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Hi to all

i am a portuguese obsessive fan of bass guitars, guitars and drums.

i  am 52 and started to play and craft instruments since i had 15.

i am not a great bass player but i am very happy with that. I have a covers rock band with Almost 300 gigs in last 3 years.

My passion is to buy old bass guitars and make it sound like new and after that resale to my friends.

normally i have more than 30 basses but i am allways buying and selling. In my life i had more than 150 .

i play with many friends and projects. I like to join people to play in improvise.

i like to play also in jamulus, jamkazam or sonobus online with people around the world.

my english is not perfect but our passion is the same.

i am an ENFP mbti profile 😅 

thanks for add me


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