made by Protex. Virtually brand new as only used a couple of times. All catches work and one of the lids has a zip pouch inside. This is the shallow version which is 22.5cm front to back with lids removed. Prefer collection from Wombourne near Wolverhampton. May deliver West Mids area
  11. We did a rocked up version of Whams Last Christmas last year. Very simple to learn and sounds great as a rock song
  12. Not me I'm afraid. There are a lot of ND tributes about or at least there were 😁
  13. I play in a mod covers band who do a bit of punk. We would never dream of playing a club I used to do a solo Neil Diamond tribute. I would have never dreamed of playing a pub
  14. You know my thoughts on the JHS vintage basses. They are so under rated and I think you are struggling to accept that such cheap basses can be very very good quality and very playable. I still regret selling my Tony Butler one to you and in truth part of the reason I moved from Vintage to Squier and now MIM is purely the name on the headstock. To make it worse my first V4 before I had the Tony Butler one had a lovely slim neck for a Precision and haven't found one as nice since. Just enjoy playing it mate and forget the brand stereotype. If I had the room and a more forgiving wife I would be getting another V4 😁😁
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. I find Radio 6 very repetitive in terms of playlists especially Radcliffes show. I used to like Craig Charles funk and soul show that was always on when I was driving to gigs but don't think it's on anymore. Slightly OT but why aren't there any comedy radio stations? I would happily listen to some stand up and shows that appear on Radio 4 like Sorry I haven't a clue. There used to be comedy section Radio 2 Saturday mornings and it was very funny
  17. I listen to music all the time apart from when I'm in the car. As a sales rep im in my car for 8 hours a day and only ever listen to spoken radio like LBC, 5live and Radio 4. Music stations are just too repetitive
  18. I had the same problem when I wanted a tort one for my white V4. Couldn't get them anywhere. You could get one made using your current one as a template but will be expensive. V4s are great basses. Wish I hadn't sold mine.
  19. We've recently upgraded our none powered mixer from a tiny 4 channel that used to sit on a music stand to a 12 channel mixer and I'm now after advice on what you guys put your mixers on during gigs. Never like to rely on a spare table at a pub and the X shaped keyboard stands always look a bit unsteady to me. Needs to be foldable. Thanks in advance
  20. It doesn't get any easier. I'm in my mid 40s and our weather still depresses me. We did a 3 day outdoor festival last year and played on the Saturday. Friday and Sunday were hot and warm but when we played on Saturday night is poured down of rain and everyone ran to the beer tents.
  21. I think speed is a factor a lot of bands struggle with when playing live. When I watch videos back of us playing live I am shocked how quicker some of the songs are. Must be an adrenaline thing. I always struggled with the bass solo in my generation till I realised we were playing it a lot quicker than the original.
  22. Although not a fan I love all what I've heard of the faces. I would imagine, as I also think with Jimi Hendrix, the studio albums dont come close to how good they would be live.
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