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Ashdown ABM 810 Festival Anyone lol £200 yep £200

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Its a  propoer beast that does proper bass. The antitasis of a lightweight cab everyone sould use one at some point just for the hell of it.

Its actully great in pubs if you cant get it in which isnt as tricky as you think it rolss back onto big wheels and has a big handle on the top. dount try lifting it on you own though lol.

Is it loud kinell yes it alos has a great sound much more versatile than a "fridge" and smaller too.

Condition wise its an 8 /10 some sctractch and nick but no big gaping rips. Sonically its all good i used it a couple of wekks ago at an outdorr gig and it was fireing on 8 nice and clear.

Postage i dont think so the local parcel shop guy would stinky poo his pants lol

Can deliver within 25 Miles of Rugby or Swindon. Try me for other areas or you can collect from Rugby.

Go on drown out your drummer !

Ashdown ABM-810HFeatures:
  • Ruggedly built bass speaker cabinet delivers massive low end
  • Handles 1200 watts at 4 ohms
  • Constructed of high-grade birch plywood
  • Durable buffalo leather cloth covering, metal corners, and a steel grille all protect your speakers
  • High-quality recessed side handles
  • Custom designed Blue Line speakers deliver definition, power and tone
  • Two heavy duty castors, rear kick plate and top mounted handles for easy transportatio

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Used one of these at rehearsals last night. Brilliant cab. That's the very cab that made me question my small and FRFR setups.


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You know I seriously convinced myself that I need this. Just briefly. In fact the silly thing is this is way easier to shift than 2 4x10s.

I used a trailer for my 8x10 back in the day. Lean it against the back of the trailer and ease it over. Balance allowed it to lie flat with minimal fuss. To then slide it home was the work of a moment. 

Park the trailer and forget it till the next gig where you slide it out lean it back and wheel it in. The point is you never actually lift it because you can't. 

Lost the car with the towbar, the trailer and the garage at the end of the marriage so I just can't. 

But whoever does is in for a treat. Nothing sounds like an 8x10.

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