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  1. I had the exact same trace elliot combo for 10 years, it was excellent, but the weight eventually beat me too. Since then Ive had EA, tecamp, genz benz, Epifani, Barefaced cabs, GK, and now I have this
  2. Yes, retro 10's originally. I liked the one10s at medium volume, bright switch on my d800+ compensated for the lack of tweeter. Its was at high volumes the one10s started to break up before the AT210. The B string easily farted out on the one10s. I'm not bashing BF, I used them for 10 years, I just prefer the GR bass speakers just now.
  3. The AT 210, compared to my 2 x BFone10s.
  4. I haven't , sorry, not played a double bass in 40 years!
  5. I'd be interested to know that price too😀
  6. https://www.grbass.com/cabinet-carbon-fiber/at-110/
  7. My experience with BF big baby t and Big Baby 2 compared to my GR 210 and 112 is that the bottom end is bigger on the BF's. I don't have my BF's any more to do a side by side comparison, but I was always fighting a bit of boom with the BF's. That's why I bought a pair of BF one10s, and they were much better for me, although had to boost top a bit to compensate for lack of tweeters. At the end of the day I was left looking for more volume on occasions, I was pushing the one10s as far as I could without breakup. I bought the GR at210 to add to the BF one10s, but the GR 210 was much louder than the 2 one10s and didn't pair too well. So the one10s went and I got the GR at112h instead. I think the BB2 was more FRFR than the GR cabs....although I've still to gig the GRs, only played in the house so far. I like the tighter sound from the GRs. I would be interested to try the GR at110s that are now out....had they been out when I bought the at112, I may have gone for a pair of these instead, to go with the at210.
  8. This from Alex on Talkbass: "A port has one tuning frequency and the effect is very much like moving the lowest slider on a 12 band graphic EQ up by a fair few dB. The hybrid resonator has two tuning frequencies, one lower than a typical port tuning frequency, one higher. Its effect is more like turning up the bass knob on a 3 band EQ by about two dB."

    Plate amps

    I have a Baby Sumo, 600 [email protected] and very light/small. This might fit your needs. https://www.guitarsoundsystems.com/gss-baby-sumo-ampxlite-bass-guitar-power-amp-c2x21844846
  10. Worth looking at the trace elliot 1x8 or 1x10 combos
  11. On hold till end of Feb2021
  12. On hold till end of January 2021
  13. I have a friend interested, I will confirm with them if they want it and post back. Thank you for your interest
  14. I used BF cabs for 10 years, had 6 of them, great cabs. My final pair was 2xone10's. I tried the GRBass aerotec 2x10 and it handles more power and goes louder then the 2xOne10's. BF farts out sooner on low B. I have since bought 2 GR bass cabs, a 210 and 112. Very happy so far. You should certainly try out these cabs, they also do a 2x8...now at Bass Direct
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