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  1. paul, the


    Welcome to the forum, Chris. I liked the intro; fo sho.
  2. Welcome to the forum, Steve. There is a (I think) Steve_K on the forum with that juicy custom status in his avatar, but he hasn't posted in a while.
  3. paul, the


    Welcome to the forum. poor jazz..
  4. Well worthy of a.. [center]CRIPES[/center]
  5. Your basses look great. I love the ages white theme. Is that a replacement pickguard on the Geddy Lee? If it is, it makes a big (positive) difference.
  6. Lovely stuff. Great knobs on that olp. The fretboard on the Ibanez is awesomely dark.
  7. ...strangely compelling...
  8. I'm shocked this hasn't sold.
  9. paul, the

    hi all newbee

    Welcome to the forum, Gordon.
  10. It's been so long since I did all this. This Wiki link should help: [url="http://wiki.basschat.co.uk/info:amps:impedance_and_wattage"]http://wiki.basschat.co.uk/info:amps:impedance_and_wattage[/url] You're certainly not being thick, all of us didn't know at some point.
  11. Hi, seddy20. Check out this Wiki page. [url="http://wiki.basschat.co.uk/info:tech:badass_bridges"]http://wiki.basschat.co.uk/info:tech:badass_bridges[/url] Actually, it needs a bit of smartening up.
  12. Sorry. Wrong thread.
  13. GIAhsdbaoslbdfpwhfbljhsdfifiwefkwjnowosdjefwjvsdksskd
  14. I quite like that last pic (in a slightly ironic '90s way). I'd be dubious of any revered bass that was too attractive.
  15. Updated. I think I would consider UK Sameday for my next expensive delivery. In fact, I'll move them up. ---
  16. Welcome to the forum, Candybassed. Nice intro.
  17. Am loving the Sa' J4 and your P5.
  18. This will be one of those threads I forget about on leaving, but am significantly intrigued by the title - next time I'm on - to click on it again.
  19. Welcome to the forum, Guillaume. I don't know anything about French metal, but Camille did very well in the Culture Show busking challenge.
  20. Welcome to the forum, Thomas.
  21. I don't know if this works with the modern eBay privacy, but I've gone through an international seller's feedback, looked at the profiles of the buyers, and then contacted the ones from England.
  22. This isn't really a reply, but I often buy from ebay over amazon because I know I'll get it faster.
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