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  1. This was much harder than I expected. Needs work. But, here's a progress report nonetheless
  2. Hey. I'm new to this whole "record yourself during lockdown" business, and haven't got a laptop or a computer to work with unfortunately.... So here's an attempt made with a zoom h1n, a concoction of cables, and some horrificly mediocre video editor on my phone. ANY feedback on my technique is always welcome. Self taught with a lot of bad habits. I'll be posting some more vids soon, but playing with fingers (preferred) rather than pick.
  3. Ah I thought I'd been a smart little detective too! Don't I feel like a numpty.
  4. Are you sure you've never tried it? This is the second time you've advertised posted the same amp in reply to this forum 😉
  5. Best buys: fender bassman 100t, Zoom h4n for recording stuff. Line 6 g10s wireless. Purple coloured Dunlop pick. Worst buys: adaggio flatwounds (I think?) and the mooer tender octaver which promptly imploded. It's been an odd year.
  6. This changes daily for me but: Muse - knights of Cydonia RHCP - torture me, Cmon Girl and Turn it Again Stevie W - Master blaster Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? Radiohead - Exit Music
  7. Just moved into the valve World. Loving the bassman 100t, especially in 25 watt mode or silent record mode whilst at home... Can't wait to play it in anger. Slowly figuring out the traditional fender tone stack, but certainly can produce a vast variety of sounds.
  8. Price is negotiable. No trades though please. £420
  9. Hello fellow bassists Here reluctantly up for sale is my GB streamliner 900, an amp that has been an absolute work horse for me up until the beginning of lock down when I bought a new Fender amp promptly before losing every prospect of gigging for a number of months. I REALLY want to keep it however I need money for Christmas! This works impeccably still with a phenomenal tone which you can get a tremendous amount of tubeyness from, what with it being driven by a tube preamp. When I stopped using it a few months ago the blue backlight was very intermittent and chose to be on during some rehearsals, and off during others. It's cosmetic only, however please note that they don't always work, as seen in the pictures I took! Please note that this is collection only, from Derby (centre of the country, at least!). PayPal or cash accepted.
  10. Having just bought one myself, I can't recommend it highly enough.
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