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  1. Hi Up for grabs is my 1984 Fender Precision Elite II. After what I've been told these basses are quite rare. So grab your's while you can!!! The Elite was Fender's top of the range model for a few years way back. If you are interested you can read more about the history here: https://www.vintageguitar.com/16076/fender-precision-bass-elite-ii/ This model is in very good condition. Very little fret wear, and not many marks on the bass at all. A previous owner did (for some reason) drill another hole in the headstock for a tuner. Why I don't know. This has been fixed by a pro guitar technician (http://www.guldenguitars.no/). He also replaced the 2 volume pots and the nut. The nut is made from mammoth bone. The hole in the head is the reason I'm selling this so cheap. The bass sound and plays very nice. The electronics was designed by Paul Gagon (I've been told), and is quite special. This demo will give you a clue: The bass come in the original case, and price include shipping (to EU & UK). The bass is also for sale locally, and might be withdrawn from sale on Basschat.
  2. The neck on this bass is just fabulous! I've had 3 Status with graphite necks and a modulus, and was very surprised by the condition of this neck. They don't get any better! And yes, I might regret it.
  3. I'm afraid it's easier to find a grain of gold at a sandy beach. If at all possible! And that's a shame, because this bass as a 5-string would leave my other basses unemployed.
  4. Hiding in plain sight! What a clever thing to do! #325 20/11/1986
  5. I have not found the serial yet. Any idea where they put it? Clockwise raises the frequency.
  6. Thank you! This is really with mixed feelings. This bass sounds perfect for me. But I do need that fifth string in most of my bands. If I sell this I will haunt down a five string Passion. But hope to trade. And yes, I do realise that the other series don't have a graphite neck and will not sound the same.
  7. I might be certifiable insane, considering to let this go. But I've been playing 5-strings since the dawn of times, and this is missing one string. 😂 I just can't get my head around it! This is the highly coveted second series with a graphite neck through. And what a neck it is! Every note rings out perfectly, and no dead spots. The electronics are volume, pickup selector switch, passive tone and an active sweep that works in conjunction with a 3-way switch that gives you 15db boost, neutral and 15db cut. Everything works as it should. The range of sounds in this bass is mindblowing! Soundwise, this is the perfect bass. I have Alembic, Pedulla, several Marleaux, F Bass....but this is quite something special! So if you have a 5-string Passion , drop me a line! Condition....the neck is perfect. Not a single crack, chip or anything. The only things worth mentioning is a few marks on the body. I've tried to take pictures of it. Comes in original case, and shipping is included.
  8. Hi there, my fellow low-enders! Sad to see this go, but I need to update my PA system. She's almost mint. No fret wear, and only one small ding. Neck is straight as possible. Plays like butter and sounds even better! Handmade in Japan, with 2 piece ash body, 34" maple neck and ebony fingerboard with 24 frets. Hipshot bridge and "head" system. Uses regular strings and double ball. Bacchus pickups and Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Controls are Master Vol(Pull up=Preamp ON/OFF),Balance, Master Tone (passive),Treble, Middle, Bass, Mid Freq SW, Series/Parallel SW It's the same bass as this one: https://reverb.com/item/21796598-bacchus-woodline-headless-5-2018-spring-collection-limited Price include shipping to Europe, in original bag and well packed. Can be delivered in London the 18.-19. of January
  9. Traded basses with Theo and it was smooth as silk. Will do it again any day. Recommended!
  10. REDUCED!! £1000 takes this puppy home! I'm not able to make friends with the mighty 6, so I'm offering her to someone who might tame her. US made, and close to mint condition. The truss rod cover is missing, and that is the only fault I can find. The previous owner swapped the bridge for a Hipshot unit for some reason. Nothing wrong with the original, that you'll get as well. Will even send with it a new set of strings. Shipping to western Europe included.
  11. Been getting some PM's about the damage. The crack was very small and vas fixed by a pro with a few drops of glue. Check out his work here: https://bit.ly/2RJlS1m Will accept returns if buyer is not satisfied. Also taking offers.
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