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Traded - Ken Smith BSR5EG fretless


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Hello, I sell a Ken Smith BSR5EG fretless.
Built in 1998.
In mint condition.
5-piece mahogany core/flamed maple body.
5 piece neck.
Weight 4.3 kg or 8.81lbs.
34” scale.
String spacing bridge around 18.5 mm.
Full Smith package regarding Pick-Ups with coil switches (Serial/parallel) and three band Eq.
The fretboard has been replaced due to wear.
The luthier leave a small layer of it to remain in position and glue the new onto it therefore the overall thickness of the neck is a couple of millimetres more than a standard Smith.
The bass is located in the North of France.
Collection is possible in Calais, Boulogne sur Mer, Lille, Arras...
Shipping in UE without problem.
Price: £2550 or 2850€ + shipping.









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56 minutes ago, Acebassmusic said:

The Gallery have pricing for replacement of a fretboard on their site from £280...even if it cost you £400 you've still got a great Smith bass for £3k. Good job I'm not looking for a fretless 🙂

The current board does not need to be replaced. The repair done to this bass does not look good, but it does not affect the playability. It is way cheaper to do it like this compared to replacing the whole fretboard. It is also quite difficult to replace the whole fretboard on a neck-through bass with high gloss finish.

The only thing that would bring up the value is a repair by the people over at the Smith workshop, which would be quite expensive. 

If you just want to play the bass, you can just play it as it is.

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Beautiful. And a good solution with the new fretboard, I am considering doing the same to a maple fingerboard fretless I bought recently. That bass must sing, for sure.

Is the fretboard rosewood? I can’t tell if rosewood or macassar on my phone.

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On 18/10/2018 at 01:01, leschirons said:

I've been over this ad a few times now and I still must be missing the part where the OP actually asked for opinions on how much his bass is worth.

Oh thats right, he didnt.

He's stated what he'd like for it. If you don't want it, dont buy it and more importantly, don't offer comments on what you "think" it's worth in your opinion. 😤


Very nice bass, by the way.

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23 minutes ago, bipbip62 said:






Thank you very much. However, correct me if I'm wrong, are you sure the bass weighs 4kg as most KS 5 string weighs around 10lbs(over 4.5 kg) approx. Thanks again for the photos!

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