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SOLD: Yamaha BB435
SE London


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Very much a feeler, this one. If it doesn’t sell I am very happy to hang on to it, am just trying to clear some space in my place.



Thinking of possibly parting with my Yamaha BB435. These are incredible basses - sustain for days, great tone, unheard-of features in the price category. Notable ones:

- six bolt neck attachment that pulls the neck into the body for extra sustain and coupling


- super comfy curved neck joint

- 45 degree through-body stringing option on bridge, plus extended B string if top-loading



- superb passive P/J pickups, with a J pickup that actually balances well with the P

What sets this one up from a stock one is the tort pickguard I’ve had made (transforms it, in my opinion - still has the protective plastic on it, and I still have the original parchment one) and that I’ve had the fingerboard edges rolled along with a full fret level and setup. This transforms it from being a nice neck for the money to a superb neck at any price, as nice as the BBP35 to my hands (having tried them side by side).


Condition is near-mint. No dings that I can see, and only the gentlest of polishing hairline surface scratches (very difficult to avoid on gloss black!).

£399 cash on collection from SE London (Greenwich, Bromley, Croydon). Don’t want to be sending this, also I’d rather it was tried in the flesh as the fingerboard rolling is best felt in person. I’m not planning on reducing the price, would rather keep it. 



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18 minutes ago, bigsmokebass said:

5 string, which is 25% extra than your usual flavour of strings 😉😂 

Black and the tort is sleek though 👌🏻

Looks belting. But I haven’t done 5’s for about 4 years now x

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6 minutes ago, Paul S said:

Thank you.  Mercifully it is too heavy for me :) Saved me some awkward decisions. 

More than fair - the main reason this one doesn’t get picked is because when I need a fiver I usually reach for my 3.8kg Sadowsky NYC... but then that’s a good 5-6 times the cost! And my Dingwall Super P5 is surprisingly actually a similar weight to this one.

Ironically I’m tempted by the slightly heavier Yamaha that @woolf is selling...

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No surprises there then....

Just noticed it took nearly a year to sell...I'm a recent convert to 5ers so that's my excuse. What about everybody else?

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