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Kristall Solid 6 (2016) for sale or trade 

33″ Inch scale

26 Frets

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Body: Swampash

Top: Koa

Stringspacing: 16,5 mm

Ramp: Ebony

Matched Headstock Koa

Nordstrand 3B-5B Custom Preamp

Pickups: Nordstand Dualcoils DC 6   

2 Pickup switches

Hardware: Hipshot Ultralite 

4, 3 Kg













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Posted (edited)

Amazingaand 33 inch scale and 6 string and now I want it

No no I need a fretless I only play fretless


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Such a nice Bass Same koa as My Bass !!!

Buy with confidence from Swen , a great Bass Player and great Guy .

Cheers alexis

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4 hours ago, rogerwilliamsen said:

Played a Solid 6 yesterday. Amazing bass. Very impressed by the craftsmanship and the Nordstrand pickup/pre. 

yeah, the Solids sounds amazing and I really love the Nordstrand electronics. Cheers! 

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    • By Sven Holscher
      For sale or trade Kristall Solid 5 (from 2013 in great conditions)
      (New: 4.160,00 EUR)
      Bodywood-Basis: Walnut
      Bodywood-Top: Flamed Maple
      Neck: Maple
      Fingerboard: Honduras Rosewood
      34" Inch Scale
      24 frets 
      Neckshape: C Shape
      Stringspacing Bridge: 18mm
      Headstock: Front matched - flamed
      MagnetPUs: Norstrand DC 5 Set
      60’s PU-Position
      Electronic: Nordstand 3B
      Hipshot Ultralites
      Bridge: Hipshot B-Style 5 Messing black
      4,6 kg

    • By Rollo
      FOR SALE/FOR TRADE MLP Princess SC 6 strings, made by the Hungary Luthier Molnár László.
      It's an excellent condition bass. MLP bass are famous for their exemplary finishes and craftsmanship, and for the sound who can make you think of the Fodera Singlecut sound.
      This bass give you a modern, warm, and crispy sound. Neck is incredible...
      Specifications :
      Body : European Walnut
      Neck : 5 pieces laminates of quartersawn maple and mahogany
      Fingerboard : Kingwood (Very similar tonally to Brazilian Rosewood. Though it is CITES regulated, this material is allowed within the European Union and is a great alternative to Brazilian RW)
      Inlays : White side dots
      Headstock Veener : European Walnut
      Headstock : 3 + 3 Shape, with engraved MLP Logo
      Frets : 24 Siver/Nickel in absolutely mint condition
      Pickups : EMG 45J on Neck and EMG 45TW (with split) on Bridge
      Preamp : EMG 3 bands EQ Preamp with passive tone (Dip Switchs on the electronic cavity)
      Controls : Volume Neck/Volume Bridge with Split/Tone/Stacked Bass and Treble/Stacked Medium and Mids frequencies selection
      Tuners : Wilkinson "GB707" like
      Bridge : MLP Bridge, a sort of fusion of Ken Smith and Fodera bridges
      Strings spacing at bridge : Adjustable from 17mm to 19mm. Actually very close to 19mm
      Nut : Ebony
      Strings spacing at nut : 9mm
      Knobs : EMG knobs
      Scale : 34"
      Hardware color : Black
      Trussrod : TWO bi-directional trussrods that work perfectly
      Land of Craftsmanship : Handmade in Hungary
      Weight : A little bit less 4.5kg
      Action : From 2.25mm under the B string to 1.75mm under the C string at 12th fret. You can go lower if you want
      Finish : Satin Finish
      For sale with hardcase.
      This wonderful bass plays like a dream. Perfect modern sound, i don't keep it just because i already have a Leduc Maurad 6, so it's a little useless for me...
      You can see all pics and listen it here  :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rfRIHdIpHzJiZzyPGLNZ2nsvjPZdxH3x
      Videos on Youtube :
      MLP Website : http://mlpguitars.com/
      Don't hesitate if you have some questions or if you want more pics or sounds.
      For trades propositions, i am very open. All is welcome, Leduc, Modulus, P bass, Jazz Bass, Fretted or Fretless, 4, 5, or 6 strings... Just try me. 
      Shipping OK, of course.
      Now the Pics :

    • By OutSpoon
      For sales - my lovely Shuker 5-sting single-cut. I bought this from John in December last year, and he had just taken it back as a part exchange. It’s a beautiful bass to play, the neck join is exquisite. Pretty wide-range of sounds available from the Aaron Armstrong pickups. I’ve currently got it set as E-C but can put back to B-G if wanted. It’s great either way. Some more details below. 
      Happy to ship local and international (buyer pays) and it’s got a lovely Shuker hard-case (made by HISCOX). 
      I’ve just bought another bass (Ha!) so don’t really want trade.
      Anything that looks like a scratch or a ding in the pictures is just a trick of the light - there’s none! 
      I live near Reading in the UK if you want to pop round and have a slap. 🙂 
      34” scale
      24 frets
      Maple / black veneer laminated set neck
      Palmwood Fingerboard
      Stainless steel medium frets
      Black walnut headstock scarf
      Laurel Burr headstock facings front and rear
      Brass nut
      Gotoh GB707 tuners
      Two way truss rod, carbon fibre reinforcement
      Laurel Burr curvetop and rear facing
      Black Walnut body
      Polyester basecoat
      Polyurethane wet look gloss top coat
      Schaller 2000 bridge
      Black Hardware
      Aaron Armstrong pickups. 
      Blackout pre-amp with passive / active select (volume knob pull / push)

    • By busccini
      For sale or trade great bass from kristall 2011 model , great condition
      i got another kristall for sale or trade if this go first the other one stays and viceversa
      as trade will take nice jazz basses 4 or five strings , f basses , moollon  fender elite 5 ,just try me
      cash adjustment in booth ways
      body 1 piece swap ash
      koa top not only a thin slice this one is 1 cm
      nordstrand dual coils pickups
      nordstrand 3 band preamp old version active passive , but no passive tone control
      coil selection swicht
      neck bird eye maple really nice one piece
      honduras rosewood fingerboard 21 frets
      34 scale matching headstock
      hardware from hipshot black and comes with mono gig bag in good condition.

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