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  1. Yeah I know what you mean. A mate of has the Studio Elite in Burning Water. I play it for about 5 minutes before giving it back as it’s just too good! We joke that I ought to get my Tyler bass painted in Burning Water for a matching pair 😂
  2. 7string

    Conklin GTBD7

    That's a brilliant price for a superb way to get into 7 strings. I used a GT7 for years and BD version is much better than that! Highly recommended 👍👍
  3. 7string


    Now that’s a “wow” bass. Superb! 😱😱
  4. That’s a rare beast indeed and so simple. Unusual not to see any contouring on the neck joint and a smaller control cavity. Mine’s got the Demeter preamp and so many wires that I daren’t open the cover!
  5. Does anyone know a company who can do bespoke inlays in the UK? I'll either needs inlays replaced or inlays put into a blank fingerboard (not sure which yet). Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  6. That's a great bass! Many congratulations!! How did you find the guys at Bass Direct? I went there recently and wasn't that impressed. In conversation, the first thing they did was to slag off the range of a London store. Then another customer (obviously known to them) comes in and they all start looking at his bass. I asked direct questions about the bass I was playing and it was all covered by saying what a bargain it was! Not wishing to divert this thread, but as you've just made a major purchase I wanted to ask your opinion.
  7. Here's my 2 Seis. [URL=http://s62.photobucket.com/user/sevenstringbassist/media/imagejpg1_zpse4b22f88.jpg.html][IMG]http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h89/sevenstringbassist/imagejpg1_zpse4b22f88.jpg[/IMG][/URL] The 7, nicknamed "Jezebel" was made for me. The 6 fretless, nicknamed "Wimpy" came from The Gallery. I wanted a Sei for 12 years before I ordered one. Just amazing basses. The whole process was great, but getting to the end was really nerve-wracking. I just wanted to see the darn thing! No doubt you'll be overjoyed with your bass.
  8. BUMP! It's a shame I have to sell, but that's the way it goes. Trade enquiries welcome.
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