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  1. scammer? jazz 1973 (fender)

    [quote name='SidVicious1978' timestamp='1324602376' post='1476268'] thats what i thought and lend me to it being a scam [/quote] Yeah £900 asking price for an original 1973 jazz bass plus the old "it was my grandad's, I'm not interested" type line is a bit suspicious. Standard stuff to be worried about I suppose, it would be awesome if it all turns out legit though and you swipe yourself a vintage jazz for just £600 or so! Simon I'm sure I read some where that when Fender introduced maple boards it was only with black blocks up until the mid 70s, when they then replaced this with pearl blocks though?
  2. scammer? jazz 1973 (fender)

    Seems like he's picked the MZ number out of thin air which is weird, you can't see it on the bass anywhere in any of the pics.
  3. scammer? jazz 1973 (fender)

    [quote name='SidVicious1978' timestamp='1324600669' post='1476246'] plus i have since some 70's jazzes with white blocks but on a sunburst body [/quote] From what year though? Pearloid blocks on maple was only introduced in 1974/75 as far as I'm aware.
  4. scammer? jazz 1973 (fender)

    If it's a '73 then the maple board should have black inlays. Don't know where that MZ number is from, you can kinda make out the serial number on the neck plate, which does appear to start right for the time period. Definitely dodgy, perhaps a bitsa at best?
  5. Clarky's wall of shame

    Bought Clarky's Barefaced cab yesterday. A great bloke!
  6. Bump. Dammit forgot about pics, coming later!
  7. Buying basses online from abroad

    I bought a bass from a guy in Florida through Ebay about 3 years ago. It was stated as being in near mint condition and when it turned up I checked it over and then left good feedback for him. I then found he'd covered up a few small problems, nothing major but frustrating none the less. I learnt to thoroughly inspect an instrument from then on! Also Parcelforce took ages to send through a letter about holding the bass once it got to the UK. I think it sat for about a week waiting for me to call and pay the charges, when I had no idea about it!
  8. SOLD, Fender Precision American Deluxe

    Now this is a bargain!!
  9. Bass Merchant Closing Down Sale

    [quote name='skej21' timestamp='1322476428' post='1451128'] I sent Darren an email on the 10th of November and had no reply. [/quote] Same, I received the stock list but no response regarding a few bits I was interested in.
  10. MarkBass LM Tube 500 Head & Bag - £395

    Would you be willing to part with just the bag?
  11. Commenting on for sale section prices?

    [quote name='dood' timestamp='1322417509' post='1450624'] and finally, those selling kit - as Pete says, doing a bit of homework - use closed For Sale ads to see if you can find similar pieces of gear and their prices [/quote] This is what I do when I go to sell some thing on here. It therefore makes it a bit harder when a lot of users delete the asking price when they go to edit the post after the sale (I'm guilty of this a couple of times myself thinking about it). Maybe some thing could be put in the guidelines about leaving the price up? So as to help other members wanting to sell similar gear price accordingly.
  12. Hey guys, Up for sale is my Ashdown EB15 150. It tends to randomly cut out (as in the LED fades as well) for a few seconds before coming back on. I bought it in 2003 and as far I can remember it has been doing this more or less since then, it went off to Ashdown once a few years ago and also then went to a tech a couple of years ago. Both times the problem wasn't fixed. The sides have also taken a bit of abuse from the cat. Other than the stated problems it's a decent 150w amp that's in good condition having seen very little use. So if you know a bit about the technical side of things and think you can fix it or just simply want to have a go then send me a PM. Cheers Joe (pics to follow)
  13. car to van?

    Some great responses here. Pretty much the info that I was after, especially regarding insurance for example. As for saving money fuel wise my Fiesta is hardly thirsty being only a 1.6 so I wouldn't be expecting to see that big a difference, I do do a lot of long distance though. An estate sounds a much better idea than a van then. Just need to work out a budget, probably in the region of £2000-£2500 taking in to account selling the Fiesta.
  14. car to van?

    Considering jacking in my Fiesta Zetec S and getting a diesel van as would be so much easier with all the gear. Would hopefully save some cash at the petrol station as well. I'm thinking along the lines of just a car derived van, an Astravan for example. Be interested to hear peoples thoughts...