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New (ish) track by The Stranglers


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"This Song sounds so Stranglers it’s hard to believe that it’s actually a cover brought in by album producer Louie, who once produced a band called The Disciples of Spess who had a tune called, This Song Will Get Me Over You which still lurks on Spotify."



I'm not sure when that track dates from. This I know is from 1987, also a good song



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1 hour ago, Lozz196 said:

Great new Stranglers song, I wonder who did the keys on it, was it recorded before Daves sad passing or someone new, as if the latter they’ve nailed it.

According to the Uncut October edition it is Dave Greenfield as the album was mostly recorded before he died.

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24 minutes ago, Marc S said:

Great song. Looking forward to hearing the album.

I like the original too. The Stranglers version does sound like a classic "old stranglers" song.


I was just reading up on Stuart Pearce's fondness for The Stranglers. He said he liked their air of menace — and I think that's what the difference between the original and this version: in the original the chorus shifts to quite a sunny tone. Here, that menacing quality runs through, no matter what.

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The lyrics of this song are basically a riff on a poem written  by Heine in the early 19th nineteenth century and set to music by Schumann as the last song of his Dichterliebe:


The bad old songs,
The bad and bitter dreams,
Let us now bury them.
Fetch me a large coffin.

I have much to put in it,
Though what, I won’t yet say;
The coffin must be even larger
Than the vat at Heidelberg.

And fetch a bier
Made of firm thick timber:
And it must be even longer
Than the bridge at Mainz.

And fetch for me twelve giants;
They must be even stronger
Than Saint Christopher the Strong
In Cologne Cathedral on the Rhine.

They shall bear the coffin away,
And sink it deep into the sea;
For such a large coffin
Deserves a large grave.

Do you know why the coffin
Must be so large and heavy?
I’d like to bury there my love
And my sorrow too.

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