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  1. Not just you. It’s happening to me too. I’m keeping my fretted basses, though, I know I like to play them too. Just not so much these days, playing with your fingers feeling the string and the wood of the board is highly addictive. 🙂
  2. Weight, please? That bass is so beautiful.
  3. Dice: “Fantástico. ¿Cambios? “ Y te ofrece su bajo Amani sin trastes, lo tiene en venta. Por si quieres cambiarlo por el tuyo, @jmlbasses
  4. Warwick Streamer Stage 2 has active pickups, and old Streamers with EMG pickups also. I have both basses as well as a Jazzman with passive MEC pickups. Just different flavours. In terms of “gutsy” or “powerful” I’d say the ceramic MM MEC pickup of the FNA Jazzman run in parallel is the one. Not my preferred sound, though.
  5. https://www.ehx.com/products/headphone-amp Really simple and it works.
  6. Great bass, I think it has an Ebony fretboard, like all fretless Warwicks.
  7. Santana. First three albums, Santana, Abraxas, Santana III have a great latin rock energy.
  8. Christian McBride, the reason I recently bought a maple fretboard fretless I didn’t really need. 😋
  9. Beautiful. And a good solution with the new fretboard, I am considering doing the same to a maple fingerboard fretless I bought recently. That bass must sing, for sure. Is the fretboard rosewood? I can’t tell if rosewood or macassar on my phone.
  10. Serial number should be around 6xx or 7xx, I have one of its siblings, #67x, march ‘87. Great bass, light and fast, and the growl you can get with those active pickups by digging it’s just addictive. You can tell it’s not a massive production bass, too.
  11. +1 Thomastik Superalloys. I have them in a Warwick Streamer Stage II and they sound just like you describe it, warm but with all the roundwound goodness. Love them.
  12. There are many, but this one is just special to me. A genius on guitar and a bass player creating a new way of playing a very tradicional music. It’s just magical.
  13. I love jazz. I keep discovering great melodies and performances and solos and textures and great tight bands playing together. Jazz is inmense.
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