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  1. I didn't post this back when we did it. Again, not a "serious" band and sound quality is waaaay off due to lack of decent recording gear, but we enjoy it, and people danced!
  2. Depped for the first time last night at a pub near Coventry. Lots of people in the pub, but behind us in the restaurant which was odd. Little dancefloor in front of us though! Musically, the band is a lot more proficient than my usual. I had two months and two rehearsals to get up to scratch though and I think I pulled it off. When I don't play a gig for a while, I always look at all these new amps thinking "I want that" or "I need that" but then when I push the Streamliner just a little bit on a big room, I have to admit that the thing is a smooth sounding beast and I won't get rid of it any time soon. It sounds immense with a bit of help from the Ampeg Scrdi. And the BF BT2 didn't break a sweat. Obviously. Fun gig, happy new year!
  3. Ah man, I'm minutes too late! Can I please get second/third dibs?
  4. Eugh. Just spent 5 minutes raging because I couldn't find a 300watt all tube amp for sale on Thomann let alone anywhere on the internet for under £500. Came back and realised this thread was risen from the deathly-silent depths of BassChat circa 2015.
  5. Bargain. If I needed a second one, I'd grab this... but two of these is unnecessary.
  6. I was literally about to say the same things. "Dunlop purple ones"
  7. So.... new favourite venue! Played there last Saturday and had a whale of a time. Owner was great, friendly, offered a drink or two. All in all, an awesome gig that we got some more interest from.
  8. I notice that there are 4 or 5 very interesting basses for sale on this website. Knowing their dubious reputation for stolen items, I thought I'd best post in case someone recognised them?
  9. I'm playing there on Saturday- glad to hear it's a good location!
  10. Good to hear! Thank you
  11. Hello! So- I've found that by putting an Ampeg Scr-Di (a preamp) in the FX loop of my Genz Benz streamliner, I'm able to get the benefits of overdriving the in built tube preamp whilst also getting the benefits of the Ampeg Eq, volume control and scrambler section. Does anyone else do this, and more importantly will it damage anything? My clip light rarely comes on and my cab can handle most things thrown at it. I listen for the warning signs but all good so far. It just sounds bloody lovely. Scheck
  12. I was once in an advert for a Yamaha guitar amp. Or at least, my arm was. 🤟
  13. I think I could pick out ampeg and gallien krueger from a crowd as having "their own tones". I've only heard one Glockenklang and that was an odd tone. Not one that I enjoyed, but it might have just been that specific set up. But 99% of the time I wouldn't have a clue what amp a bass is playing through.
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