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The mother of all cabs has left the building.


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The Bergantino IP310 has been sold. I am sad, but it is for the best.

We live in strange times but I am not using this. This is the cab that has seen off all comers for the past decade and more for me. 3x10 and really nice horn + 1000 watt plate amp. Yes. 1000. It goes all the way down. It laughs at all other active cabs I have tried. And I have tried. It fights with all the drummers. It has headroom in an addictive style. I went through a phase when I thought that all preamps sounded great. I then realised that they all sounded great through this. 

If it is all that and more then why sell? My ears are knackered and I cannot play without 27db plugs. There is no point in me being able to generate this level of SPL and LF extension cos I do not get to enjoy it. 

I will not pretend it is light. It is not (circa 80lbs, now you ask) but it is on good wheels and compact enough to do a one bod lift. But once you plug in you forget about the weight and just swim in that pillow of molten chocolate goodness. I am aware that that was a mixed metaphor, but it covers all the angles. Not that there are angles in this sound. Just lushness. Compact 1 driver cabs are great. Super efficient drivers are great. But a bigger cab with more surface area and a FAT power amp has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Carriage will not be Hermes @ £5.60 so we will split it. I am in Bangor, North Wales.

I do not have to sell it and will not be sad to use it now and again if I keep it. My price is firm.

Fancy it you know you do. 

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because he thought of more good things to say about this piece of sonic art.
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9 hours ago, MGBrown said:

Seldom have I read a more entertaining classified ad. The bar has been raised. Chapeau!




Couldn't agree more @MGBrown 

Over the last 14 or so years on Basschat (and Bass world before it) @owen has always 'given good ad', or should I say 'given very, very good ad'..

He also happens to sell some of the most exquisite gear on here from time to time and is one of Basschat's finest patrons to boot! 😁


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Love those big Berg cabs. Built like tanks and so so sweet. 

By far some of the best cabs ever built.

I have an HT322 and altho no internal power amp it is just killer phenomenal. If i didn't have the HT322 i could be very tempted at this ridiculously low price for a prime piece of kit.




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