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  1. I used BF cabs for 10 years, had 6 of them, great cabs. My final pair was 2xone10's. I tried the GRBass aerotec 2x10 and it handles more power and goes louder then the 2xOne10's. BF farts out sooner on low B. I have since bought 2 GR bass cabs, a 210 and 112. Very happy so far. You should certainly try out these cabs, they also do a 2x8...now at Bass Direct
  2. Even the Mesa d800 fan is noticable at home....don't hear it on a gig. I've just bought a Baby Sumo (no fan) to use at home and as a backup. Feeding it with a D800+DI. I'm impressed so far, doesn't get hot in home use at least.
  3. I've just received a sumo 600. I run a Mesa d800+ pre into it. Only house use so far, but seems plenty loud. I usually feed the Mesa d800+ pre into my Mesa d800. The sumo is a backup, but nice for house use as no fan noise. I run two 4 ohm cabs when required (very few gigs), so the Mesa [email protected] is fine for that. Most gigs are just one cab, so the Sumo covers these. Impressed so far.😂
  4. DeOxit 5 is available in the Uk. I have some, bit it's not cheap!
  5. For sale, no trades please, GK MB800, mostly used as my backup, so it's in great condition. The only marks I can see are tiny on top panel, you have to look close to see them. Comes with original box and instructions. Also the GK footswitch, that I've never used. You need a guitar lead for this( not supplied). £325 delivered in the UK.
  6. https://www.grbass.com/cabinet-carbon-fiber/ I have a 210 and 112 and really like them. They do a 115, but haven't tried it. I have had various BF cabs for the last ten years and they were good, but I'm liking these more and they're even lighter.
  7. +1, I've had 32",34",35" and 36". Scale length was not the thing that gave me the best low B. I'm back to 3 x 34" basses now, Sadowsky and Xotic. I think neck rigidity possibly has more to do with it.
  8. The fan makes that noise when it starts up. I had a combo many years ago, this was normal. If the amp works, it may be ok?
  9. My new p bass in 1976 had a 77 serial number and matching serial number on the scratchplate.
  10. Just for info, I don't think these strings are recommended for "through body stringing", there is a specific LaBella set for this. You may suffer a string break
  11. GR Bass Aero112H arrived today, adds nicely to the 210....just need some gigs now😁 Total weight of both cabs is 40lbs.
  12. I have a D800 which is great, but I wanted more bright lively sound, so I bought a D800+ di pedal. It goes into the d800 aux in and is effectivly a d800+. Gives me a choice of both worlds and at the time of buying the d800+di it worked out cheaper than selling the d800 and buying a new d800+ amp. I think these amps have a great "feel".
  13. Look forward hearing how you get on. Our AT 112's may arrive in the same batch, if it's Bass Direct they are coming from.
  14. Not the cube, I want the 112 to sit under my 210, it is the correct size
  15. The 2x10 sounds more modern than 2 x one10s. Cleaner too. I'm going to add an Aerotec 112h to my 2x10
  16. The 210, 112(not cube), 115 and one of the 212's are front port
  17. Bass Direct, pictures of the AT cube here now: https://sonatamarketing.com/product/atcube112 and Bass Direct I've just noticed
  18. Relieved the Aerotec 2x10 sounds good in the living room test. Nice clear deep sound and it's so light. I've got the 4ohm version, so I can compare it with my 2xBF one10's, also 4ohms. Mesa d800 amp. The GR bass cab seems louder than the BF's with same amp settings. The GR is also brighter as you would expect, it has a tweeter. Turns out the tweeter control is 3 position switch, not a variavble L pad as per GR's advertising. Not a problem for me, positions are "off, bright and even brighter). The first "on" position sounds good at home, we'll see when and if gigging resumes. Build quality feels good, although I suspect the plastic corners might not stand up to abuse. Digging into low B string sounds clean, theOne10 pair breaking up a bit before the GR 2x10. Overall pleased so far. Could be tempted to replace the BF's with a GR aerotec 1x12 at a later date😂
  19. So am I, it's a bit of a lucky dip😁
  20. I've just bought a 4ohm 2x10, should arrive next week. I was looking at adding 3rd BF one10 my 2. 2x one10 is usually fine, but I found myself slightly outgunned on a 60's/70's gig recently. I decided to take a punt at the GR 210 aero. This will give me 4 x10s with my mesa subway at 2 ohms . God knows when ill get a gig to try it😁
  21. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/club-bergantino-lets-see-those-rigs.331615/page-615#post-22960819 This is just one comment, others really like the HG310. I like the concept and would like to try one, its such a personal thing... tone 😁
  22. Word from Talkbass is it's a bit light in the low end.....
  23. This one looks interesting, would love to try it. Any real world reviews welcome😃
  24. https://www.thomann.de/gb/marcus_miller_p7_alder_5_awh_2nd_gen.htm I'm told they are very good😃
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