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  1. Cheapest way to get 'Kontakt': http://thesamplecast.com/cheapest-way-to-get-kontakt-6/
  2. If you can beg steal or borrow enough to get hold of Kontakt full version (look for second-hand licences too), that will open-up a whole world of fantastic instruments, including a good many free ones, eg. via https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ In the meantime, this should keep you busy: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/
  3. I just took delivery of mine. I'm impressed with the cleanness of the preamp and headphone output. Sounds great even with a cheapie passive bass - plenty of gain available. Perfect portable setup for learning songs and practice. Potential for use in a makeshift wired IEM setup too. Only minor quibble is batteries only, no power input socket.
  4. Still using my Cobra 1x15 cab, albeit with a TE / Celestion driver in it now. It's a really well-built cab!
  5. The CCA C10 is pretty much identical to the ZS10 no? Same driver config. I have them and am well impressed, but haven't tried them live with bass yet. https://www.thephonograph.net/cca-c10-review/
  6. PM me your email and I'll wetransfer it to you
  7. Yes you can output to the PA though the DI and still use the briefcase as your monitor. The DI is very good quality. It's definitely a quality over quantity kind of amp, so if you need to be loud (eg. keeping up with a drum kit) I'd look elsewhere. Great for an acoustic ensemble though. Bear in mind even just the briefcase is pretty heavy.
  8. I have one. Mostly impressed so far, but I haven't gigged it yet. The core tones seem great. I'd have thought it should be perfectly possible to accommodate what you want to do. You can assign any amp model to either channel using the editor and set eq per-channel. My biggest disappointment with it is the quality of the built-in reverb, but guessing that's not an issue for most.
  9. Could anyone else with a briefcase comment on how loud their fan is? When mine kicks in it is very obtrusive and I've wondered about replacement.
  10. While we're at it can I have a moan about sound 'engineers' who *still* base everything around a kick drum that sounds like cannon, leaving a slither of sonic space in which to fit everything else. I'm looking at you O2 Academy Newcastle last Wednesday.
  11. If something looks too good to be true... I just emailed that Amazon seller and got this reply: Thank you for your email. Our Amazon account has been hacked so please don't purchase anything from there as the items don't exist. We are working with Amazon to rectify the situation. We apologise for any inconvenience. Kind regards Kelly
  12. Where does one find out about KiOgon and his wares? I have searched Basschat on that name but come up with nowt! EDIT nevermind - found him. Search facility doesn't quite work as advertised.
  13. The original TRB-6 is 34" scale / 19mm. I have one, it is a beautiful instrument.
  14. Might be worth asking Alex if he can add a tweeter to your cab. It used to be an option on the Super Twelve (Super Twin predecessor).
  15. I got one too. Perfectly good all-analogue, true-bypass chorus pedal in a small footprint. Bargain!
  16. I have the Spectracomp and thought there were more than enough stock toneprints to find a suitable one. Sure it's not worth actually trying one? I gigged at the weekend using the MComp model on a Zoom Multistomp and found it more than usable.
  17. For anyone with the MS70CDR, its new firmware enables a bass mode on the tuner which wasn't there before (and hence now works!)
  18. Victor Wooten played that same social club last year. It was packed-out and a great gig! [quote name='visog' timestamp='1497963639' post='3321638'] He's doing a social club in Leeds. Hope the members turning out for a pint of mild with a couple of comics, a drag act and then a few strippers are prepared for Stanley's face-melting fusion... [/quote]
  19. Looks like a lot of the new patches have been brought across from the MS70CDR.
  20. I have the MS60b going into an MS70cdr, which gives me an incredible range of effects in a very compact footprint. I am very impressed with the quality of these units. [quote name='Jus Lukin' timestamp='1496921954' post='3314689'] If it stacks up OK the pedal might well be able to stand in for my board for some gigs, although I'll need to look into just how far you can cycle through the alphabet in A/B mode! [/quote] You can go right through the alphabet, so up to 26 patches in a cycle.
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