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  1. Getting back to the original topic ....has anyone actually had their arm broken by a swan?
  2. 👍Rush set to record . Thanks
  3. Since this has become an Intro thread, sort of , it doesn’t get better than this..
  4. Hmmm I tried one there too.... wanted to like it as I love the shape, but ultimately, it didn’t seem all that special, perhaps it was the same one, and just that one.
  5. OK , I’ll play ...my new toy....Stenback 4
  6. Funnily enough that’s exactly the choice I had back in ‘77. Nothing wrong with the White, I loved it, I had never seen another like it at the time, ...and it yellows with age..... still “beauty is in the eye of the cheque book holder” , as we used to say back then...probably.
  7. OMG 😍 ....my wallet thanks the lockdown.
  8. AAarrrgggghhh!!!!......."Did you have to?
  9. Jazz basses sound more like they used to do than they do today.
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