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  1. Heads up for anyone looking for a case for a Mustang bass (or similar) in the Surrey area : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Mustang-Bass-Case/362810853101 £40 is a bargain, shame it's too far from me! Andy
  2. I think there's still an HMV at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh, FOPP is probably the main stockist for CDs in the city though. There's also Coda Music at the top of the mound which does more Folk and Jazz. Andy
  3. Having changed over to a shortscale bass, my old bass is now surplus to requirement. Gear4Music Precision copy in blue. Plays fine, everything seems to work OK. Some scratches on the body and a small amount of corrosion on the machine head buttons. Collection from Edinburgh prefered or can post at cost. Can supply the good quality CNB gig bag shown for an extra £20 if needed. Stand not included. Thanks Andy
  4. I've just bought a Mustang PJ and was seeing if any of my existing hard cases would fit. I've found that the Strat/Tele sized coffin case is a good fit although I don't know what the availability of these is now. Andy
  5. I had a Squier Musicmaster Bass that I bought new in 1998 and regretted selling. In recent years I've had standard scale basses, a couple of precisions and a Steinberger but decided I wanted to go back to short scale as it's more comfortable for me. After a search around I got it down to wanting a Squier Mikey Way (pretty rare) or a Squier Jaguar SS. However, wandering gumtree I picked up a Fender Mustang PJ locally which has filled that gap. A little more expensive than the squiers would have been but it was a good deal. Not convinced by the colour - it's Sonic Blue but it has more of a blue-tinted white than an actual blue. Andy 😎
  6. NOW WITHDRAWN Logic Systems/Logic Audio 4U Rack case. Made from plywood with cut out handles and comes with a fitted cover. Rack strip on front and hole at back. Depth from Rack strip to back is 55cm. In good condition with a few small scratches. Overall size is 65cm deep, 25cm high and 55cm wide. Weight is 12KG. Collection from Edinburgh preferred. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi Folks, Looking for a cheap-ish usb to midi interface. I only need 1in, 1 out but would consider others. Thought I'd ask here before hitting ebay. Andy
  8. Sold a Marshall pedal to James. Good guy to deal with. Andy
  9. backwater


    Sold my Marshall compressor to Harry. Nice, easy transaction. Andy
  10. Marillion took it to extremes with Lavender - Fish had lost his voice so had the lyrics on a flip chart and pointed to them : Andy
  11. backwater

    Show us your rig!

    Seriously basic and old school rig for a Ceilidh last night. Gear4Music precision copy, Carlsbro X100 PA head and a Carlsbro A112 PA cabinet. Sounds OK for occasional use and has the upside of the total rig having cost about £60 Andy
  12. 2 Marshall pedals left over from the days when I used a pedal board. ED-1 Edward the Compressor. 2012. As new condition with box and manual RG-1 Modulation. Marshall describes it as a chorus, phaser and flanger in one. 2006. Pedal is as new, box is worn. Manual included. Asking £25 each plus postage at cost. Thanks Andy
  13. Hi Folks, On the lookout for a cheap FBV express (mk1 or mk2) to use with my Pod X3. Anyone have one going spare? Thanks Andy
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