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My book about being a bassist is published..!

Alfie Noakes

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13 hours ago, AScheck9 said:

Just finished this. 


Mint. Just mint. 

Thanks @AScheck9 and more thanks to you and the other lovely people who’ve done reviews on Amazon. I’m up to 11 (now there’s a phrase!) now, and feeling very humbled, flattered and ever so slightly author-ish.

“Oi, Branson, pass the caviar and stop hogging it” is a phrase I’m now practising regularly 😎

Thanks again, peeps! 

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Am I allowed to kinda bump this thread, for any newbies around here that may be interested? If I’m not, let me know, and I er, won’t do it. Oops, done it.

(Just let me know mods, and I’ll comply - honest, guv)

I’m now up to 20 reviews on Amazon, and those that have bought it and read it seem to have really enjoyed it, although I’m still not contemplating packing the day job in. So, it’s still up there and out there, for anyone who missed the initial launch and my non-appearances on The Graham Norton Show, The One Show,  This Morning, etc.  

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