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  1. Paul indulged my weakness for a pretty bird’s eye maple neck and quenched the GAS ... for now! Quick to reply to messages, offered to meet halfway, had a great natter. Would happily buy from again; a real gent.
  2. Now on the Fender Jazz 4 so I’ll let you know how I get on - I didn’t realise how dead my old strings sounded. Initially I thought I’d ordered the wrong lengths as the E string taper appeared to start before the nut when strung through the body. Once tuned up it seats in the nut properly but only just; the other strings are fine. To be fair there was a warning on StringsDirect to measure the existing strings which I ignored!
  3. Now have a box and copious amounts of bubble wrap/air bags so shipping via UPS is available at buyer’s cost. Will be suitably bubble wrapped inside and outside gig bag. Or happy for suggestions/advice from members with shipping experience.
  4. Great, thanks, I’m going to give them a twirl on the jazz. I’m guessing the panto is covid dependent so fingers crossed for you.
  5. How are they holding up? (Or did they?)
  6. Bought a rather lovely bass from Dan. Quick to reply to any questions, super fast shipping, well packaged and mint condition as described. Deal with in confidence. Cheers!
  7. It’s fantastic, love it! The addition of a string has been interesting but forcing me to work on muting. Mightily handsome too! 😍
  8. Currently really enjoying this chap, Vincen García: https://instagram.com/vincen_garcia?igshid=piyb6n32cyxf https://youtube.com/channel/UCJJFJ0_rG5qzHGsCV177GVQ
  9. Three at the moment: Yamaha BB434/BB734/BBP34 Stingray/Sterling H 4 string variations Fender Flea Active Jazz Probably a Fender precision too. As a relatively new player I’d imagine there’s a whole load of awesome I’m not even aware of yet but they are the top of my list at the moment. Would make sense to go and have a play in a shop when/if lockdown eases.
  10. Purchased from this very parish in October 2020 from @haimesy who bought it new. Unfortunately I have only played it briefly a handful of times; uncontrollable GAS and self imposed limit of 3 basses means this is up for sale. Sire U5 short scale bass in colour mint - £300 £280 collected or plus shipping, no offers at present. Excellent condition. Only noticeable marks are a small ding to headstock and a very faint mark near the truss rod adjustment on the mint green edge. Comes with basic gig-bag (doesn't fit great) that was new with the bass. Collection from Orpington BR6 (also possible at my parents’ place in Hendon NW4). Would consider driving to meet somewhere as long as it’s not too far. Postage now available via UPS at buyer’s cost. Appreciate I haven't sold here before so would consider shipping before payment to established members with significant feedback. Also listed on eBay where I have substantial feedback (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224396320932) Specs: Body Material: North American Alder Body Shape: Marcus Miller Small J-Style (Slim Carved Body) Body Color: NT, TS (Flamed Veneer Top), Mint (Solid Color) Neck Wood: Hard Maple Neck Shape: C-Shape Scale: 30” (Short Scale) Fingerboard Material: Hard Maple / Rolled Fretboard Edges Fingerboard Radius: 9.5” Frets: 2.4mm Medium String Nut: Bone Nut, 38mm width Binding: None Inlay: BK Dot Neck Joint: 4-Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickup: Marcus Super PJ Revolution Set Controls: Passive Volume and Tone Control | Volume (Neck PU), Volume (Bridge PU), Tone (Master) Knobs: Modern Black Aluminum Bridge: Marcus Miller Vintage-S Tuning Gear: Premium Open-Gear Hardware Finish: Chrome Pickguard: None
  11. Bought a HX Stomp from Phil. Fast to reply, kept up to date, speedy postage and excellent condition as described. Many thanks!
  12. Thanks @Richard R for the links to the online lessons. I'm having some local one-to-one lessons but always welcome any recommendations or content for development. I used to play the Saxophone in another life and worked through the grades so the theory is buried in there somewhere!
  13. Just bought a rather splendid and beautiful BB435 from Johann. Mint condition as described, speedy comms and he facilitated a pain free, socially-distanced collection. Many thanks!
  14. I blame @TheGreek for bumping adverts I hadn’t seen!
  15. Thanks all. Loving it! Far exceeds my ability so I can't blame the instrument! But I thought everyone loves a good slapper?!
  16. Not vintage but worth checking out the Sire U5.
  17. Been lurking for a while and made a few purchases off the forum so thought it was about time to formally say hello. Promised myself I'd learn guitar this year but that didn't happen for various reasons and then randomly got into watching bass videos on Youtube. Came across a lovely Fender Pro Jazz Bass on here at too good a price to ignore so bought that. Gave my old guitar away (on here). Signed up for bass lessons. Purchased a Sire U5 (on here). Bought some Waza Air headphones. Sold Waza Air headphones. Bought a Blackstar Unity 250 combo. Returned Blackstar combo. Bought a PJB Cub. Bought a Trace Elliot Elf head. Bought a Trace Elliot 2x8 cab (on here) to match the head. Sold the Cub. Is probably evident I don't really know what I want and covid hasn't helped. I now have a jazz bass and short scale PJ with a small-ish amp/cab setup that I think is pretty much spot on for my current needs. Started to explore pedals and effects and was considering a Helix HX Stomp but think that will be complete overkill for my current needs. I've ended up with a Trace Elliot Transit B preamp and Zoom B1 Four for Christmas but have yet to open and try. Also having major GAS for a precision, something MIJ, something Yamaha, something stingray or a mustang - but I should really learn to actually play rather than buy another bass! Fairly eclectic in musical taste but looking at playing mainly funk, disco, pop (gasp) with some slightly heavier stuff such as RHCP and RATM. Currently failing to learn to slap with any consistency. Thanks to all the people I've made purchases from and bothered in PMs for info!
  18. Bought a Sire U5 from John. As described, as-new condition. Extremely well packaged with expeditious communication and shipping updates. Many thanks!
  19. I find these very intriguing and they are getting great reviews. Excuse my ignorance, but what would shipping be on this?
  20. Gone to @PaulThePlug, enjoy! And thanks for the beers, cheers! 👍
  21. Squier Strat Affinity in red. Serial number CY99089030, crafted in China I purchased this new in late 90's/early 00's. Has been used sporadically since then including being the resident Uni house guitar so has various marks and damage. Main damage is on underside edge where paint has chipped, the rest is mainly dents. Let me know if you want any further photos. Output jack needs looking at as only works when lead is in a particular position. Doesn't work with my Waza Air/Vox amPlug at all. Missing pickup switch cap and tremolo arm. To my knowledge has never had a proper setup, so will likely benefit from some attention. Recently restrung with the intention of fixing but not being used (I can't play guitar for toffee) and need the space for the bass(es). Includes original Squier gigbag it came with. Collection only from Orpington BR6.
  22. I bought a Fender Pro J Bass from Christian. Condition was excellent, as described. I was free to conduct any inspection I wanted and offered the use of his amp to test. He was flexible in accommodating me at short notice and prompt to reply to any correspondence. I would definitely purchase from him again and with complete confidence. Many thanks!
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