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Status Quo Bass

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1 hour ago, Jean-Luc Pickguard said:

Not sure what make this a status quo bass. At the moment it isn't really a bass as there's no way to tune the thing.


The sticker is a nice touch though



It's white and has no headstock like eponymous Status Quo's single-string bonging John Rhino Edwards' white Status headless. This is of course, where any resemblance to a Status bass ends.


$245.00 seems a lot for a piece of firewood!

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It's a status quo bass in that it would maintain the status quo in a house where say there was a couple, and one was a bassist and the other was someone who found the sound of music painful. As the bass is basically a conversation piece ( can't be strung or played) the couple could hang it over the telly and in the breaks  watching reality TV one could say "How much did you pay for that piece of sh*t" and the other would say "Not much and anyway it's not doing any harm". There would be a long pause just broken by the theme music for Love Island/The Batchelor/ 90 Day Fiance and they would be back watching the TV until the next break when the same conversation could take place.....

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