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  1. Still available - make me an offer 👍🏻
  2. Would consider offers on this - lower than you might think
  3. As per my threads in pedals and basses I haven’t played in a while so shifting some of my gear. Markbass Little Mark 2 - Purchased new by me - never gigged (only played in home) - £200 SOLD Accugroove Tri-112L (x 2) - Purchased used by me - great sounding lightweight cabs - £325 (each) or £600 for both. ONLY ONE ACCUGROOVE CABINET LEFT - £325 plus shipping. IF YOU PURCHASE IT TODAY (SUNDAY 29TH) I CAN DO £325 SHIPPED anywhere in UK or Europe and it will include a SPeakOn-SPeakOn lead. To take advantage of an existing courier pickup tomorrow. Please note the remaining a bit has had the nameplate fall off, but its included with the cabinet (it just needs to be glued on).
  4. Make an offer...who knows, I might be so hot in this weather I can’t think! 🤣
  5. Check out the “Honda Sound Works Spice” which I think was an eye watering $700USD
  6. Thanks! GOod to see some familiar faces still around.
  7. Yeah completely understand. I sort of priced it as I did as someone with the inclination could probably split these and keep what they want and turn a profit. But if no one is interested in a lot then I will look to split them out
  8. Yeah not looking to split at this stage. Wait it out though ... who knows what I’ll do if this doesn’t work 😂
  9. ALL SOLD AS A LOT I've been out of the bass game for a while and am offloading some of the kit I amassed over the years as a gear junkie. Rather than separate it all out at this stage I am offering up the following as a "take it all" deal for a price where I am pretty sure you could sell off items for a profit. Whats in there: BJFE Blueberry (original) BJFE Pine Green Compressor (original) Iron Ether Nimbus FEA Dual Band Distortion Eventide Pitchfactor Boomerang III Phase Sampler Subdecay Quasar Ernie Ball VP Jn Pedal TC Electronic Flashback [SFX] Micro Fuzz [SFX] Red Dragon (hard to see) [SFX] Ultra Tone [SFX] Splice (if you know, you know) Darkglass Microtubes B3K (original version) TC Electronics PolyTune Diagio power bricks Pedal Train (with case) Pedal Train Mini (with case) stinky poo loads of patch cables and power cables What do you need to know? I haven't played in a couple of years at least so not 100% sure each pedal is working 100% but you can test them all if you come and pick it up. All pedals have velcro on the back - can't guarantee they are free of paint chipping etc Would 100% prefer a pickup from me in London (Earls Court /Hammersmith area) so you can test and verify you're happy. My rough estimate of individual sale values is £2150 without the pedal trains and cables. I can take more photos but I would prefer you come and view them in person for this package deal! To the best of my knowledge there are no boxes, but I can sift through my stores to see if I have any (unlikely). As per my thread in the basses, i've been out of the game for a while so don't know if I know anyone more. But my name is Mark Latimour and you can google me to see i'm legit
  10. I'm selling my ACG Finn 5 string short scale. It's been a few years since I've played bass in anger and this bass is too good to just sit in the case. I bought this from This is the bass on Alan's page: http://archive.acguitars.co.uk/portfolio/0077-finn-sc-classic-chambered-5-string/ Specs: Holly top with Bloodwood accent and Black Limba body. Body is chambered. 3 piece Northern Ash Neck with an Acrylic Impregnated Bloodwood board 32″ scale tuned E to C. Bloodwood pickup covers on the RFS and SB pickups. Bridge pickup switchable with Hipshot/Graphtech piezo bridge. ACG EQ01 pre-amp. Standard ACG satin finish. The bass is in mint condition although there is some of the natural yellowing of the Holly that you get on a bass like this. The bass is 32" scale and tuned E-C right now. It's a dream to play, but I am just not playing enough to justify the basses I have and am offloading all but one. I am told this bass would be £2,800 - £3,000 to build new today. I will sell it for £2,100 including the iGig bag that its in and a mono strap with strap locks fitted. My preference is a pick-up from me in London (Earls Court / Hammersmith area), but I will discuss shipping if there is a keen buyer. I've been out of the bass scene / forums for a while, but I used to be quite prolific. In terms of references I'm not sure who is still around that knows me, but my name is Mark Latimour and you can google me if you want to see if I am a legit person A couple of points to note: I can't remember the last time I changed the strings or had it serviced etc, but its not been played out extentively. I would happily meet at a guitar shop or somewhere convenient in London (I work near St Pauls) I
  11. I have tickets to both nights. I can't wait!
  12. Marlat

    All SOLD!

    The PWNZR compressor is the only thing left.
  13. Marlat

    All SOLD!

    FEA GROWLER is sold and shipped.
  14. Marlat

    Best compressor?

    I use a BJFE Pine Green Compressor - its simple and it sounds like the business. Highly recommended if you can find one!
  15. Marlat

    All SOLD!

    I've lowered the prices on the last few just to clear them out. If this doesn't put in tingle in your loins I don't know what will!
  16. This bass is withdrawn from sale on Basschat. Its now at the shop for sale.
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