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  1. Ooooooooo! Nice bass. Would like one like that.
  2. Is this 18 or 19 mm bridge spacing? I kind of recall that the pickups with closed covers was used on the custom 19mm basses?!? r.
  3. Played a Solid 6 yesterday. Amazing bass. Very impressed by the craftsmanship and the Nordstrand pickup/pre.
  4. What is the string spacing at the bridge?
  5. Hi, Alberto. what is the scale length and bridge spacing, please? All the best. Roger.
  6. Yes, only 38. How many four and five strings? Is there a point to this, Hellzero?
  7. That is my dream F-bass right there!
  8. Any 4-string player would be set for live with this bass.
  9. Can you send the serial no to F-bass. They will have the info.
  10. Can you write a few words about the specs. Woods etc.
  11. Tried this bass yesterday. Fast and very nice bass. Not as heavy as I expected. Buy with confidence.
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