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  1. Still available - make me an offer 👍🏻
  2. Would consider offers on this - lower than you might think
  3. As per my threads in pedals and basses I haven’t played in a while so shifting some of my gear. Markbass Little Mark 2 - Purchased new by me - never gigged (only played in home) - £200 SOLD Accugroove Tri-112L (x 2) - Purchased used by me - great sounding lightweight cabs - £325 (each) or £600 for both. ONLY ONE ACCUGROOVE CABINET LEFT - £325 plus shipping. IF YOU PURCHASE IT TODAY (SUNDAY 29TH) I CAN DO £325 SHIPPED anywhere in UK or Europe and it will include a SPeakOn-SPeakOn lead. To take advantage of an existing courier pickup tomorrow. Please note the remaining a bit has had the nameplate fall off, but its included with the cabinet (it just needs to be glued on).
  4. Make an offer...who knows, I might be so hot in this weather I can’t think! 🤣
  5. Check out the “Honda Sound Works Spice” which I think was an eye watering $700USD
  6. Thanks! GOod to see some familiar faces still around.
  7. Yeah completely understand. I sort of priced it as I did as someone with the inclination could probably split these and keep what they want and turn a profit. But if no one is interested in a lot then I will look to split them out
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