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  1. I use flats on my 5 string xotic p bass. They sound really dull in the living room at home, but they sound much better on a gig, and sit well in the mix. a good alternative to the rounds on my jazz bass😁
  2. Try Labella low tension flats as well
  3. and the fret buzz after the refret!....lol
  4. Happy that before I noticed which bass it was, I liked the sound of the Xotic(similar to mine). Some surprises in there, the Ken Smith was quite dark. 2nd place was the Fender custom shop 69 relic(for sound).Third, the Elrick Evolution gold 5. Also surprised at how many big name basses were, for me, unremarkable🤗
  5. Barefaced covers are made by Hotcovers. There is probably a deal with Barefaced not to offer covers on the Hot covers site, but im sure they would do an unbranded custom cover.
  6. Thanks you for your interest, at the moment I'm only looking to ship to the UK.
  7. For sale only, and delivered in the UK, my Barefaced Big Baby 2. Cab is in good condition, used for jazz and big band, so hasn't had to play loud. Comes with 2 covers, both from Roqsolid. A landscape cover that has wear where it has rubber against my leg while carrying it and Portrait cover that is effectively unused. Covers are padded type. There is a small "unevenness" in one of the handle end caps, you can only see it in the light.
  8. I use both, horses for courses. Precision with flats, Jazz with rounds. I find the Jazz with rounds sounds nicer at home, but the Precision is great live with the big band I play with....it has a bit more depth than the jazz. Both brilliant in their own right.
  9. Chris bought my Greenboy Crazy 8. An excellent buyer, with prompt payment.... Thanks Chris!
  10. Tim bought my GK mb200, the transaction was smooth and very prompt payment. Tim is a great person to deal with. Thanks Tim
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