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  1. I'm no where near knowledgeable enough to discuss this, but I am eager to heed expert advice as long as I don't have to spend too much money.
  2. Welcome, Phil. Sounds like you're in a great place in life (albeit stressful, perhaps). +1 to pics in the porn section. I wanna see that P.
  3. That's a beaut'. Classy retro.
  4. [quote name='waynepunkdude' post='228912' date='Jun 29 2008, 10:49 AM']We made a project vidoe when we first got together here is the terrible proof[/quote] It's a really good video! (But I think you know that) nice bassin', too.
  5. So, hang on. Are we certain this is a '60s Jazz or not?
  6. Love these. They're so cool. edit:£270 - bargain!
  7. Welcome to the flock, Balcro. Some cool bands mentioned above
  8. But you can see why they choose that bass...
  9. I have some ancient, awfully played Chili covers somewhere. Hopefully I'll find them sometime. I must have put them on a CD.
  10. Hi Rod. Welcome back to bass.
  11. Welcome, Dave. I reckon you can still have plenty of fun with the gear you've got. I can imagine the overdriven tone of a crush.
  12. Advise him to sell it for what it's worth. I'm sure he's forking out quite a bit for violin lessons.
  13. I'm not normally in favour of the black 'n' pointy, but this bass really suits you. Awesome purchase.
  14. The neck and fb are stunning, and beautifully matched to the body.
  15. I like it. The design is individual and well thought-out. It would look too much like everything else without the split pickguard. Sets it apart. Respect.
  16. Hmm. I've just realised that I can't of think any that I like the look of without reservations.
  17. *slaps head* he's already better than me.
  18. Awesome! [quote name='Galilee' post='227777' date='Jun 27 2008, 08:54 AM']My daughter's studying the drums. [/quote] [quote name='Sarah5string' post='227780' date='Jun 27 2008, 08:57 AM']Awww that's great. I'm trying to get my girls into bass... but at 3 and 18 months it's hard to keep their interest in anything other than cbeebies for long![/quote] Just turn up the bass on the eq, and indoctrinate those developing minds.
  19. Anyone else expecting you know who...?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Love it. That mining job sounds neat. Has he said what he's doing with the money? -- Is he doing an Into The Wild, or just starting again elsewhere? Guh. Who in their right mind would buy Intermission on DVD?
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