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Pjb double 4 or Markbass micro bass 801


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I am on need of a small practice amp, in the current climate I can try either of these amps.

I play a P bass with flats,  I play most genres of music, not hard rock or metal

I am after opinions which would suit my needs better 

Thanks in advance 

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I own a Fender  Rumble 100 V3 which is very light, small, polite and is a perfect house practice amp but it is loud enough to gig with, if you have a quiet drummer.

I bought mine secondhand for £165.

I also own a Markbass CMP 121P, which is all of the above, but is a bit louder and much more expensive.

If you want to spend more money on a house practice amp, there's plenty of alternatives out there but in my opinion, the Rumble ticks all the boxes. 

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Hi there. 
I tried out a bunch of small amps for a little home practice amp including both the ones you mentioned and went for a Micromark 801 from Wunjo’s. I found the PJB a bit flat and lifeless-sounding compared to the Markbass which had a lovely open and natural tone. 
Have since used it on a few little upright bass jazz gigs when I’ve had to go on the tube too and it’s great. 
Love it with my p-bass; I’d definitely recommend one 👍

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I had a Double 4 and really liked it, especially the size. But, hellll no at the price they are now! I think that’s about double what I paid. It sounded good, very clean, but not even loud enough for an acoustic gig where there’s any type of background noise. Honestly, there’s better options for half the price unless you need it to be the size of a shoebox. 

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I chose a Mark Bass micro because it could handle the low B on my 5 string, and I am very pleased with it, and even use it for small pub gigs. I have a 4 string Status Shark with flats it sounds great through the Micro.

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