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  1. Decided to part ways with my Aguilar DB 112 NT which I've owned from new. This cab is the entertainingly named 'Chocolate Thunder' colour and is the NT (no tweeter) model. Perfect for Blues/RnB/Rock and Roll etc. As you may be able to see from the pictures, this cab has definitely seen some use and unfortunately the tolex has seen some scrapes over the years. This of course does not affect the working of the cab in any way! Plugged in my Tonehammer 500 earlier today and it was sounding as good as the day I bought it. I'm pricing this at a potentially silly £300 as I am after funds for a bass build and my Barefaced Super Compact has done most of the heavy lifting amp-wise for a few years now anyway. Cosmetic scuffs aside, this is an absolutely cracking amp especially at this price. Collection only from Tenterden, Kent. (About 30 mins from junction 8 of the M20)
  2. NOW £90 inc delivery Decided to sell my EBS Wah One pedal. Fantastic build quality and sounds as you'd expect from EBS. Seems to be quite rare as well. A quick search on this forum suggests the last one sold here was in 2012! I've included a clip of myself using the pedal (with a bit of distortion from an HX Stomp) pretending, not very convincingly, to be one of my teenage heroes, Cliff Burton. Condition is very good considering I've owned it for about 10 years. I've never used it very heavily so plenty more years left in it! Original box and papers included. Small chip at the front which is visible in the picture. Also one rubber foot seems to have vanished over the years but these were often removed as they made attaching to a pedalboard impossible. Price includes Tracked 48 delivery. KtuluBass.mp4
  3. Selling my Dunlop Volume X mini pedal. Bought new 18 months or so ago to compliment my HX Stomp pedalboard setup. Not being used enough to keep at the moment though. This pedal has had so little use I would be comfortable saying it is mint/new condition. As you would expect from Dunlop it is well designed and built to last. Price new is £105 so why not save £25? Original box and papers included. UK postage included in price.
  4. Decided to sell my trusty Aguilar Octamizer octave pedal. I've had this pedal for several years and love all the sounds this thing can make. Unfortunately it's just not getting the use it deserves at the moment. Condition is very good considering I've had it for some time now and it still works perfectly. Unfortunately the original box is long gone but I will make sure it is posted in a secure way. These look to be about £175 new so at £90 I think this is a great deal. UK postage included in price. OctveBass.mp4
  5. Selling my EBS Uni Chorus SE as it's getting very little time on my pedalboard. Bought from the Bass Gallery, London for a specific project a few years ago and has had light use since. This is the 'Black Label Studio Edition' and as expected from EBS it is really quiet, well built and has a surprisingly versatile range of sounds. For any 90s Acid Jazz fans this pedal was once owned by the great bassist Julian Crampton of Incognito. In very good/near mint condition with the original box. UK postage is included in the price.
  6. I'm sure this will go quick. The new roasted maple necks on the 2019 Sterlings are unbelievable for the price!
  7. The ABM bridge is adjustable so you can vary the string spacing. However if all the strings are in the centre of the saddles I believe it works out at 18mm.
  8. After much consideration I have decided to part ways with my trusty Sei Jazz 5. I bought this bass from the Bass Gallery in early 2010. It was my no. 1 bass up until I received my Overwater in 2018. I've used this bass extensively in musical theatre, cruise ships, hotel residencies and all the usual function/wedding gigs. It is an instrument of serious quality as anyone who knows Martin Petersen's basses will tell you. As in recent years this bass has become a backup to my main instrument, I feel like it deserves to be played much more frequently by someone else. It's too nice a bass to sit around in a case! I've upgraded the bass several times in the years I've owned it including new Bartolini jazz bass pickups and a fantastic John East Uni-Pre active/passive circuit. From what I could find out after I bought it, the bass was built around 2001 so, as you might expect from a bass that age used by a working musician there is some tarnishing to the machine heads and bridge. There is also some discolouration to the side of the maple neck. These small defects are of course completely cosmetic. I'm sad to be selling this bass as it holds a lot of sentimental value to me as my main bass when I first started my career as a bassist. I hope whoever buys it will enjoy it as much as I have! SPECS Body - Swamp Ash Neck - Birdseye Maple Fretboard - Birdseye Maple Topwood - Amboyna (stunning) Pickups - Bartolini ' Bright' Jazz 5 Bridge - ABM (fully adjustable) String spacing - adjustable but roughly 18mm Scale length - 34 inches Preamp - John East Uni-Pre (active/passive) Strings - D'Addario XL (brand new set) Neck LED system (blue) Collection preferred from Tenterden, Kent but I'm often up in London so happy to make that trip. I can't afford to lose a hardcase so no postage unfortunately.
  9. For sale here is a great example of a Musima double bass made in East Germany around 1985-1987. It's an all ply design but is miles apart from the cheap ply basses that can be bought today. I bought this bass in 2011 from Thwaites near Watford and it has been my main gigging double bass for the last 5 years. It's been used on Pop, Folk, Jazz and Musical Theatre gigs and is equally capable in each musical environment. Also included in the sale is a very well padded Tom and Will case with back straps to move the bass from the car/ taxi to the stage! The bass comes fitted with a Realist pickup so it is ready to gig straight away. This bass would perfectly suit an electric bassist looking to start out on upright or as a backup touring instrument. It holds it's tune brilliantly! The bass can be viewed/ played at my practice room near Manor House, North London. [attachment=235102:IMG_20161019_124927.jpg] [attachment=235103:IMG_20161019_125832.jpg] [attachment=235104:IMG_20161019_132310.jpg]
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