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  1. Doman

    Mayones Patriot 5 CS

    Hi, As my recently purchased Dingwall ABI became my absolutely main bass (thanks, Dood!) I'm interested in selling or trading my long time favourite Mayones Patriot 5. Trades: Dingwall ABI/ABII/ABZ 5/6 with wenge necks Ken Smith 5/6 bass. Zon Sonus 5 (JJ pickups) Money adjustment to be discussed. General specs: Patriot Classic 5 • Mayones Guitars & Basses Extras on this one: Extra thick high gloss lacquer Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood ramp Nordstrand Big Singles pickups Nordstrand 3B-4a Preamp Bass is after PLEK and can be set up extremely low Weight is 4.9 kg. The holes near controls are after coil switches, but due to switching to Big Singles the switches were no longer necessary. Has some wear and tear (my main gigging and studio bass) but nothing big, photos on imgur. Comes with hard case (non branded). Bass is located in Warsaw, Poland. I'd prefer to keep it EU only. I'm not pressed for sale so wont be doing much pricedrops, in fact I'm more interested in trades. IMGUR GALLERY LINK Sound samples from previous owner (on Dual Coil pickups, though, i can record new ones). Bass cover I did: Recorded on this bass:
  2. Doman

    Dood's veritable bass banquet!

    Bought Dingwall ABI from Dan, flawless transaction! Great communication, all around nice guy he is! Even after all this bothering with trades from my side.
  3. Stunning! Please somebody, buy this before i make some stupid decisions.
  4. Doman


  5. Doman

    Ken Smith BSR5EG fretless

  6. Doman

    Withdrawn, please close.

    Thanks, Sebastian. As i've acquired a backup bass I now put this up as a for sale too.
  7. Doman

    Withdrawn, please close.

    The dots are holes after the coil switches (no longer needed as bass has big singles now). They're filled with black foam. And the seven string is Skervesen Shoggie.
  8. A fine gentlemen came and played this bass for a while. Sold locally.
  9. Bump. Samples: https://soundcloud.com/domanov-1/1989-eb-musicman-stingray
  10. Bump. Some really nice trade offers here, but I'm afraid I won't be able to add money to trade.
  11. Bumpity bump. I'm more and more tempted to just keep it. Definitely the best stingray I've ever had.