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  1. I like it. Especially the blank headstock. That bridge isn't going anywhere.
  2. I've only got one sh*tty bass, now. I'd give it to the local secondary school.
  3. Hi-oh 'little knowledge...and willingness to learn' and learn you shall.
  4. The moral dilemma*( ) is up to you. But unless you're checking out the bass in the wood, first, don't go near the listing. If you're not planning going up north, it would be best to just get it out of your mind.
  5. Well a belated hello. It's good to have you here, Dan.
  6. This is well worthy porn. I used to have a Hondo II. Great bass. I could do a fine My Generation on it.
  7. It was your old bass!? I'll get plenty of sleep. I'm feeling the warm and fuzzies.
  8. Howdy, Alz. Welcome to Basschat.
  9. paul, the

    Hi All

    Hello, John. Welcome to Basschat. I'll check out your myspace next time I've got headphones on. Get stuck in.
  10. [quote name='Bloodaxe' post='222413' date='Jun 19 2008, 07:17 PM'][/quote] mmm, that colour is so warm and fuzzy inducing. Lovely collection, Pete.
  11. Welcome to Basschat. Peace Pirates is a cute band name.
  12. I think it would be ok in reggae, as it should get quite meditative.
  13. [quote name='cheddatom' post='222032' date='Jun 19 2008, 11:55 AM']I always assume that my GP has real reasons for everything but he just doesn't communicate very well. I'm probably being naive though because he failed to diagnose my grandad's stroke and (less seriously) my broken foot.[/quote] Change your GP.
  14. You're a very lucky man, Dave. I don't think this is far short of perfection. In fact, I will sleep better if you can find anything you don't like about this deal.
  15. A curly thumb...yum.
  16. It's not too surprising. If you play simple positions and don't use the 4th of the major scale, you may not have much use for it.
  17. paul, the


    Hey, Joe. Welcome to Basschat.
  18. Sounds great. Loved the Bass clef on the bed
  19. Beautiful. Nothing has me more envious than these quality put-together jobs (Although you have the luthier touch, too, here). Superb.
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