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  1. Damn, I'm not on facebook but I guess I might have to break with my ethics if it's to find people to play with! I'll let you know in pm once I'm setup, thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! Just realized I didn't give feedback to your advice. I visited all music stores you guys listed during the summer, except the Guitar Guitar in Edinburgh because it wasn't really close to where I was. The Guitar Guitar in Glasgow has a huuuge bass department. Merchant City and CC Music had some nice instruments as well! In the end, I ended doing my removal by truck, so I brought my own basses with. It was still cheaper this way than buying a new bass Just moved a week ago, loving the city so far! Two more questions for you guys - whats the best classifieds website for general second hand equipment in the UK (music, but also computer gear, etc,)? ebay and gumtree? Any other to know about? Also, what about new music on CD (no vinyl), any stores carrying them in Edinburgh? Or is FOPP the only one? All those I tried only had second hand albums. Mono in Glasgow of course, but I need the equivalent in Edinburgh (I wasn't able to visit the Record Shak, closed when I went by, or Vinyl Villains, wasn't on my itinerary last summer, haven't been able to go back since I arrived)
  3. thanks for all the replies and tips so far, sorry I haven't been able to reply earlier, it's been a hectic week! one more thing I just thought about: what would be the best way to find people to play with in Scotland? are there specialized ads website or so? or if you know some bands who have a bassist with a broken wrist Mainly in the heavy rock/noise/hardcore/post-rock/post-metal etc. genres cheers!
  4. Hi there, long time since I have posted something! I will be moving to Edinburgh for a year in October, and before that will travel there as well in July. I was thinking of maybe buying a bass during the summer and leaving it there (will already have access to the flat). This would avoid having to bring a bass from Switzerland and then back, along with all the other luggage. Any recommendation for instrument stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow? Especially some that might carry decent 2nd hand instruments? Otherwise I might just haunt the classified section for a while Also, if you know of any good records shops in those cities, I'd love to get some addresses as well :) Thanks!
  5. EBS are both the smallest, lowest profile and cheapest you'll ever find.
  6. here's my stuff. here's my new stuff. main board (PT-JR): edit: here's the chain: Mini -> PS-3-> Looper -> Loop 1 = Micro Boost -> Xotic -> Nano Pog -> Loop 2 (no switch) = Woodchipper -> Loop 3 = SubT -> Polytope -> Xero Deluxe -> Frantabit -> Nimbus -> Procession -> Proteus -> DD7 new Metro 16 add-on board: whole setup: (tuner is rackmount = room for more pedals ) main board (PT-JR): chain: Mini -> PS-3-> Looper -> Loop 1 = Micro Boost -> Xotic -> Nano Pog -> Loop 2 (no switch) = Woodchipper -> Loop 3 = SubT -> Polytope -> Xero Deluxe -> Frantabit -> Nimbus -> Procession -> Proteus -> DD7 Metro 16 add-on board: whole setup:
  7. so, just a small update on this. I changed my mind (well not really, but I didn't plan big enough ), and I needed to power only the Whammy + Blower Box. I tried to run the voodoo lab output splitter (last one [url="http://www.voodoolab.com/shop/index.php?cPath=22_24_33&osCsid=orpa9lkhou99sjcfrc63l80m74"]here[/url]) out of the 1-spot, but I guess the gound lift cable and Timelord don't work well together, because the Blower Box wouldn't light up. I then tried with a standard daisy chain cables with 4 outputs and it worked fine. So now I ordered [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Luxury-2-Way-Daisy-Chain-with-Small-Right-Angled-Plugs-for-Guitar-Effect-Pedals-/221555849002"]this[/url], because I don't really want to have those loose DC outputs...
  8. Sold a Micro POG to Michael, everything went smoothly, thanks mate!
  9. I a/b'ed the active and passive EB volume pedals. Tried with both an active and passive bass, and effects in front, and just bass -> volume -> amp. There was asbolutely no difference. The passive EB volume pedal has a switch inside, which allows to change the swell to something more linear (default is more logarithmic), hence why I prefer it.
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