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TECH 21 Landmark 600 bass head, all accessories - FINAL PRICE DROP £650!

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Tech 21 Landmark 600 Bass Head in excellent condition. Discontinued and rare in the UK.
The Tech 21 Landmark 600 is a 600w powerhouse with two separate pre-amps (the legendary RBI and RPM) built in which can be used individually or combined. This is particularly useful if you set up one preamp for a clean solid low end, and the other for a fizzing distorted high end... or two different tones completely. Two differently formatted channels deliver everything from warm classic tube tones to Sumo-sized distortion. This 3U, 600-watt rackmountable bass head features a fan-cooled chassis and is equally at home in a rack system or as a compact standalone head. Its heavy gauge steel case is touring tough. 
With pro features like Neutrik Speakon Connectors (plus 1/4” speaker outputs), a +10dB gain switch to enhance low output pickups and drive active pickups harder, and a SansAmp XLR Direct Output, this amp will quake the bedrock live and in the studio.
  • Optimal Output Load: 4 Ohms
  • Power Output: 600W 
  • Dimensions: 17”w x 5.25”h x 16”d 
  • Weight: 40 lbs

Comes with fitted Tech 21 dedicated rack ears, and original Tech 21 Landmark 600 Footswitch  also in excellent condition. This allows you to SELECT between the Landmark 600 bass amp's two channels, or to MIX both to get serious distortion/overdrive without losing low frequencies. Also has a MUTE function.

NOW only £650. No offers.

Collection from London preferred.

My first sales on BassChat - please see my perfect feedback on talkbass.com ('Swing'). Thanks for viewing.





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Final price drop!
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What a beast!  I have the Landmark 300 and it's an amazing piece of kit.  Incredibly versatile.  This is OTT for my needs, but good luck. 

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I have the exact same amp awesome piece of kit, I have tried various others but have always returned to this.. glws

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Used to have one of these - it was great! Moved to a modular set up with RBI/RPM but miss the simplicity of this. GLWTS!

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On 02/04/2019 at 14:33, TheSwing said:

Hi. Sadly not... am trying to thin the herd out a bit!

Been thinning out the herd for while then 😎

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I'm stunned this is still here.  I had the lower powered one and it was epic.  It's like having a rack with an RBI and RPM and a 600w Poweramp.

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This should have been gone ages ago. Folks have generally missed the boat on this. Old school heft loses to class d. I’ve two amps which have hefty old power sections and I don’t mind the weight. The richness from either makes the carry worthy it. I ogled this 2 yrs ago and still do now! The sheer flexibility yet all we really need are a couple of killer sounds which this does in spades!

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I understand what you're saying, krispn – thanks for the comment. The reason I don't want to drop the price any further is that the head is in excellent condition. Also, the rackmount handles, footswitch etc don't come cheap!

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It’s a great price for a killer amp. If one were to buy the two rack preamps this is based off and a power amp and a footswitch and a rack case etc. I’d imagine this sounds massive into a good cab!

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    • By cetera
      Aside from power & the 1969 having 2 channels..... is there any big difference in the tone circuits/sound of these two amps?
      If not, I'm presuming they both use the same circuit as in the VT Bass DI Pedal & Rackmount?
      Love the sound of the 1969 head but they are silly expensive and almost impossible to find here...
      Thanks in advance for any clarification/assistance! 
    • By JapanAxe
      <|| NOW JUST £130 - see edit below ||>
      The PSA-1 is a 1U rack device that uses analog modelling to simulate the sounds of classic amps. Effectively you can set separate distortion levels for low, mid, and high frequencies. It comes loaded with 49 presets covering various Marshall, Fender and Boogie amps as well as bass amps. The signal path is 100% analog, but you can save settings to one of 49 user memory locations. The programs can be accessed form Up/Down buttons on the front panel, or by MIDI program change.

      The Tech 21 'character' pedals use the same sort of technology but with some of the parameters pre-set to suit the kind of amp they are mimicking. Here you have the full range of tweakability.

      The PSA-1 can be considered a pre-amp or an amp simulator, but it doesn't have any onboard speaker simulation as such. It can be used into a clean guitar or bass amp, or into a power amp with a suitable guitar or bass cab. For direct recording most of the (dirtier) sounds also require a cab simulator device, IR loader or similar. Even so, I recorded the clean guitar in this clip without a cab sim.

      To me, the standout guitar presets are 07 (Hendrix - Marshall), 12 (Stevie Ray - Fender) and 48 (AC30 Queen). There are also a number of bass presets including SVT and Bassman. As is usually the case with presets, you probably won't like them all, so copy one you like to an empty memory slot and tweak away.

      There are plenty of connectivity options including front and rear inputs, FX loop, balanced outs, and MIDI in/out.

      The unit is in full working order. There is an in-line IEC plug/socket part way down the mains lead, which makes it easier to run through rack panels. The only negatives I can find are:
      (1) The Up/Down buttons sometimes jump more than one increment at a time (but it's easy enough to go back to where you want to be);
      (2) Some of the lettering has worn away on the rear panel;
      I don't have a hard copy manual but you can download it here.

      Reason for sale: I have used this much less since getting a Revival Drive!
      I have just refunded the original buyer and this is now back up for sale at just £150 £130 delivered. The buyer reported that the unit exhibited a random clicking in use. I realised this had happened to me once, and I also remembered what it was and how to fix it. When you call up a preset, the unit uses the stored data to set all the parameters. Once you start turning the controls, it 'reads' the parameter values from the pot settings. When you turn a control it updates these values, and you can get a click. Also if one of them is near the crossover point between one value and the next, it can jump back and forth between these values, again causing a click each time this happens. If you save settings to a spare memory location as you go, the clicking goes away. The buyer agreed this seemed to be the case, but requested a refund, which I was happy to provide as this would have been in the description had I remembered it. I have had the unit plugged in this evening and I have been unable to get it to misbehave. However, it can happen, and it is an easy fix. So, yours for just £150 £130, looking like it does, and with some minor niggles as described here. No trades thanks. These are selling for a lot more on eBay!

      Not really looking for trades thanks.

      Here's a dude showing off some of the guitar presets:

    • By tonyclaret
      Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe Pedal
      Great pedal allowing you to capture a range of tones and save in 6 presets.
      Used condition, fully functional.
      £145 posted within UK

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