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I always wanted a TE back in the day. My Laney has virtually the same controls but not that special something 😞

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Posted (edited)
On ‎09‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 03:19, LennyP said:

Great rig! What type of music do you play? Are you through a FOH system? Passive or active bass? Interested to know how full it can get. Cheers, 

I play all originals, with an acoustic and an electric guitar and drums. Passive Ps and Js and a Hofner Beatle bass

I plan on using the single cab at small pub shows and coffee shops etc and use both for noisier gigs.

With one cab the Elf puts out 130 watts, but it's continuous not rms so i think the amp is louder than I expected.


Tone wise, it doesn't do an aweful lot to be honest, but I like a flat eq and it works ok. I have many pre amp pedals if I need any specific tone.


EDIT: found the Gator GP 40 bag fits the 10" cab with enough room for the Elf, cables, tuner etc :)





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